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Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 3 Part 1

Naiya and Kajol arrive at the Modi house. ” God, so many years since I’ve come here.” Kajol says.

” Yes, you have been away from this family for 30 years. In yours and my absence, Sindoora ruled this Modi house and 10 years ago, she and Gopi were killed.” Naiya says.

” These Modis always have problems all the time. I remember when Radha troubled this family and Gopi came back as Durga and I helped Gopi. Honestly, I don’t know why I helped them when they face another problem afterwards!” Kajol says.

” Well Im eager to meet Gopi’s duplicate Ambika and my mother in law, Rashi, who is now reborn as my granddaughter in law!” Laughs Naiya. Naiya rings the doorbell. Radha opens the door.Naiya is shocked.

” Radha! I heard you also was reborn and you live here! I cant believe they let you live here after what you did to us!” Naiya says.

” Naiya, you were also guilty as well when Kokila aunty went missing. Don’t act innocent. Besides, before Gopi behen died 10 years ago, she forgave me and I promised her to protect this family.” Radha says.

” Whatever, move out of my way!” Kajol shouts. Sona comes and greets both Kajol and Naiya.

” Jaise krishna Naiya bhabi and Kajol betiya. Come sit.” Sona says.

” Ok, you don’t need to tell me what to do. I have a business conference soon. But I forgot a gawar village lady like you wouldn’t understand.” Kajol laughs. Sona is shocked to see the negative avatar of Kajol. Ambika comes down the stairs.

” Oh, you must be Kajol and Naiya.” Ambika says.

” And you must be Ambika. They still let you live here after you were scheming along with Sindoora?” Naiya says.

” If Gopi forgave Sindoora for her crimes, then we can forgive Ambika for her bad deeds.” Rashi says. Naiya smirks seeing Rashi.

” Rashi saasumaa, oh sorry, Rashi bahu.” Laughs Naiya. ” I forgot that you are no longer my mother in law. It will be fun.”

” Naiya bhabi, you were wishing to tell us someone once you arrived here?” Sona says.

” Yes, I have come back to India to search for a wife for my grandson, Ajay.” Naiya says.

In a household belonging to a family called the Auroras. The youngest daughter of the Auroras was called Kumari Aurora (Divyanka Tripathi). Kumari was cheerful, kind and brave. She was the breadwinner and protected her family. But all that changed 10 years ago.


Kumari used to be fat and ugly. But successfully her parents found a rishta for their daughter. This rishta was from Sona . Sona, 11 years ago, found Kumari and promised to make her the new daughter in law. However, the reborn of Rashi meant that Jigar and Rashi were married. Sona reveals the bad news to Kumari.

” I am sorry. My Jigar married another girl who was his lover. I am sorry for breaking my promise to you.” Sona says.

” But we have already sent wedding invitations and I have spent so much money on the wedding.” Mr Aurora cries.

” I am sorry, I will leave now.” Sona leaves. Mrs Aurora beats Kumari.

” You stupid girl. That girl Jigar married must have been more prettier and skinnier than you. Who will marry you? You got rejected because you are not beautiful!” Mrs Aurora shouts. Kumari cries. Mr Aurora runs to his room and locks the door. Kumari and Mrs Aurora later open the door and see that Mr Aurora had hanged himself in shame. After Mr Aurora’s funeral, Mrs Aurora commits suicide by burning herself in flames. Kumari watches her own mother burn in flames.


Kumari looks into her mirror. ” Today I am beautiful. The Modis rejected me all those years ago. I saw both of my parents die in front of my eyes. I will avenge their deaths.” Kumari says. YMH’s Niddhi tune plays.

Precap- Naiya brings Kumari home to show everyone that she was to become her granddaughter in law. Rashi senses that something inauspicious (bad) was about to happen as a storm occurs.

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