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Storm of the Bruised Hearts – Chapter 2 (EDKV) [by Ariana]

Hiii…Sry for a late update. Ik I said 6th/7th but now it’s 9th. I was sad/busy/broken/mad nd all nuts. 1st read the chap then read my extra bakwas
WARNING: Nooooo way close to a nice chapter. All crapy nd chessy. U can help urself out by not reading it nd save few precious minutues of ur life.

CHAPTER 2- Regrets of Blindness

The phone kept vibrating with sudden flashes until those long fingers came across for a lazy clutch. As the screen unlocked, the display light penetrated through his face allowing him to clear the blur vision. Slowly he crawled to the washroom letting his face fall over the cold water stored side by the basin.

“Didn’t I warn u not to do this? Letting ur skull down below 120(degrees) while ur body is fragile or unawaken allows the blood to circulate at a quicker rate to ur frontal brain lobe scattering the nervous signals and causing the optical wires to loosen connection. U don’t wanna be blind, or do u?” The soft melodic scolding echoed pass his ear drums as a small smile let out of his cheek muscles while he pushed himself up from the position.
“Not going blind till I find u.” He must be looking around to look for her presence, right? Nope, he knew it was his only illusion: Finding Sumo everywhere with her honeyed charmy voice repelling around. What made him come back to reality was the absence of the sweet fragrance. He gathered the white towel and walked to the glassed shower cabin.


Like a regular morning both brothers bided byes and left for their respective work. The house remained all dark except for the table lamp which still rayed lights falling over the red journal labeled “Sumo” with golden ink.
*Imagine a zoomed in into the journal coz we r going to fly through time…….Flashbacks*


Bang Bang
“Open the damn door” Shravan shouted for the twelfth time trying to break through the mahogany wood.
“Okay I must admit u are no better than Pushkar. Ur thoughts r cheesy like his, bhaiya!” The sweet voice taunted from the other side of the door.
“No. 1 it’s Shravan for u, not bhaiya so stop calling me that. No. 2, I have no interest in knowing what’s going inside. I need to pee! And u r occupying the washroom for the last 30 mins!!! 30 mins have 1800 seconds and it’ll take me hardly 20 seconds to get my business done. Open the door I seriously can’t control.” He yelled on his regular cold tone.
“U just can’t order a girl like that. Against the Law of Canada. I can case a file and u will be fined $450 with a week of jail for violation of act 327 and 1009. And I studied u can control ur unitary bladder for an hour. Just don’t exhale for a min. This will let ur diaphragm go high under pressure of ur lungs giving more space to ur stomach and oesophagus so…”

“Shut up! Don’t teach me ur stupid biology lessons. Trying to prove u r smart? Well I knw Canadaian Laws better than u so don’t apply them on me. Now if u don’t open the door I’ll…I’ll…”
“U’ll what??? U don’t even have the guts to talk to a girl how can u physically harass me? Not working bhai….”
“SHRAVAN!!! Just SHRAVAN. And what makes u feel I’ll harass an ugly duck like u? Listen Sumo, for the last time I’m politely saying to come out soon. I knw u r done with ur shower long ago, u just wanna tease me. Better open the door.” He spoke in the kindest voice which could make out of him. He was at the line of his patience and a single word against his wish will make him turn into that angry star which none wills to watch.
“Not happening Shravan…oops Bhaiya!” A sound of clear giggle echoed out of the tiled walls.

And it was enough… This girl was no less than a disaster. She is calling him bhaiya even after his denial and also teasing him. TEASING SHRAVAN MALHOTRA! He regretted on his decision, on his slightly growing feelings, on those sweet words he said to her ‘once.’ She was worse than other girls. Every girl has a clear filter and shows their stupidity openly but she…First fooled him to stay on his house with an innocent and responsible attire and now overruling! How could he be so blind at her simple look and allow her in? It wasn’t even a week she stepped in, that now the third room is all pink and cottony. The house smells chocolate dipped strawberry. No one, like not even the dumbest person on Earth would admit to the fact that two grown up university guys lived there. The kitchen was all colourful, the house all clean. Of course he hated that. And most of all, her biological mouth with starts blabbering random “Did u knw” facts about human body any moment. Anger fumed through his whole body not only at her work, but at Pushkar, it was him who offered Sumo the house and mostly at himself for falling in her trap.

“Sumo u r sure that the door won’t open soon?” He asked is the most unconcerned tone as her answer was well known.
“Not really.”
“I’m glad u r girl. Makes life a lot easier” He walked away the hall corner with that mischievous smile of revenge….
Sry no precaps this time nd ik the epi was shorter than my usual updates. I’m really sad as the show ended. U all knw tht.  Can’t help but cry. Anyways not gonna even talk abt it coz then I’ll have to rush for another tissue box. I must say the ending of the show was quick but perfect! Their hug melted me.
Pls ignore grammatical mistakes. I was not even in a mood of typing it but I already delayed itt enough nd didn’t wish to pull the date over more. Yah sry for a late + crapy chapter. My mood is turned off sooooo badly that u can even feel by my write up that I’m all grey. Anyways I’ll try to cheer up myself. But pls do share ur thoughts abt the chap. Next chap will b uploaded by 15th.
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***Note: Pari di (Angle_Pari) won’t b here for this month. She got her exams so pls prey for her.***
To all those who r still giving their exams, best of luck! To ones who has given already party hard nd yah do share ur result with me.
Love u all
Huggies nd kissies

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