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Rectify : Manmarziyan part 20

Now Shanti Devi and Ardhika are at the same hospital, she is coming at the left side and Ardhika at the right side, they are almost coming closer and closer….

Niki: “Shanti Devi.”

Shanti turns her face toward Niki, while Nesam and Teji warn Ardhika about Shanti Devi being here.

Nesam: “Lets go Shanti Devi is here.”

Teji: “You guys go, we will talk about the next target at my house, I will check on Nani, I don’t trust that Shanti Devi one bit. Nani is taking a big risk saving you guys.”

Neil: “I think I should stay with you just in case she harms Niki.”

Teji: “No Neil she’ll get suspicious, I’ll keep an eye on her.”

Radhika: “Teji keep an eye on my mother, if she see Shanti Devi, she might get a heart attack again.”

Teji: “Don’t worry Radhika I’ll watch auntie too. You guys leave before she sees you.”

Sam: “We’ll go, but call us if anything happens.”

Teji: “Okay, now go.”

Ardhika and Nesam left the hospital. But outside they saw a crowd hitting Dinesh.

Neil: “Radhika, is that Dinesh all cover with tattoo.”

Sam: “It looks like he’s been beaten.”

Radhika: “Well he deserves it, now he will learn how a woman feel when men abuse women’s body.”

Arjun: “Why do I feel that you setup Dinesh.”

Radhika: “Your right Arjun, I did set him up, I got all the girls that he had harm, to take there revenge. Must say they’ve done a good job.”

Sam: “What’s your next plan.”

Radhika: “Let Niki and Teji come, then we will discuss our next target…

Next scene inside the hospital Niki and Shanti Devi

Shanti Devi: “My, my Niki Pandey, your still alive too bad you can’t walk.”

Niki Pandey with her anger face.

Niki: “Because of you, I am helpless, I can’t run and save my daughter.”

Shanti Devi: “I assume you have your daughter now.”

Niki lies to Shanti, because she wants to protect her daughter from her.

Niki: “And how can I have my daughter, when I can’t even walk.”

Shanti Devi: “Well if you don’t, she was useless, who ever has her could do what ever with her.”

Niki: “Watch what ever you say, what goes around comes around.”

Shanti Devi: “What do you mean.”

Niki: “You should watch over your son, what ever happen to Dinesh, could also happen to Suraj too, I mean there are lot of girls who are angry at him for raping them, who knows what they’ll do to Suraj.”

First time Niki saw fear in Shanti Devi’s eyes, Niki wonder what would happen if she saw Ardhika. She would go insane, and that’s what Niki wanted Shanti to go to mental hospital.

Shanti: “Whatever happen to Dinesh, it will not happen to my son. I will hire a best security guard for him.”

Niki: “You try your best in keeping your son safe from the rectifier.”

Shanti: “You know the rectifier, who is it?”

Niki: “Yes I know who the rectifier is, why don’t you come to my party, I will be celebrating my daughter’s birthday.”

Shanti: “But you don’t have your daughter with you.”

Niki: “She is always in my heart, beside don’t you want to meet the rectifier.”

Shanti: “And why should I believe you.”

Niki: ” It is up to you if you want to come or not, but the rectifier will be there.”

Niki turns her wheelchair to leave but stop to say..

Niki: “Your son is invited, make sure he gets a best security guard, never know what the rectifier will do.”

Niki leaves the hospital and gets outside to see the people hitting Dinesh with rocks, then she gets in the car while Teji gets in the car too.

Niki: “How is Mala.”

Teji: “Ankush took her home, she didn’t see Shanti, thank god for that. The rectifier are at our house to discuss our next target Suraj.”

Niki: “Yes, and I have a plan, and only talking to the rectifier will this planl work.”

Next scene Dinesh, Dilip and Riddhima.

When the people were done hitting him with the rock, he was in so much pain but death was not coming for him, he hated being humiliated like this, he saw Dilip and Riddhima, he went close to them, he goes down to Riddhima’s feet…

Dinesh: “Please Riddhima forgive me, please take this curse away from me.”

Riddhima: “Did you ever think about the girls that you raped, your crime is big only those girls that you hurt, you need to ask forgiveness.”

Dinesh: “But there too many.”

Dilip: “You did the crime, now you need to fix it.”

Riddhima: Lets go papa, why waste time on him, he needs to go through the pain the way those girls went through.”

Dilip and Riddhima leave while Dinesh has tears in his eyes…

Next scene all the 4 rectifier at Niki and Teji’s home…

The rectifier were already at Niki’s house, they were waiting for Niki and Teji to arrive, they need to talk about there next target Suraj. When Niki and Teji finally arrive.

Niki: “Good your all here, I want to discuss my plan…

Precap: Shanti will finally see Ardhika. Suraj is going to get torture. Final chapter

Hi guys, and happy Diwali, I will be ending rectify so that I can start my next ff on Mother’s Diary, hope you will like this one too…

Thank you guys who comment, silent reader, I would love to hear from you, you give me energy so do comment..

Bye now ta ta and happy Diwali once again….

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