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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com


Scene 1:
Location: Lanka
While deciding their next strategy, Hanuman asks rama and them not to bother, as raavan can send the worst of monsters and biggest of armies, their warriors can easily defeat them all. raavan arives alone out of the main gates and eyes them all enraged. Rama describes him in his grandeur. hanuman says that its lamentful, that all of his grandeur is wasted in sin and darkness. rama says that he is indeed right, as sinners’ talent doesnt lead him anyweher, and they do have to get killed. he says that now he shall give a deserving punishment to raavana for Sita’s abduction. rama fires an arrow, with much aggression, while hanuman and raavan watch tensedly. Raavan and Rama watch each other confrontingly.

raavan describes him as the best warrior that he has received so far, and how he is going to enjoy fighting with him, after a long time. the monkey army cheers for rama. raavan says that he alone is sufficient for rama and his army. Vibhishan wonders whats he saying, and does he really believe so, or has other plans. raavan starts his attack, as his he emanates balls of fire from his vehicle, directed at the army, who is unable to move past it, and winces in pain. he then addresses surgiva, and beckons him to fight with him. hanuman comes and asks him to get through with his servant first. raavan remembers the havoc he created last time, he infiltrated Lanka. all watch tensedly. Raavan says that he has old scores to settle, and teach him his lesson. raavan’s other brothers join in, who raavan instructs that while he takes care of sugriva, they shall wreak havoc on the army. sugriva says that its enough, and asks him to stop, so that before he dies, his tongue leaves his body. raavan asks him to stop threatening and actually fight. sugriva jumps and stands afront hanuman. raavan thinks that he managed to instigate sugriva, and vibhishan udnerstands this, and expresses his concern for sugriva’s safety. Rama says that raavan has beckoned him to fight, and now asking him to refrain or escape the battlefront, would be unethical on his part. sugriva sends in a mountain at him, while raavan cuts it by his magical weapon, and throws it back at the army itself. meanwhile, the magical weapon is stopped by sugriva right in the centre of his eye. he viciously eyes it, and breaks it off. when raavan fires another magical weapon, rama, vibhishan and angad get tensed, but sugriva fights it away, with his gada, but they are all alarmed as it reaches back at sugriva, doubling in quantity this time. Surgiva gets hit by another magical weapon, and falls on the ground hurt. hanuman rushes to his aide. raavan gets another one, and says that this one shall kill him. but nal and neel, stand in support along with others, saying that they wont let him hurt sugriva in wounded state, as thats against the code of ethics in war.

Raavan compliments hanuman on his warriorship, but slaps him tight across his face. hanuman is enraged.

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