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Raglak ff- – yeh dooriyan part 20

Hy guys teja back with yeh dooriyan part 20
Ragini decided to make laksh jealous as well as make his realise his mistake

In night
Ragini wear a.short night gown her cleavage is quite visible somewhere laksh enter in room and get shocked
Laksh- ragini what is this .
Ragini- what mine clothes
Laksh- what r u wearing u r wearing g such cheap cl huothes in home and infront of Sanskar and Papa chacha
Ragini – why have u any problem when ur secretary wear it u don’t have any problem and if I wear these clothes why u r being so offensive on seeing me laksh
Laksh squeeze her hand hardly
Ragini- such laksh leave me it is paining g me alot
Laksh- change ur clothes right away

Ragini- no u will not
Laksh – more hard I said go and change
Ragini- no I will not I will not I will not .
Laksh- ok then I will make u do it .laksh make ragini come in washroom
Ragini scream- laksh leave me
Laksh phone ring and flash of triksha shows
Ragini take laksh phone and broke it in floor
Laksh- what is this ragini

Ragini- same apply to you Mr laksh maheswari
Laksh- I know why r u doing this triksha tell me everything
Ragini cry hard
Laksh – u know I know triksha intentions very well that why I think to make her close and being her exposed
Ragini hug him

RaGini- sorry laksh pata nhi I think a lot
Laksh smile and said yes
Laksh naughtily make ragini lie on the bed and come on top of her
Ragini- laksh hatho
Laksh- no baby long time no fun
Ragini beat him on his chest
Laksh remove his clothes and her also he enter and kiss and they Atlas make out

Precap- triksha ka dabba goal?? ,ragini k budday and enjoyment laksh surprise

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