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Shakti 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Soumya getting sad seeing Harman and Surbhi having haldi ceremony. Preeto asks if she is jealous and wants Harman to know that she is unhappy with his marriage, and wants him to break the marriage. Soumya says no, and says even I want his happiness. Preeto asks her to smile and threatens her. Later she asks Soumya to apply haldi to Harman, the groom. Soumya is emotional and recalls all the good moments between them. She applies haldi on his face and hands. Harman is upset with her and doesn’t see her. Soumya gets teary eyes as she applies haldi on his feet, but she feigns smile on her face. She then goes to Surbhi and applies haldi on her face. Surbhi looks at her. Harman asks Preeto, can I go now? Preeto asks him to go and have a bath.

Nani asks Surbhi to go for bath.

Surbhi checks Harman’s message, he asks her to meet him in his room now itself and gives Soumya’s promise. Surbhi goes to Harman and asks him to say, calls him jiju and then realizes and says Harman ji. Harman says what I asked you to refuse for marriage and you got haldi applied. She says even you got haldi applied. He says I can’t give you love and can love never you. Even you have a life. I can’t refuse as I can’t break the promise made to Soumya. Surbhi says even I am bounded by the promise which I can’t break.

Soumya comes to Preeto and asks did you call me. Preeto asks her if she remembers this sherwani. Soumya looks at sherwani and reminisces her marriage with Harman. Preeto says my son brought a kinnar by wearing this, but today he will wear other sherwani and will marry a woman now, then only my house will be filled by kids’ sound. She asks her to give sherwani to Harman and asks him to get ready. She tells that she will throw old sherwani. Soumya is hurt and sad. Harman asks what is that promise. Surbhi says I just now that everyone’s lives will be good with this marriage and will not ruined. Harman says everything is thinking about themselves, and nobody thinks about me. He breaks the things angrily.

Soumya knocks the door and calls Harman ji. Surbhi opens the door and says it is good that you came and says Harman wants to talk to you. Soumya comes inside and asks him to say. Harman looks angrily. Surbhi says I know you can’t tell and says I will say. She says that Harman wants her to wear pink dress as you are his Gulabo. Harman holds her hand and asks why do you leave me always. Soumya asks him to leave her hand and says I will not go once this marriage happens. Harman asks how you will cope up with your emotions. Soumya asks him to get ready fast. Harman says why don’t you understand that I don’t want to do this marriage. Soumya says this marriage is very important and asks him to marry. She turns, silently cries and goes. Tu Hi Mera khuda music plays………

Soumya helps Surbhi ready for marriage and gets emotional. She says it was my wish to make you wear bridal dress….my choti is looking as world’s beautiful bride. She says God saves you from all evil eyes. She recalls Nimmi giving her bangles on her marriage. She removes from her hand and tells Surbhi that Maa gave me this bangles, but it is your safe keeping. Surbhi says no…di. I haven’t come here to take your share, but to be a part of your life. She says I will not take your bangles. Soumya asks her to take it. Surbhi wears only one bangle and makes Soumya wear other bangle. She says now it is fine. Soumya says you have done a big favor on me by agreeing to this marriage, after maa went, only you have right on my life…cries. Surbhi asks her not to cry and hugs her. Nani hopes that their love shall remain for forever. Bebe says their love will end tonight as they will become sautan. Nani asks her to talk good. Bebe asks Surbhi to come. Sindhu tells Soumya that she is very happy, not with the marriage but because she will not leave from here. Soumya says even I like you and hugs her.

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