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rishi-tanu reincarnetation damn stupid

I hate this serial concept where girl is sacrificed because her lovers life is at risk and his family is obsessed to see him alive. Seriously and when she came back he neither recognizes her soul nor accepts her face instead suddenly brings someone else in his life.

Remember they showed rishi hates women till now from tanu’s death then how come he is flirting with mallika now(Why is he showering so much attention on her). especially the change brought in rishi after recent accident, his behavior, young looks and flirting nature is completely ridiculous. Even if someone becomes young at heart how can ignore his body age which changes with time. He hates tannu for no reason ever since she has come back.

It looks like she is a poor soul who could have happily but wasted one life pining for his love and is now wasting another one. And they treat her like shit. I want tannu to storm out of rishi’s life and jee le zara. It seems he doesn’t deserve her at all. Why should she die or harm herself so many times to rescue him. It’s better he dies rather reject tannu as she spared him his life.

This serial as ever ekta’s is cruel only to its female lad giving negative mindedness to people rather than depicting true love. I’m sorry to hurt any tanshi fans but now I’m an ex-tanshi fan and want tannu to stop thinking about rishi. Why cant they show that girl have some ambitions in her life rather than pining for someone’s love and being victimized in series of conspiracies.

Also Im fed of that old lady. Why doesn’t she die or mind something else? Other than bickering and getting insulted. she can do her saadhna rather than wasting time by giving hints to rishi.

I want to kill ekta on day for sure. It would bring so much peace as ravan’s end has brought to this world. And I believe Rashmi sharma prodcutions and Gul khan will also learn the lesson by learning about the same.

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