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Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 3

I never realise that I will sense my love for her and that too with all my senses lost for her……How this happened? Let me tell you. As I told you before, I want to make her have a change from her senseless life. Sensing my love for her happened in that time when I was trying to change that. Yes!! I met her and talked to her directly with all my senses lost for her again…..

I made her apply to my company for a job! You know something I just want to keep seeing her and that too in my office! But what she did made me feel for her something that I never expected at all.

Instead of agreeing to the job offer, she just came to my office to reject it! At that moment, I thought she was crazy to do like that. Then she explained to me why she rejected it. She said “I know this offer is something that can change my life but I don’t need changes now. I feel that my family will not accept this change. I can’t change them so it will only make things worse if i changed through this job offer. Thank you for considering me and I hope that you would get someone apt for this job!” I was stunned as I was listening to her for the first time and that too for rejecting my job offer. I know she didn’t know that I was directly involved in making her come all the way to my office. But I could clearly tell from her eyes that she herself was disappointed for not accepting the job. What made me sensed my love for her in this? The way she told her decision with a strong mind made me fell in love with her. If she can tell her decision strongly without any fear then it means my relation with her will also be strong. That is what i thought but i was senseless to think like that.  After all love is the most senseless thing that she was living for and i was slowly drowning in that ocean. Ocean? Yes it’s her ocean of love……I know nobody can save me from drowning as her ocean of love is filled with so much of love that even drowning in there makes u peaceful…….That’s when i realised she is my problem and solution.

Pragya, Problem and solution? How is that possible? Oh god! It’s already 5 am! Ok Pragya faster read its before too late!!

She continued to read…..

The next time I met her she asked me did i found anyone for the job? She asked me like that
and I was hoping that she would join my company if I told her there was still vacancy available for it. I told her yes its still available and again she made me disappointed by saying I hope u get someone good for the job!

Why when I was trying to reach out to her she is responding in the reverse way?

Pragya, simple! She doesn’t know that u are reaching out to her if not there could be the change that u expected to happen!

She flipped to the next page and saw the line which made her more curious now….

I am losing her….

I feel i am losing her. Do u know why? I told u that i met her in the park with that elderly lady right? She is not even related to her! I thought i did find out about her but No! I didn’t and there was more hidden behind her peaceful face…..How can I say to u my life? I felt really very bad for her at that moment I knew about her! I felt like saying to her that I am here for her! But how can I say when she left me alone here. I am losing her but not completely as she is still in my heart…..

Pragya eagerly flipped to the next page but now was disappointed as the rest of the pages were blank! She once again flipped all the pages frantically and that’s when a small piece of folded paper dropped from it. She unfolded it to read. After reading that, she was very angry at him!

What was that in that paper that made her angry?

 I know that u all are curious whether is the she is Pragya or someone else…..this is just the beginning so just wait for a while and very soon (nxt update) u all will know who is that! As it is the unexpected part in this story! I think so….thank u everyone for reading! To all those who commented in prev update I will reply u all very soon as now I am running out of time!

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