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Special episode of Switzerland (YRKKH ff) Epi-4

Sorry to be late guyzz.Actually i was having my scul so i didnt get much time to write the ff.So here is the 4 episode of Swiss special.

Scene 1(akshara nd gayu in d way )
akshara-(thinking)I just dont know where is my naitik hope he is fine.But shud i tell dis to naira or not??
gayu-what happened maami what r u thinking?
akshara-gayu beta i m not feeling better.I just want to go back to d hotel.We all will have our lunch there.
gayu-ohkk maami(she calls Kartik)

Scene 2(kartik picks the call)
Kartik- ohkk we r cuming(to gayu)
Naira-what happened kartik
kartik-maam is not feeling better so dey hav gone to d hotel.We hav to go.

Scene 3 (dey go to d hotel)
naira-what happene mumma why r u not feeling better r u ok?
akshara-yaa i m ohk.It was just an head ache.
naira-ok den lets go nd hav our lunch
akshara-yaa lets go gayu nd kartik.
(suddenly the watch falls down. Kartik nd naira sees it)
Naira-mumma dis watch is of papa na??hows it here in swiss.I remembered dat while going to kenya papa was wearing d watch.
akshara- i just dont know beta hows it here in swiss but i knoe dat my naitik is on very big trouble.He is not picking up his phone also.
kartik-(thinking)i knew it dat sir is in trouble but i just hope dat he is ok i knoe dat Naman sir is doing all dis thing.
Naira-(thinking in angry) i knoe all dis plan is of kartik.I hav to tok wid him.
Naira-(in angry holding Kartiks collar)where is my papa i said where is my papa.I know all ur plan.U r cheating my papa.Where is he
akshara- what r u telling naira kartik cant do dis i m sure it must be ur misunderstanding.i trust kartik
naira-but mumma naman chachu told me everything about kartik
kartik-(angry)what?? Naman sir?i just cant believe him actually i hav doubt on him dat he is transfering large amount in his bank.Nd r u doubting me.U dont believe me?
naira-i hav not a doubt i m fully sure….
akshara-what kartik u hav a doubt on Naman.Actually on d first day i saw naman in a taxi but i m not sure.
kartik- what maam den i m sure he is here only.Can u tell me maam dat from where did u got his watch??
( she tells everything dat from where did she got dis watch)
kartik-can u tell me d surroundings of that place?
(she describes the surroundings)
kartik-(thinking)aksar logo ko aise shant jagaho par hi kidnap krke rakhte h.Maam i think we shud go there.May be we get a clue.
akshara-yaa i think u r correct .Lets go
Naira-No mumma we cant believe him
gayu-what r u telling naira he has helped us many times kartik cant cheat us.
akshara-naira gayu is telling right
naira-but mumma….
akshara-lets go

Scene 4 (they all go to the place where naitik has been kidnapped)
Naira-(thinking)i know my papa is not here its all of kartiks plan
akshara-i hav a feeling dat my naitik is here only .
(they go nd search for more clues. Suddenly dey see a house far away)
kartik-i think naitik sir is there only.lets go
(they go.They see many guards there)
akshara-yaa kartik u were right somethings wrong here.
kartik-but how we will go inside.
naira-i knoe papa is not here.
(naira was least interested in dis)
episode ends here.

Precap-Kartik fights wid the guards nd they find naitik.

Guyzz i m once again sorry for being late.Bohot jald i will show dat Naira will propose him instead of Kartik.

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