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The scene starts with mandvi crying……

Mandvi- today u have to promise me one thing.
Bharat- what promise???
Mandvi- u promise me that u will never leave me alone.
Bharat- mandvi, I had made this promise at the time of our marriage.
Mandvi- then why are u alone here???
Bharat- I was preparing a gift for u. here it is (hands over a bouquet of flowers to mandvi whi takes it gladly). So if u had been here then how would I have been able to give u this surprise ???

In some other part of the garden was shtrughan and shrutkirti.

Shrutkirti- swami, u know today I am very happy.
Shatrughna- why ??? may I know the reason ???
Shrutkirti- of course. Today is my sita didi’s birthday.
Shatrughna- oooo !!! then today is a very special day. Lets make a gift for sita bhabi.
Shrutkirti- what will we make ???
Shatrughna- we both will decorate ram bhaiya and sita bhabi’s room.
Shrutkirti- great idea.

Lakshmila was in some other part of the garden.

Lakshman- urmi, u know sometimes I feel that I have married a person who is just opposite of me. And I also sometimes I feel that this thought is absolutely correct.
Urmila- (angry) why are u saying like this ??? but I too feel that I have married some raakshas.
Lakshman- no problem. If I am raakshas then u are raakshasi, because a human being can’t marry a raakshas.
Urmila- u are not at all like your ram bhaiya.
Lakshman- u are also not like sita bhabi. The food cooked by sita bhabi always tastes sweet even if it is a salty one. But your food is always ‘teekha’.
Urmila- what !!! I prepare ‘teekha’ food ???

Precap- lakshman calls urmila ‘teekhi’. Urmila says that she will not talk with him any more. Lakshmila share a hug.

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