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Raglak ff- – yeh dooriyan part 25 and 26

Hey fellas teja back with yeh dooriyan part 25 – 26
Laksh is overenjoyed by listening ragini pregnancy..

In raglak room
Laksh is in washroom and ragini is in bed she decide to make fun of laksh so she start video player
Laksh come in towel and
Ragini- AAA mummy I have pain in my legs but who cares for me
Laksh- what happened bachaa ?
Ragini- my legs
Laksh went and start massaging her legs
She start laughing like mad
Laksh confused rahini shown him his video
Laksh- ragini u r being very naughty give my video otherwise I will kiss you vo bhi hardest vali
Ragini- no u will not
Laksh start coming close to her and ragini close her eyes he smooch her lips and also take phone and run from there
Ragini blush ?

Next morning
Ragini is wearing saree and went down to help others
Riza-mummy come come
Ragini bent down and take riza in his embrace .
Anna- are don’t ragini u r pregnant and u r on ur one month so don’t carry riza
Ragini- ma plz she is small and light like her teddy
Laksh- riza come here
Riza come to laksh
Laksh- riza tomorrow is ur birthday … so what u want??
Riza-papa Tessa…
Laksh- Tessa????
Ragini laugh
Ragini- laksh she is saying teddas
Laksh- ooo I can’t understand her language
Ragini – make it ur habit ur child will talk like this .
Laksh- very funny
Ragini – yes

Riza run to hall
Laksh – riza be careful !!!
Laksh take ragini in room
Laksh- ragini lets go and bring something for riza
Ragini- I have already decided what I will give to riza
Laksh- what ?
Ragini- I have brought a pendant name rigash
Laksh- but riza name h uska
Ragini- stupid riga means ri- riza and ga- ragini and sh- laksh.?
Laksh- wow ragu u r very smart
Ragini- yes I smartest?
Laksh- ragini I have a gift for you
Ragini- show me
Laksh- close ur eyes first
Ragini close her eyes
Laksh bring two toys which r too cute …
Ragini open her eyes and kiss him on his cheeks and take.toys in her hands

Next day
Riza budday is on full swings and raglak gift riza chain she wear it ..
All the day ragini work in night –
Ragini is applying cream on her belly ..
Laksh come in room
Laksh- ragini today day was awesome na
Ragini nodded ..
Suddenly ragini run to washroom
Laksh knew it that she is having vomit since morning ..
They sleep

Precap- 6 months later

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