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RagLak ff by vini Tum mere Ho part 21

Tum Mere Ho <3
By #vini

After helping him in wearing his clothes..ragini moved to the dressing table..took out the first aid box.. And came to him..laksh now lost his patience.. got irritated and spoke up..

Laksh: Ragini..
Ragini: (without looking at him) Aapke haath… (Hesitating) haath ki bandages ..gili ho gayi hain.. Laaiye hum badal dete hain..

She brought the box near him and placed it over the table.. Then she came to him removed out his old bandages.. Laksh was looking at her this time bit angrily and irritated..

Laksh: (angrily) Kyu kar rahi ho tum ye sab? Kya chaahti ho? Mujhe neecha dikhaana chaahti ho.? Guilty feel karwana chaahti ho ki kal haath uthaya tum par isliye..
Ragini: (didn’t look up) Jakhm kaafi gehre hain.. (She placed the used up bandages aside) bharne me thoda waqt lagega..

Laksh got more irritated.. He held her arm and pinned her to the glass wall beside.. His wounds started bleeding again but he didn’t bother about them..he was just holding her from her arms tightly and she was straight pinned to the glass wall.. His complete focus was on ragini.. She was looking at him.. Shocked.. Got her eyes teary.. Scared a bit..nervous too…

Laksh: (angrily grinding teeth) nafrat karti ho na mujhse.. Bohot nafrat karti ho.. Toh phir ye sab naatak kyu kar rahi ho? Kyu ye ehsaan kar rahi ho mujhpar..?
Ragini: (angrily with teary eyes) aap par ehsaan nahi.. Aapke pyaar ke ehsaan ko chukane ki koshish kar rahe hain..

Laksh left her.. And laughed.. He turned back laughing and ragini found this strange..

Laksh: (turned back..still laughing) Kya kaha tumne? Mere pyaar ka ehsaan chukaane ki koshish.. (He laughed again..but then he stopped..and he got serious with fires in eyes) Arey agar ehsaan chukana hi chaahti ho to dhang se chukao.. (Patted his hands on the glass window behind her on either of her sides..keeping her in between..She got scared and turned her head closing her eyes tightly) Meri patni bankar..mujhe pyaar karke ehasaan chukao.. Pyaar ke badle sirf pyaar chaahta hu.. (Held her face within his bleeding hand and made her look at him..she looked at him..tears rolling down from red eyes) sirf pyaar… Daya nahi..got that?

Then he left her face.. And stepped back leaving the marks of his bleeding hands on the glass and her face too.. Then he went out of the room.. Ragini was left crying..she realised that she has hurt him so much by saying such rude words..and she cried more..

Everybody were sitting on the dining table.. Laksh was coming from upstairs..He took out his handkerchief and cleaned his bleeding hands.. And then he reached there.. Anpurna looked at him..

Ap: Laksh.. Kal raat tum kaha the beta..?
Laksh: Maa wo.. (Then ragini came from behind) wo main..
Ap: Arey ragini.. Tum bhi aa gayi.. Chalo aao naashta kar lete hain.. Baitho laksh..

Laksh looked at her.. Ragini came forward looking at him..he removed his eyes.. Then he pulled his chair.. His hands were still paining but he didn’t show it.. He sat down.. Ragini was noticing this and was feeling his pain…

Dp: Laksh aaj office me kuch naye projects aane wale hain..wo sab tumhe hi dekhne hain..
Laksh: Papa wo main..main..
Dp: kya hua? Koi pareshaani hai?
Laksh: papa main aaj..office nahi aa paunga..
Dp: Lekin kyu?
Laksh: actually papa.. Meri tabiyat kuch theek nahi lag rahi..

Anpurna got worried.. And came to him..

Ap: Hey bhagwaan..bukhaar to nahi hai..? (put a hand on his forehead head) tum apna khyaal rakhna kab seekhoge laksh..?
Laksh: maa ghabraane ki koi baat nahi hai.. Look at me..main theek hu.. Bass thodi weaknees ho rahi hai..
Dp: Theek hai laksh.. Jab tum office aa jaaoge tab dekh lena.. Tab tak hum aur ram sambhaal lenge..

Laksh nodded in yes..anpurna got paranthas for him and placed it on his plate for him..

Ap: Lo laksh.. Ab jaldi se ye sab khaa kar khatm kar do.. Tumhare mann pasand bharwa’n paraanthe hain..

Laksh faked a smile.. And raised his hand to eat.. Anpurna went to the other side to give paranthas to swara.. He folded his hand to take a chunk but then his wounds pained.. Ragini was noticing his pain on his face but nobody else did..he took another bite.. And it pained again.. Now it was enough for him.. That pain was not bearable anymore.. He pushed the plate back..

Ap: Kya hua? Paranthe pasand nahi aaye..?Laksh: nahi maa..aisi baat nahi hai..
Ap: to phir khaate kyu nahi..?
Laksh: mujhe bhook nahi hai..

He stood up saying this.. And went straight in his room..anpruna got upset..

Ap: Kya ho gaya isey..? Pehle to kabhi aise nahi kiya isne..
Sujata: Naa ke ho gaya isey aaj..humesa to itna khus rehbe thaa to phir aaj..?
Ragini: (realised something..then) Maa..hum dekhte hain..

She took his plate and went in her room..laksh was sitting on the bed tensed and angry..looking at his hands..she saw him and he clutched his fists in anger closed his eyes to bear the pain.. Ragini’s tears rolled down.. Then she wiped her tears..she came and placed the plate on the bed.. And sat infront of him..He looked up at her angrily.. She thought for a minute and made a chunk of it.. And brought that to his mouth..

Laksh: tumhe meri baat samajh me kyu nahi aati ragini? Nahi chaahiye tumhaari daya..
Ragini: Ye humari daya nahi hai… Aapki maa ka pyaar hai… Apne haatho se nahi khaa paayenge isliye hum khila rahe hain.. Apni maa ke pyaar ka apmaan mat kijiye.. (Her eyes got teary) Sabki kismat me nahi hota ye pyaar.. Khaa lijiye isey please..

Laksh looked at her for sometime.. Then he took a sigh and ate that from her hand..and was just staring her while she was mot even looking at him.. After a few minutes he finished it.. she dragged the plate aside and brought the first aid to him… Then she held his hand..he was staring her..a bit angrily and lovingly too..and she applied antiseptic on it.. He pulled his hand back..

Laksh: (in pain) isssssss….

Ragini saw his pain and felt bad for him.. her eyes were filled with tears.. He looked up at her.. She then again held his hand hesitatingly..

Ragini: Bass..kuch waqt ki baat hai.. Phir dard nahi hoga..

She then hesitantingly applied that again on his hand.. It was paining him a lot.. But now he was just looking at her… She then applied some cream on his hand and covered it with bandages.. She did the same on his left hand.. Laksh was just staring her…he raised his hand up and touched her cheek softly..where he slapped her last night..marks were still there on her cheek.. She looked up with her teary eyes.. She looked into his eyes.. There was slight anger but a lot of love in his eyes.. Her tears were ready to roll down but She then looked down and removed his hand from her cheek.. She got up and turned back to go just then..

Laksh: Ragini…

Ragini stopped.. But didn’t turn back.. Laksh got up..and came froward and stood beside her facing her..

Laksh: Nafrat karti ho na mujhse..?

He slided his hand on her waist and held her from her back using his arms.. And pulled her closer..she got her eyes bigger and looked into his eyes.. in nervousness..

Laksh: Bohot nafrat karti ho na mujhse..? (Both were looking into eachothers eyes) par maine to humesha sirf pyaar hi kiya hai tumse.. Uth-te..baith-te.. Sote hue..jaagte hue.. Sapno me sirf pyaar kiya hai tumse.. (He slided his hand on her back..and she shriveled) Mere chhune se.. (Pulled her closer to him tightly) Kareeb aane se bohot nafrat hoti hai tumhe.. Samajh gaya main.. Lekin uska matlab ye nahi hai ki main tumhare kareeb aana chhod dunga.. Balki ab to main aur kareeb aaunga tumhare.. Aur pyaar karunga tumse.. Beintehaan pyaar karunga.. Itna pyaar karunga ki tum majboor ho jaaogi mujhse pyaar karne ho.. Aur phir main tumhare kareeb nahi aaunga.. Tum khud kareeb aaogi mere.. I promise.. Aur haan..Ye laksh Maheshwari ka waada hai..aur ye baat tum bhi jaanti ho ki laksh maheshwari apna promise kisi bhi qeemat par poora karta hai…

Then they both stood like that looking into eachother’s eyes.. Laksh’s angry eyes full of emotions.. And her nervous eyes..shocked and teary…Just then anpurna and sujata came at their door and saw them like that.. Just then they both removed their eyes..and turned back..

Sujata: Hey bhagbaan jijji.. Galat time pe aa gaye hum log..

Ragini and laksh got alert..just then she pushed him away and composing her self turning back.. Laksh turned back..but he was still serious..

Ap: (without looking up) sahi keh rahi ho sujata.. Koi baat nahi beta hum baad me aate hain.. Chalo sujata..
Laksh: maa.. Aaiye please..
Ap: (showing him back) Nahi koi…baa…
Laksh: maa… Aaiye..

They turned back.. Smiling hesitatingly..And came in…Ragini was embarrased so she was avoiding seeing them.. She took the first aid box and went towards the dressing table to put the box in drawer..

Ap: wo hum dekhne aaye the ki tumne breakfast khaa liya yaa nahi..
Laksh: (looked at the plate.. Then at ragini..she also looked at him..then looked up at anpurna Faking a smile) Khaa liya maa..
Sujata: Kaha tha na maine aapko jijji.. Na..jab ragini khilayegi to khaabega hi na..
Ap: (smiled) Haan sujata.. Sahi kaha tumne..

Then her eyes fell on his hands covered with bandages.. She got shocked..and worried..came to him and held his hands up..

Ap: ye sab kya hai laksh? Kaise hua ye..?

Laksh looked at ragini.. She also looked at him still standing near dressing table..

Ap: Huhhh?? Kaise hua ye..batao hume laksh? (Looking at ragini worried) ragini beta tum batao hume..
Ragini: (nervous) maa..wo..
Laksh: Maa… Zyada chot nahi hai.. Aise hi bass..
Ap: Arey aise kaise chot lag gayi..?
Laksh: (looking at his hands) Inn haatho ne galti ki thi maa.. Ussi galti ki sazaa mili hai inhe..

Anpurna and sujata got confused.. Ragini was looking at laksh stunned.. Tears fell down from her eyes.. But then she looked down so that nobody could see her crying..

Ap: Kya kya karta rehta ye ladka..hume samajh nahi aata.. Sujata doctor ko phone kar do..
Sujata: haan jijji.. (Took out the phone)
Laksh: Maa..chaachi main theek hu.. Dekho.. Ragini ne ye bandages bhi laga di hain..
Sujata: (stopped) theek hai par pehle maahre ko je bata ki thaare ko je itti chot lagi kaise..?
Ap: haan laksh..kaise lagi ye chot?
Laksh: (thought for a second then smiled) Maa.. Chaachi aap wo chhodiye.. Aap apni bahu ko dekhiye.. (Looked at her) Mujhe break-fast karwane ke chakkar me khud kuch nahi khaya usne.. Usey le jaake kuch khila dijiye pehle..
Sujata: Lo jijji.. Thaara beta to poora deebana hua goom raha hai.. Na..itna hi deebana hai apni biwi ka to khila deta usey bhi thoda bohot..
Laksh: Khila to deta chaachi par.. (Showed his hands to her)
Ap: (smiled at ragini) Haan ragini.. Aao ab neeche chal ke tum bhi kuch khaa lo..

Ragini nodded in yes.. And came forward…she was still embarrased..

Sujata: Aur haan laks.. Aage se jab bhi tum dono bo kya kehte hain..haan.. Romaance.. Romaance karo to darwaaza band rakhna..

Ragini felt embarraced.. Laksh looked at her and she also looked at him..

Laksh:(looking at sujata) Ok chachi.. (Coming closer to her ears) waise chacha ji bhi darwaaza band karke hi karte honge na.. Romaance ? (saying in her tone)
Sujata: (blushing) haan bo to.. (Then she realised something) Haww.. Ruk thaare ko to main.. (beated him a bit on his shoulder..he laughed and anpurna too)
Laksh: Arey..main to bass puch raha hu..
Sujata: Chal ragini..maahre ko naa karni je besaram se baat.. Aao jijji..
Ap: (laughing) Haan aate hain.. Apna khyaal rakhna laksh.. Aao ragini..

Ragini nodded in yes.. And came to them.. She looked up at him.. He also looked at her..smiling.. Then she went out the room…and he kept looking on at her..

After sometime..
@swara’s room..
Both were talking about sanskaar.. Ragini told her that he called her up last night..to wish her happy b’day..

Swara:(teary eyes) Mera sanskaar theek to hai na?
Ragini: (teary eyes) Pata nahi swara.. Unhone kuch baat hi nahi ki.. Humare kuch puchne se pehle hi phone kaat diya..
Swara: (got an idea) ragini..wo sanskaar ka number to hoga na tumhare paas..
Ragini: (lookong up in her phone) haan hai.. Ye..ue raha wo number..
Swara: very good.. Ek kaam karo.. Call karke dekho is number par..

Ragini nodded in yes.. She called the number but..

Some voice on phone: the number you are calling is currently switched off..

She got upset looking at her..

Ragini: nahi lag raha..
Swara: (got upset with teary eyes) kyu aisa kar raha hai sanskaar.. Wo to mujhse bohot pyaar karta tha ragini..
Ragini: Hum jaante hain swara..

On the other side sujata and anpurna were sitting in the main hall..laksh came there.. Then he went into the kitchen and saw ragini is not there.. He came back to the main hall and looked around..But ragini was not seen anywhere… He came to anpurna..

Laksh: Maa ragini kahi baahar gayi hai kya?
Ap: Nahi.. Swara ke kamre me hai.. Uski cupboard sanwaarne me madad kar rahi hai..
Laksh: (Smiled) Ok..

Then he walked up to go to swara’s room.. He came to her room.. Was about to eneter just then he heard them talking..from outside..and stopped..

Ragini: tum chinta mat karo Swara..koi na koi raasta nikal aayega..

He got confused..swara nodded in yes.. Then she realised something..and wiped her tears..

Swara: By the way ragini..kal tumhara b’day tha to kisi ko bataya kyu nahi..? Hum log celebrate karte tumhara b’day..

Laksh got shocked hearing this..he realised what he has done last night.. He slapped her on her b’day..? How could he? He put his hand on his mouth.. he moved it in his hair.. In restlessness..then heard her voice again..

Ragini: kaisa celebration swara.. Bhagwaan ko hume jamn dekar agar aisi hi zindgi deni thi to issey behtar hota ki jamn hi naa dete hume..

Laksh who was hearing this got upset..He felt really bad for what happened last night.. He couldn’t face her now..so he went from there..

Ragini: (wiped her tears) khairr.. Jaane do.. Aur ye batao ki ab hum bhai ko kaise dhundh sakte hain..
Swara: Haan ragini.. Mere paas ek tareeka hai.. Hum sanskaar ke number se usko trace kar sakte hain.. Bass ek baar phone on kar de to..
Ragini: (a bit happily) phir to hume bhai mil jaayenge..
Swara: haan ragini..

They both smiled and hugged eachother..

In the evening..
Ragini was in her room.. Wearing red coloured saari..creamish blouse..Adjusting the bed.. Laksh wasn’t there..Just then the door knocked.. Ragini turned back to see..

Chandan: Bhabhi.. Wo laksh bhaiya ko bohot chot lagi hai..
Ragini: (found it strange) kyaa??
Chandan: Haan bhabhi.. Bohot khoon beh raha hai.. Aapka naam lekar sirf aap hi ko bula rahe hain..

Ragini got shocked hearing this.. She got worried.. And ran out of the room.. She came centre of stairs…chandan also came after her.. And saw that everybody were standing there.. But not laksh..

Everybody: (except DP and Ram Prasad) Happy birthday to you.. Happy B’day to you.. Happy B’day dear ragini.. Happy B’day to you……

Everybody was looking happy.. But her teary eyes were only searching for laksh.. And then laksh came from behind with a cake on a rolling table..he looked up her and smiled.. He came to her..she was just looking at him..she looked up at him from top to bottom.. He was alright..

Laksh: (smiling) Tumhe kya laga ragini.. Tum bataogi nahi to hume pata nahi chalega..? Wo to accha hua jo maine swara aur tumhari baat sun li aur phir uski help se ye sab kuch arrange kar diya.. Warna tum to hume pata hi nhi chalne deti.. (Then he held her hands within his hands softly.. She was just looking at him and a tear fell from her eye) arey kuch nahi hua mujhe.. Main theek hu.. Chalo ab neeche chalke wo cake kaat do..

Ragini pulled her hands back looking at him.. She was stunned.. Laksh got shocked.. She stepped back.. And then she ran into her room.. Everybody got shocked seeing this..

Laksh: (looked at everybody) Wo…I think surprise se thoda ghabra gayi hai.. Main dekhta hu..

Then he came angrily to the room and saw crying badly near the glass wall of balcony.. laksh was angry.. But then he took a sigh and came to her..

Laksh: Ragini…..

She immediately turned back..

Ragini: (crying angrily) aap samajhte kya hain khud ko..? jo mann me aayega wo karenge..? Kyu wo sab kuch bolne ko kaha chandan ko? Bohot accha lagta hai na aapko hume pareshaan karna? Pata hai aapko hum kitna ghabra gaye the? Aapko kuchh…

Then she realised something and stopped..laksh was shocked hearing all that from her mouth.. She got embarrases and turned back wiping her tears..

Laksh: Beintehaan nafrat ke peeche itna saara pyaar chhupa hai… (Smirked) I’m glad to see this..
Ragini: aisa sochne ki galti mat kariye.. Hum koi pyaar vyaar nahi karte aapse..
Laksh: Oh yes.. Tum to sirf nafrat karti ho mujhse.. Bohot nafrat karti ho..
Ragini: Nahi.. Wo kal raat humne gusse me kuch zyada hi bol diya tha.. Hum nafrat nahi karte aapse..
Laksh: (smiled) Accha..to phir iska matlab pyaar karti ho..
Ragini: (got irritated and turned back) Nahi…. Na to hum aapse pyaar karte hain..aur naa hi nafrat…

Laksh came closer to her..

Laksh: (standing close to her) par main to pyaar karta hu tumse..

Ragini pushed him back..

Ragini: Iska matlab ye nahi hai ki aap humare kareeb aayenge..aur hum aane denge..
Laksh: Kab tak rok logi?
Ragini: jab tak aap nahi maan nahi jaate ki hum aapse pyaar nahi karenge.. Kabhi nahi karenge…
Laksh: (laughed) That’s impossible.. Ye ishq hai meri jaan.. Aur tum meri mohabbat ho.. In the end meri baaho me aa hi jaogi..
Ragini: kabhi nahi..
Laksh: accha ab chalo neeche sab wait kar rahe hain..

He held her hand to go down.. She pulled her hand back..

Ragini: Hum khud jaa sakte hain.. Waise bhi aapke haatho me chot hai.. To zyada kaam mat lijiye apne haatho se..
Laksh: (coming closer to her) badi fikr hone lagi hai tumhe meri..this is the starting..

Ragini got angry and held his hand in hers.. And it pained..

Laksh: Aahh..ragini kya kar rahi ho?
Ragini: (shocked) Sorry sorry.. Wo hum..

He looked at her.. And she also looked up.. He smriked.. She got irritated.. Left his hand.. And went out of the room.. Laksh also came after her..she reached the main hall..he also came after her…

Ap: Ragini ghabraane wali koi baat nahi thi beta.. Laksh theek hai..
Sujata: haan dekh.. Hatta katta khada hai thaare saamne..

She looked at him and he smriked..

Sujata: Ab tu jaldi se je cake kaat de.. Na..Maahre se intezaar naa ho raha je itta tashty cake dekh ke..
Ap: (smiled) haan ragini.. Sach kahe to humse bhi itnezaar nahi ho raha ab..

Ragini wore a smile on her face.. And came forward to the table..everybody gathered around it.. Laksh stood just beside her.. And on the otherside sujata…ragini cut the cake.. And everybody clapped for her.. Obviously except laksh.. Laksh was just smiling and happy.. Then she took out the piece of cake.. And turned a bit..she brought that towards laksh..he also came a bit ahead to eat the cake just then ragini took the piece of cake to anpurna who was standing beside laksh..and she ate that..giving a hug and wishes to her.. Laksh smiled.. Then he thought now she would offer him the next bite.. But she took the cake piece towards sujata on the other side.. And fed her..she gave her blessings too.. Then to swara.. And they both hugged eachother..laksh was getting angry.. She looked at him in attitude.. Anpurna was noticing this.. She smiled..

Ap: Ragini.. Kisiko khilana bhul gayi tum?
Ragini: haan.. Papa ji aur chacha ji..

She took out the piece and fed DP and Ram prasad too..and took blessing of them..

She turned back..and looked at laksh.. laksh was still looking at her like that..then he removed his eyes in a bit anger..he went towards the cake.. Ragini came to swara and sujata and started talking to them..

Swara: cake bohot tasty hai.. Lo ragini tum bhi to khao..

She fed her..

Sujata: Haan.. Bata kaisa hai je cake?
Ragini: (smiled) bohot tasty hai chachi ji..
Ap: tasty to hoga hi.. Humare laksh ki pasand jo hai…

Laksh came from behind.. With piece of cake in his hand..

Laksh: Ragini.. Tumne to cake khaya nahi.. Laao main khilata hu.. (Smiled)
Ap: (laughed) haan ragini.. Apne pati ke haath se bhi khaa lo cake..

She nodded in yes.. And came to him.. He brought the cake near her mouth.. She was about to eat it just then he applied the cake on her cheeks.. And she got shocked..

Laksh: Ye mera cake khilane ka tareeka hai..

Ragini got angry..she was about to say something but she realised that she is infront of everybody..so she stopped.. Everybody laughed.. She also faked a smile..

Sujata: haww.. Je ke kiya tune laks?

He came to her..

Laksh: chaachi.. Ye kiya..

He put the cake on her cheeks too.. Anpurna was laughing madly..

Sujata: Arey…. Je ke kar diya.. Maahra khubsoorat sa chehra bigad diya tune.. Ruk..thaare ko to main na chodungi..

Laksh ran towards ram prasad and got hidden behind him..sujata also ran after him..

Laksh: chacha bacha lo..
Sujata: na..aap naa aana beechme..nahi to..
Ram prasad: arey tu maahre ko bhi pitwaega ke? Maar maar ke suja degi maahre ko…
Sujata: (shouting) Ke bola aapne? Na..maine kabhi oonchi abaaj me bhi baat ki aapse..
Laksh: (came out from behind and folded his hands on his chest) Nahi chaachi kabhi nahi.. Chacha ji ye galat baat hai..
Sujata: haan dekh laks thaare chacha ko.. (Started crying in a dramatical way) maahre ko pata ni ke ke bolte rehbe hain je..

Everybody started laughing.. Even ragini smiled seeing all this today.. Laksh saw her smiling.. And felt releaved..

Ap: (laughing) bass bass.. Ab bass karo aap log.. Bohot raat ho gayi hai.. Sone ka waqt bhi ho gaya hai.. Ragini tum humare saath zara kitchen me aao..

Ragini nodded in yes..and everybody disperesed..
After sometime ragini came in her room.. laksh was sitting on his bed looking into his phone..and then.. He got up seeing her..

Laksh: thank god tum aayi to sahi..main tumhara hi wait kar raha tha..
Ragini: (confused) kyu?

Laksh came closer to her and she backed off.. And got pinned to the wall.. He came closer to her..she was looking at him.. Her heart started beating faster..

Lakah: cake khane ke liye..
Ragini: (confused) matlab?

He raised his hand and took some cake on his finger from her cheek and licked it..

Laksh: (closing his eyes feeling the taste) Ummmm..its yummy.. Kuch zyada hi tasty hai..
Ragini: (got shocked) Arey.. Hum to bhul hi gaye the ki humare muh par cake laga hai.. (Raised her hands to the cheeks)
Laksh: (Stopped her hand and brought his face near to hers) Arey to main saaf kar deta hu..

He came that closer that his nose touched her face.. She immediately pushed him away getting aside..And rushed towards washroom.. Laksh stood there and closed his eyes smiling..after sometime..Ragini came out.. Laksh looked at her..And she looked up..

Laksh: Ye kya? Saara cake saaf kar diya.. Kamse kam taste to lene deti..
Ragini: (a bit angrily) Aapke haath me chot lagi hai iska matlab ye nahi hai ki aapko kuch bhi karne ki azaadi mil gayi hai..
Laksh: (smirked coming to her) azaadi to mujhe bohot kuch karne ki mili hui hai.. Bass mauka milna chahiye.. (Winked at ragini)

Ragini got irritated.. She romoved her eyes and started adjusting the bed..laksh smiled and came forward towards her.. She moved to go just then he came in her way…she got angry…

Ragini: dekhiye laksh…
Laksh: Ragini tum dekho.. (He showed her bandages) ye bandages kitne gande ho gaye hain.. Saara cake lag gaya hai inpar.. Change kar do please..
Ragini: (scolding him a little) kisne kaha tha ye cake lagane ko? (Then she turned back and took out the box from drawer) Chaliye ab baithiye yaha.. Hum badal dete hain..

Laksh came smiling and sat on the bed.. She also sat there and started changing his bandages.. Laksh was looking at her with mesmerised smile…

Laksh: Ragini…? (She looked up) I love you.. I really love you so much..
Ragini : (got a bit nervous..and lowered down her eyes) Ye…ho gaya hai.. Ab aap jaake so jaaiye..
Laksh: Kuchh kaha maine abhi..?
Ragini: (putting back the first aid on night stand) sunn liya humne..
Laksh: toh…?
Ragini: (turned to him) Toh good night..

Laksh removed his eyes and chuckled.. Then moved to his side.. And lied back looking at her.. She also sat down to lie back..she looked at him and he was still looking at her..ragini was getting nervous now she lied down facing the otherside.. Laksh smirked a little.. He removed his eyes and closed them..

Precap- OMG.. Ye Laksh ne kya kar diya?? ?
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