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Special message for IKRS family! (author’s note)

Hey my lovely friends.. How are u all? Hope everyone remembers me.. I was missing from so many days or u can say 2 long months.. I hope u all guessed me by now… No?? Then let me only introduce myself.. I m Louella aka Mariyam..

Now u all must be thinking what’s my real name Louella or Mariyam.. Ena?? Let me clarify this, actually my real name is Mariyam.. But here I had purposely changed my name to Louella because I had the fear in case someone misuses my name but then I got very comfortable with u all and then ended up with the name Louella only.. I had completely forgotten about my real name.. Then last month I remembered to change my name to Mariyam and here I m with my original name..

The other message I wanted to give u is regarding the updates and ffs.. Actually I m not continuing any of my posts.. Wait before u get shocked because I have to give u the shocking and funny reason.. Woh actually I was so engrossed in my exams and studies that I completely forgot about the plot of all my ffs. Don’t laugh at me for this but really I don’t remember anything about the storyline.. I know u will pakka throw rotten eggs, tomatoes and also chappals on me but before that give me a little almonds also. Now u will be thinking how shameless I m! Ena??

Sorry for all this, plz plz plz forgive me, now I promise I will come with an ff in a week and will post it regularly too.. U will not have any complaints regarding posting late or it is boring.(vaise u all don’t complaint also..) Pakka promise. And when I promise then I know how to keep it also.. (and u have made my work easy by not complaining also:-P)

Don’t worry I m coming up with an ff and about the update I will post it from tomorrow but from the starting.. U read it once u will understand.. About the new ff, I m thinking about the plot everyday but I m not getting one.. What to do?? Don’t worry I will surely come up with an ff.

And about the rotten things, u can throw it in the comment section.. I will take it quietly.. Meet u in the comment box..

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