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Raglak ff- – yeh dooriyan part 21 and 22

Hey galas teja here ? ur liking my ff so much thank u so much ? so I think to write some long ?
So here is the part 21 and 22

Raglak wake up early in the morning
Ragini kiss laksh earlobe and whisper – laksh wake up
Laksh turn to side and make ragini come on top of him
Laksh- tomorrow is triksha budday
Ragini punch him
Laksh – laugh I know jaan tomorrow is something special
He make ragini down and come top of her just then ragini run from.his clutches and dressed up and went down to help Annapurna

Laksh went to office and tell triksha to come office fast
When triksha come laksh make her arrested as he shows those nude pics which triksha make from some apps and laksh make it trace and police arrest her
He went somewhere
And post a gift to ragini’s name
Ragini receive it and read letter –
My love of life
Be ready at 12 am in night
Wear this clothes
She open it
And it is white short dress in which some golden fur r visible she shocked and shy too bcz laksh knew ragini want this dress on her budday
Uttara teases her ragini run to her room

In night laksh come in black t shirt and in his Pajamas he saw ragini and get mesmerized he come forward to her and grab her waist she is wearing saree
Laksh- ragini I want u to change ur clothes infront of me
Ragini – no ways
Laksh- bcz today I want to u mine forever for 7 births and after 12 we will begin our new story
Ragini wear laksh gift infront of me and wear her sindur and make up.some
Laksh pick her in his arms and take her to his farm house which he buy for ragini
Ragini- wow laksh
Laksh come and sit on his knees and propose ragini and wish her
Ragini nodded in yes and kiss him on his lips
Laksh pick ragini up in his arms and take her to room
~hotness began ~??
He make her lie on hi send and open his T-shirt ragini is watching his bisecps ? he come on ragini and make her do a long smooch hardest one he make her squeeze her waist she moan and he make her lie and come on top of her he start doing her undress when they r done with clothes laksh enter to her
Ragini clutch his back with his nails laksh make it hardest. Ragini enjoying it he move to his upper body and kiss them will full passionately he make her his
They sleep and after 12 there new life start

In morning
Birds r chirping laksh wake up and dress himself bcz today laksh organise a party for ragini
Ragini wake up and see laksh is not present there so she went to washroom when she is bathing someone come from behind and kiss her on cheeks
Ragini- laksh
Laksh smile and they again have a intimacy moment

In evening
Party time
Ragini wear same clothes which laksh gift her he wear formal clothes
When cake is done
And all the formalities is done they went to their room

Precap- one month leap

Give me suggestion
Should I give raglak baby or not or any another suggestion give me plzzz

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