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Storm of the Bruised Hearts-Chapter 3 (EDKV) [by Ariana]

Hello guys. Ik I said I’ll post by 15th nd promise I had no mood of posting early but then I have to tell u guys something so I needed a way…nd the only way was to post the nxt part. Pls read the msg 1st then if u want u can read the chap.
So all I wanna say is SORRY!!! My days r going so hectic that I can’t comment on ur wonderful ffs and shots on time. Ik u guys receive my comment a day or two after posting them. Pls don’t feel like I’m ignoring or not liking ur hardwork. It’s just I can’t cope up with the timing. Don’t mind if u see my comment late…or very late…or very very very late. But I promise I’llread all of ur ffs/shots and always comment even if I don’t have much time on hand. Now since I have been inactive lately, here with my apologies I present my 3rd part before the given date just to cover up my mistake (Yah I’m literally bribing u for forgiving me)
If u wanna read this special (Actually all shity nd bakwas) chapter then keep scrawling down or else just enjoy ur day! But do forgive me

CHAPTER 3- Unaccountable Fears and Guilt

**Plz note from this chap, all will b flashback**

(Sumo’s POV-Taken from the diary)
5 mins….my watched showed 5 big mins has passed and that tall Malhotra wasn’t torturing the door. Something was fishy…wayyyy fishy… He couldn’t even stop himself from yelling at me for a second then how come on this earth he managed to control his ‘nosy anger’ for 5 mins? I knew he was planning something but I was also eager to knw what r his limits. He is such a disciplined guy that anyone can be bored by his monotonous life style. I did vow myself the day I stepped in that I’ll spice up his life. But…I have no interest on him…like not even a bit. Besides, he hates me…Yes my dear diary he hates me for cleaning up the house which is his…for cooking food liked by his brother…for bringing colour into his life…It’s all ‘his’ that I do, yet he hates me. Maybe he hates being dependant and I guess I should not peek into his personal space…

(Shravan’s POV-Don’t forget the whole story is from his angle :p )
Red wire placed…Blue wire nope! Damn it went wrong again!!! This blue wire should be switched to yellow one’s spot and the yellow one should be out…Yah now perfect…Fine not yet. Where does this white one go? There is a green wire too? When was it born? Oh wires never get ‘born’. All credit to that Sumo who filled my mind with her biology words. But now it’s time for revenge so I guess crediting her would give me more spirit… I flipped through “Ronald’s 5th Edition Electrical Circuit Cellular Collection” until the picture of mismatched parallel wire connection popped up. It looked no simpler than an atom bomb.
Ohh god I shouldn’t have planned all these. After all that is a small girl of Chote’s age. I’m not pitying her but pitying myself for taking soooo much load just to playback to her work. She doesn’t deserve this amount of attention. Now when I started it, no way I’m backing up… Sumo just wait for few more mins….

(Sumo’s POV)
I was missing u (diary). Yah next time while pranking Shravan, I’ll carry u with me. At least I can read my previous stories. But I was tired. Who want to seat on the bathtub base waiting for someone to suffer? What if he rushed to Sally aunty’s apartment to pee and now is sleeping peacefully? Am I spending my whole night here?

(Shravan POV)
I tiptoed till the end of the hall to ensure everything was left exactly the way it was when I begged her to come out. She made me work hard. I had to face so much of embarrassment to knock on Sally aunty’s door and ask her to use her washroom. Then the 13 mins and 52 second work with those “I have no clue about” wires. But now my game begins…3…2…1…

The sound of gunfire was enough loud to reach the other side of the wall and she could hear it all clearly. Slowly I connected the yellow wire to the loge robot which produced a perfect American Villain’s cruel laughter. If I have not mistaken girls get panic attack at this noise. I remember Chote saying how his gf hugged him when they were watching Avengers and this voice played. Girls after all…Well; Sumo won’t get a guy to hug now.
But then I heard her high pitched low frequency scream. Did she faint? My heart shrank. It was my first prank ever and it shouldn’t harm her…Revenge can’t be so harsh. I rushed towards the door and banged on it when she yelled the world out for help. She called me. Only me…not even Chote…She just yelled “help” and “Shravan” continuously…
I banged the door again but this time I said politely “Open the door”
For sure she thought I was a gunman. She begged calling out my name in pain. Again and again….But then she said something…I guess I heard it wrong…”Pls don’t harm Shravan…”

I stood there motionless for more than a minute. The terminal circuit was connected so the fire shots were loud and audible. The American Villain laughter was also buzzing while her tears flied into the air with her yells…My body went numb for a while. She cried out for help…she begged for her life…for my life… She afforded to think of me in this situation. How could she? What should I do now? She won’t open the door. Oh I can just turn off the robot. I took the pocket saw I had with me and cut all the wires…. At once…not caring about the fact it was my assignment.
Peace…….No trace of any humming. Sumo wasn’t even making a sound now but I could feel the thick air. She might have been faint by now. I banged again when I heard some bottles falling on the floor behind the door. She is moving…my heart was hopeful and I knew she’ll be better than positions I’m expecting her to be at. I heard her scream out my name, again and again.
I stopped and waited for her to calm down…Now the silence meet the atmosphere around us. She was sobbing and I could hear her voice hiking up her throat. I didn’t bang this time. Slowly, I leaned my palms against the door and politely started, “Sumo…It’s me Shravan. Com..”

Before I could even finish my words, I felt my forehands going empty but a huge weight over my chest. Those long arms clutching my back and the swan neck curved into my torso making my heart sense the moisture of her tears. She kept sobbing as her soft figure dissolved into my skin. She was ice cold and every bit of her exposed membrane showed the paleness. I couldn’t stop myself from widening my chest to allow her whole soul to fit in and spread my hands around her shoulder giving her the warmth she requires. At first her spine straightened but soon she broke down into my muscles and sobbed harder. It took long to make her stable. Not that she stopped sobbing, but all she did was to balance into her own foot.

Carefully, I pulled her away to make her look at me. As I observed her face, it was carnelian. Those eyes which always reflected freshness now showed me fear. It took me no longer than a second to understand the cut was deep. The prank wasn’t just a prank…it had more hidden behind.
I wanted to speak, to apologize, to beg her for forgiveness but she was the one to break the silence. “Shravan…*hitched* I’m sorry. I would never…Promise… Are u okay? Did they harm u?” I felt her fingers running over my forehead, across my jawline, pass my neck and back into my back for a hug. “I should’ve never come here. How could I forget it all? I’m sorry. It was me…”
Who was supposed to harm me? What is she blabbering? Suspicious strike 1. Maybe she was under some sort of shock. My entire fault… All mines. “Okay Shravan fix this mess.” I ordered myself as I pulled her away, again and boldly said her to look into my eyes. She followed. This time too…Her eyes showed something unusual. A deep cut, the pain, the unknown fear…and an unaccountable guilt.

She tried to speak again when I cupped her face strong, allowing the tears to roll over my index bone. Leisurely, I rubbed my thumb against her burning cheeks letting the last bit of moisture to dry. “It’s me,” finally I spoke, “It’s me Sumo, it’s me. It was my stupidity.”
“Of course Shravan it’s ur stupidity. Once, just for once u could have called me out. U could have said they…they were here. It’s me after all.”
Suspicious strike 2. Who is ‘they’? And what’s so much in her that she is guilty about? Oh shock man!! I convinced myself and focused on the apology part. “No, none was here. It was u, me and…and…” Stop stammering Shravan. Be a guy. I murmured and continued, “And my terminal robot with cellular circuits.”
That’s all for chapter 3. As a so called writer I shouldn’t b giving u hints and notes but then u r not reading my actual story so I better leave some extra clues of the conclusion.
– Notice how the title of the chapters the given. The whole chapter can b blinded and biased but the title with lead u on track
-Count the suspicious strikes with Shravan. It’ll help u at the end
-Question: Why is Sumo blaming herself for it? Who r ‘They’?
I guess I said too much but ik u’ll forget it soon by a week or two so no worries. Ignore all grammatical mistakes. Next part will b up by Monday.

Love u all
take care
huggies nd kissies

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