Note for readers please please read it anyhow
So yesterday I gave sanky past, I know many of you may not like it or may have felt it is common .
.many says he must not choose that path.
I will also say that he did wrong of choosing that path but guys think differently one time. I am not supporting his deeds but I am telling the real reason behind doing all these things.
Guys when his father left him.
He didn’t had food to eat and good house to live.
Because they were living in rent room and I told you before that whenever anyone family people is jailed people badmouth them.
Same condition with sanky in the small age of 18 no one is giving him good job at that place.
As you all know very well no one give job to child of murderer because no one trust them.
His father was known in full Indore because his father killed very rich person so no one used to give him job but for him money was highly needed.
To study as well as to save his father. One more thing to save his father he needed a lot of money urgently because he have to search good lawyer to fight case which is highly. Urgent and there was No. Lawyer who were accepting such a case of his father because it is linked. To rich people so. To get good lawyer. He needs. Huge money very urgent so tell me who will give him huge amount of money in 10 to 30 days and one more thing Indian
Police takes a lot of black money from relative of criminal also may be you must. Have. Seen in news channel that police take black money from prisoner relative that they will give less torture and think about sanky father who is very. Big criminal so from. Where sanky will bring money to give them. and in court money is needed just take example for small case only we have to give huge amount of money than think his father had murder case of such rich person. If many of you know huge amount of money needed to fight case if someone gone through this situation

You must be knowing very well how much money it is needed to fight a case and how much we have to go for documentation process and also we have to give black money to police also because many police people ask for money
So think from where he will bring money where no one is giving him job.
He can’t wait for small work to do that in 5 to 6 years he may get little money and how he will do work in this small age also he is too much depressed alllso
His father jailed, his sister died, he had to leave his college in small age there was no one to give his good path and to support him in his bad time.
He also didn’t had money and if you say he must uses mahan work than think It would he able to save his father for this many years. He would had been given life prisoners but from starting he is fighting case in big court and increasing time by giving good money to save his father.
So here I am only want to give light on those people whose parents jailed and how there condition become bad.
Mostly cases many go for wrong work because no one show love to them but with sanky condition was worst he didn’t had money for lawyer also
Than only he had one option to go because he had too much berdon in his life.
And he got bad environment where they gave me good money to do bad work so he only got one option so he thought to do that work
And all friends and people supported him to do that work so he gone for this s*x work so that he can save his father.
Overall no one was there to give him good path and also he badly needed money to save his father so only one option he got so he went on this option.
He was young poor badly needed money and depress and got bad envoironment in this small age which is age of growth where person grows but didn’t become mature and this age people have curiosity so everything was there who made him to go for this work.

One more thing I also wanted to give light on those students who go for this work
Guys I have many things to tell you to tell sanky condition but you will feel it is boring
One more thing I don’t know from where many of you felt that this was common past because I never raised this topic before because the past of children whose father is in jail is less common but if somother people had taken for it big sorry from my side
One more thing guys when at your house also if police takes your father in jail you all will use huge amount of money to give to lawyer to save them and if not Than you will go for big court so for sanky money was highly needed it was emergency work not like that if your father is jailed this year than you will do any small work and after 10 years you will able to get little good money till that time will court will wait for you to judge so guys think practical.
I know he did wrong
One more thing I am not telling that if you are poor you will go for those work
I know I have seen few poors who became reach by doing hard work but for them condition was Good that didn’t need money in emergency they had there family to support them and give them strength but for sanky no one is there so that example is not much valid for sanky.
He was helpless he had to go for this work he didn’t had other options
I know he is wrong but we also can’t say that it was his mistake. He was helpless at his point neither which I explained you above.
So guys I think you got point ..

Episode starts with sanky thinking that swara left him,
Other side swara is going somewhere by her car.
But after some journey she stops her car in front of house.
Swara knocks door.
Just than a girl opens the door She was not other than kavya.
Swara without thinking anything hugs kavya tightly.
Kavya while caressing her back what happened swara please tell me your worry.
But swara didn’t says anything.
Swara still hugging, Kavya brings her to couch where swara was crying.
Kavya thinks may be something happened between SWASAN
Other side sanky was too much worried about swara that will she leave him .
He thinks Now it’s time to tell the reality.
Sanky searches his phone thinks to call Kavya because she is good friend of her.
Just than kavya recieves a call from sanky .
She immediately picks
Sanky with hesitation is there swara there .
Kavya while moving her gaze to crying swara says yes she is with me.
Sanky immediately cuts call and took car to Kavya house

In kavya house
Sanky car stops in front of swara kavya house.
Sanky immediately runs inside kavya house and sees swara crying.
Sanky whisper swara.
Swara still hugging kavya sees him crying.
Sanky slowly comes toward her and touches her shoulder and says please give me one more time I want to tell you one thing swara. Please just come with me last time.
Swara cryingly nods in negative.
Sanky pleades please swara.
Kavya while consoling swara tells please swara listen what he want to tell last time.
Swara speaks please I need time.
Sanky – but I thing this is correct time swara please come with me only just last time swara. Than everything will be dependent on you. Please swara come with me.
Kavya – please swara please for me go with him.
Swara again nods in negativity.
Sanky didn’t had option he takes swara in his arms and make her sit in car both share painful eyelock.
After sometime sanky stops car in front of one small house.
Again he takes her IN his arms and made her sit in one chair of one room which was fully covered by white curtens.
Sanky – today I wanted to tell you something swara……………………………….

Precap – good news for SWASAN and raglak scene
Sorry raglak fans for not able to add there part because I was really not in good mood and I just wanted to explain people and Also I don’t had time and raglak part need good time and good mood so in next episode you will get good raglak scene also
So please try to understand guys
Sorry from my side of not giving sanky part

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