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Sasural Simar Ka 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Khushi picks up her pooja plate as well. Mataji asks Sankalp to stand with her. They all do the rituals. Prem is about to make Simar drink water but they hear Anjali shouting. Rajhinder says what are you doing anjali. Mataji says simar gave you these clothes. Anjali burns the clothes simar brought for her. SImar says what are you doing anjali.. What are you doing? Mataji and papa have been asking you. Anjali shoves simar away and says see what I feel about your gifts. She burns the clothes. MAtaji says bring water amar. Amar blows the fire. Anjali says if I could I would burn everything related to this woman. SImar says why so much hatred and you liked them. Anjali says I can pretend liking them. You know what you are such mean and liar woman. You can do anything for your purpose. Prem says what are you saying. Anjali saus dad you are blind in her love but I can see. She fooled me you and rest of us. She pretends being a good woman and mother. I will expose her. Rajhinder says what are you saying? Anjali says KB’s truth. Amar says how can you accuse Simar? Anjali says I will give you proof. She plays recording of Savant’s phone. Mataji says this is lie. Simar says this is not truth Premji.. Prem says you don’t have to give clarification. You are trusting a man like him? Khushi gave that man money. She would have asked him to say this. KB says anjali I told you no one would trust me. KB says yes I don’t trust you at all. I trust simar and her loyalty and good intentions. Anjali says how can you do blind trust on her? Anjali says you were kicking me out of your property because of her. Prem says i have to sign today. Bring the papers simar. Simr brings the papers. Simar says its an emotional decision. Prem says Anjali thinks I am just warning her, its about time I do this. He takes the papers from Simar.

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