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Swaragini 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kakasaa coming to Ragini and Swara, and shows the album of his daughter’s marriage. He tells that he brought work for them. Swara asks Ragini to take break if she needs. Ragini says no. Kakasaa tells them that his boss’s son is getting married and asks them to impress his mum to get the wedding planning work. Sumi asks them to think about the theme etc. Sujata tells Sanskar that Swara did wrong with him. Sanskar says he will get ready and asks her to go. Swara and Ragini talk to Gayatri. Swara tells that she is thinking about the fusion. Gayatri disagrees and tells that she doesn’t look like bengali. Swara says yes. She asks Ragini to take care of all the work, and gives less important things to her secretary. Ragini says she is my partner.

Gayatri stops her and says her decision is final. Ragini suggests her that they shall get the bride and groom’s pic posted in the invitation card in marwadi attire. Swara tells that they need close up pics. Gayatri asks for Ragini’s suggestion. Ragini says they need close up pics and tells that they need to get photo shoot done. Gayatri agrees. Swara sees bride pic and is shocked to see Utara’s pic. She shows it to Ragini. Just then they see Sanskar coming there. Sanskar greets Gayatri. Ragini asks Swara not to say anything.

Gayatri introduces them to Sanskar. Sanskar says he is sure that they will do the arrangements best. Swara tells Gayatri that they can’t work and asks her to get someone else. Sanskar assures Gayatri that they will do the work. Gayatri asks them not to take her son’s marriage lightly. Ragini tells that Swara got scared as she is possessive about the marriage. Ragini tells that they will do the work. Sanskar says I know you will not refuse. Swara tells Ragini why did you agree? Ragini says it is our Utara’s marriage. She tells that Gayatri is very conservative and if she comes to know about her then she will break the alliance. She says we will not take this contract. Ragini asks what reason we will give.

Sanskar tells Gayatri that he will leave. Gayatri tells him that Sujata told her about his wife, and says if you ever unite with her then I will send your sister back to your house. Sanskar assures her that he and his ex wife are like rivers two different ends which can never meet. Swara and Ragini hear him and are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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