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Sky is not the limit devakshi ff (episode 2)

Haiee frndz sorrg 4 d late update let us start.

Dev and sona leave in their respective cars.
In dev’s car dev thinks about his past
His mother is ishwari.
Ishwari : dev you have to marry.
Dev : mom i am tired of saying no. Why do you want me to marry?
Ishwari : dev please….. You have to marry at any cost
Dev : why are you forcing me ma?? You know that i am stubborn.
Ishwari : if you are stubborn then i am your mother.
That day ishwari did not take her medicines
Dev : mom… What is this?

Ishwari : now say me will you marry?
Dev : mom….
Ishwari : yes or no

Dev : fine…..
Ishwari : i will show you the photo of sonakshi
Dev : who is sonakshi?
Ishwari : the girl you are going to marry…
Dev : not now mom….
After some days dev sees photo of sonakshi
Dev : maa i kniw her.
Ishwari : really? Then it is good for both if you.
Dev : do you want me to marry her? She is really irritating….
Ishwari : did you talk to her anytime?

Dev : yaa. She is very boring. She aleays talks about studies.
Ishwari : how do u know her
Dev : we studied in same collage. I was in commerce group and she was in science group. I saw her in cafe and she spill coffee on me. She calculates her mistakes in the form of percentage. She is mad….
Ishwari : she is a cardiologist.
Fb ends.
Dev comes out of car and goes inside a very hige building with board ishwari dixit communications.

Sona is in her car. Her parents are jay and juhi
Jai : sonakshi should marry son of ishwari ji.
Juhi : this is not our right. Bejoy dada…
Jai : shut up juhi!!!!!! You are talking too much. Ishwari ji knows about Mr. Bose. We should marry off sona to devrath dixit asap.
Juhi : ok. As you wish.
Fb ends.
Sona is in thaughts when the car stops. She goes inside a hospital. There is a huge board outside precious life hospital.
She goes to her cabin. She thinks
Who is bejoy ji? Who is Mr. Bose what does ishwari maa juhi maa and papa know? I have to find out at any cost…..
Precap : based upon ur response.

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