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RagLak – Our Weird Relationship (Episode 48)

Guys I wanted to know if I should continue with this ff? or finish it.
Idk I thought it was boring and I am running out of ideas any suggestions?
And sorry guys for the short update before please all of you guys forgive me love you all

Everyone got up and got ready and then they all had breakfast together…
All the men went to their office…

At Gadodia mansion
All the ladies were their preparing food for the men as they are going to take the food to their respective husbands and disturb their work ;). They all make their husbands favourite foods to impress them…

They all took their food to their respective husbands in their cabin


Ragini goes in to Laksh’s cabin as Laksh didn’t realise and was too in to his work didn’t even know that someone have come to his cabin… Ragini tiptoes and creeps behind Laksh and closes his eye…

Laksh: who’s this?
Ragini: (in a different voice) guess
Laksh (he knew it was Ragini by her touch but acts): Trisha is it you?
Ragini confused (same voice): no
Laksh: Sam?? Is that you?
Ragini: no
Laksh: Alia?
Ragini: NO
Laksh: I give up who is it?
Ragini (really pissed off, in the verge of crying): you really know others touch except your own wife’s touch I see how everything is, I cooked all your favourite dishes with so much love and now all of that is all a waste…
She was about to go when Laksh holds her hand…

Laksh: I’m sorry I never thought I will hurt you so much and do you really think I can’t recognise you’re touch how could you be so stupid my lovely wife.
Ragini: but who were all those girls you were saying? I don’t know them even during our college time
Laksh: they are all actresses and how can you not recognize their names silly girl
Ragini: I’m sorry and hold her ears.

To be continued…

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