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Swaragini and Simar Maha Sangam 2nd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini and Simar Maha Sangam 2nd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sasural Simar Ka:
Anjali gives a honeymoon package to Prem and Simr. She says you are one after so long, there should be a second honeymoon. Also you can attend the Durga Pooja in Calcutta. Simar and Prem are dazed. Anjali says the flight is after two hours and I can’t cancel it because its non refundable. Start packing up and if you need help let me know. She leaves. Prem says what is all this drama. I won’t go anywhere. Simar says I don’t wanna go either but for Anjali we have to do this. We have to prove her that we are together otherwise all our efforts would go in vain. This is a test that we have to pass at any cost. Prem picks up the ticket and says start packing up.

Parvati says it was all my plan whether sending Laksh to jail or provoking a fight between them. Parineeta says when am I disagreeing? Parvati says you can’t disagree anyway. I will talk to Ladu I don’t wanna use your stupid brain.
Ragini overhears all this. She is in tears. Swara pats her shoulder. Swara says if we are together again we can beat this evil. Sharmishtha is there too. swara says will you help me in this fight? Ragini holds her hand. They hug each other. Sharmishtha says when weapons to fight evil are so strong then winning is the fate.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Khushi says our plan can’t fail. We will expose Prem and Simar’s lie in this trip. Anjali says we will use this in court and prove it was all Simar’s plan to be part of this house. Khushi says after that she will be out of this house and your life. They both laugh.

Swara, Ragini and Sharmishtha do the pooja together.

Simar and Prem arrive at Calcutta, Simar can’t hold her bag Prem helps her. Khushi and Anjali are there as well keeping an eye on them. Khushi says see how we expose their drama. Everyone will know. They can’t hide reality behind closed doors. Anjali says how will we know what they do behind closed doors? Khushi says I have given money to the hotel manager so he can fix the camera in the room.
Simar calls swara. Simar says I called because I wanted to tell you I am in Calcutta. Swara says come to Bari as well. There is Durga pooja. We will meet too. Simar says we will come there.
Prem sits in the car.. He says hotel. Simar says we will go to Bari. Prem says why? simar says Swara called she invited us there. It’s Durga pooja there. I came to Calcutta if I don’t meet her she would mind. Prem says I just came here for Anjali.
Khushi and anjali are in their car. Anjali says why are they not sitting in car.
Prem says I can’t pretend there as husband and wife. Simar says don’t wanna go there and pray there for Anjali? Prem says its too much. He sits in the car. Simar keeps standing outside. Prem says to driver lets go to Kali bari. Simar sits in the car and smiles. Khushi and Anjali follow them.

Sharmishtha asks Swara why you changed your sari? She says something spilled on the previous one. Sharmishtha says are Prem and Simar coming? Simar and Prem enter. Swara says they are here. Swara hugs simar and asks how are you? Simar says I am good. Swara says you both are such a good couple like made for each other. Simar says how are Shekher ji and Sanskar. Swara says Sanskar is out. He must be coming. Sharmishtha says Shekher and I are not together now. Not everyone is as lucky as you are. I hope God keeps you together for life. Simar says I pray for you as well.
Khushi and Anjali come there disguised as videographers. Sharmishtha says you are out guests so you should start the arti. Prem looks in anger at simar. He says in heart how can I do arti with simar? Our relationship.. But swara doesn’t know that. Prem holds his head. Simar says what happened? He says my head hurts because of tiresome. Swara says you should rest in guest room. Prem says yeah I should.
Anjali says they are pretending for sure. Simar says he must be tired. Let me go see him.

Prem gets a call in room. He says don’t worry about the meeting.. Simar comes in. Simar says you are talking on call? Your head was hurt. Prem says its room don’t pretend here. You know my head doesn’t hurt. There is a camera there. Khushi says to Anjali I have a camera fixed in the room. Simar and Prem won’t pretend being husband and wife there.
Swara is looking for someone. She says who was it? Why was he saying Prem and Simar are pretending? I am sure there must be a reason. But whoever that was he is trying to get proofs against them. If I unplug the camera they would know. I have to do something that Simar and Prem are alert.
Prem says how could you even think that I would do arti with you. You said only ten minutes.. After that this arti parsad and all this. What do you want? Swara comes in the room with water. She sees the camera. Swara says you head was hurt that is why I brought the meds. She has written on tray there is a camera in the room. Someone is trying to get proofs against you. Pretend husband and wife. Prem and Simar nod. Simar says I agree I said 10 minutes but why are you mad.. Prem touches her shoulder and says I wasn’t mad.. Simar places her hand on his. Prem says I can’t do this drama anymore. Simar says what are you saying..

Ragini comes in the pooja with a fire torch and says Sanaskar come out. I will take my husband’s revenge today. Today, I Laksh’s wife, will avenge for every pain you gave to my husband. Everyone is scared. Ragini says Sanskar come out. I will burn entire bari. Come out. Simar says what is wrong with Ragini.. Should I stop her? Swara says no no don’t stop her. She says come with me. she takes them to a side and tells them everything. Swara says this is our plan. Simar says the people who love their family can only take this risk. Don’t worry we all will work to make your family one, once again. Swara says I know Prem you are not convinced.. Prem says no I think Laksh should be here as well. So they he doesn’t know Ragini is pretending. Prem calls Laskh and says Ragini is here. She said she will burn whole bari. Laksh is with parvati and parineeti. he says I am coming.

Sujata says what is all this Ragini? Ragini says call Sanskaar. Today he will pay for his sins. Laksh comes in and says what is this Ragini?

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