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pyaar ka dusra naam – Sangini Episode 4

sanskaar and ragini are close to each other.. Sanskar was lost in her.. he was moving even more closer which made her heart beat more faster.. she tried to push him but he is so strong that he had not moved from that position even after her several attempts… finally she gave up …
she uttered ‘I am sorry’… he came into senses by hearing ragini
‘ what?? come again’ being surprised he said
‘I said I am sorry’ she cleared
‘I can’t here you be more aloud’ he said
‘ I am sorry ‘ she said being frustrated
‘ good ‘ he left her by saying ‘ never ever try to mess with Sanskar mahewari got it’
she nodded her head like a obedient child..but Sanskar had to run to washroom again because of bad stomach which made ragini give her victory smirk…

ragini pov
what was he up to?? idiot how dare he.. first he held my hand and made me winch in pain… and then what was he about to do.. (she closed her mouth with her hands) he pinned me to the door, came so close to me and tried to kiss me… he actually did that or am I over thinking.. any how I should be careful around him and talk to him properly if mom comes to know I was the reason for this sadoo’s bad stomach then I am sure this time she will definitely send me to sharma aunty’s home which is horrible than a boarding school..
(she remember’s how sharma aunty wake her wake up early, how she make her do all works) no it can’t happen..

Sanskar pov
he was leaning to the door in the wash room..
what happened to me.. why I forgave her that easily.. and what I was about to do.. I was about to kiss her.. Sanskar you became mad… what happened to that focussed Sandbar who never ever get effected by others, today let his tears flow by seeing a girl in tears who was reason for his suffering.. Sanskar this is not you… you should be focussed don’t let that stupid girl effect you… and ms.dixit don’t be happy that I forgave you I will definitely take my revenge.. wait and watch…( catches his stomach wincing in pain) its paining this is because of that mad girl I will show her what I can do, I will make her suffer more…..

janki made sanskar drink kada… which made him feel better even suraj was back with doctor.. doctor checked him and told he is suffering bad stomach because he ate something which should not be eaten.. doctor gave medicines and left…

janki – sanskar what have you eaten which is not good for you, we also ate the same food na
sankar was eyeing ragini who was pleasing him not to say by her eyes…
suraj observes sanskar looking at ragini and get suspicious…
suraj – sanskar is their is anything we should know…
Sanskar – no suraj everything is fine.. and janki Mam its just I was staying in hotel from when I came to mumbai and eating outside I think because of that I got ill.. I will be fine in one or two…
janki – k then you are staying here only till you are in mumbai..
Sanskar – no how can I stay here.. I don’t want to trouble you..
janki – I said you are staying here.. thats it.. its final if you want suraj will also stay here to give you company..
suraj – ya sanskar.. I will also be their
sanskar – k then but I need to inform my secretory he will inform to my family..
suraj – I already informed him… you just once call your family in morning…
Sanskar – thanku suraj…
janki – k then you take rest.. if you need anything call me don’t hesitate..
Sanskar smiles…

sanju – wow Sanskar you will be staying here.. I am so excited
riya – ha we will enjoy a lot… lets plan outing tmrw
suraj – girls cool.. he is not fine… and he is not any random guy who you take for shopping to carry bags in the name of friendship.. he is business tycoon Sanskar maheshwari..
Sanskar – suraj, that’s k if I can’t come out but we will definitely plan something here only and give hi fi to riya and sanju.. eyeing ragini from corner of his eyes…
ragini is burning in jealousy..
Sanskar – you all go and sleep.. its already too late..
suraj – k if you need anything just call me I will be in next room only and I will tell anyone to get your luggage by morning…

riya and sanju also leave when ragini is about to leave Sanskar calls her..
Sanskar – ms.dixit..
ragini (annoyed) – you can call me ragini.. no need to be formal as you are our guest and also you will be staying with us (don’t know why mom is to be so nice to this sadoo she murmurs)
sanskar – you said something ragini..
ragini (fake smiling) – no I was just about to say thanks for not telling anything to mom and suraj otherwise they will kill me..
Sanskar (taunting) – when you know it is wrong why to do it..
ragini eyeing him angrily but soon composes..
ragini (pouting) – I said I am sorry.. please forget what ever happened
Sanskar (smirking) – k I will forget… get me a cup of coffee… I badly want to drink it…
ragini – coffee at this time.. in few hours it is going to be morning…
Sanskar – so what… I want to drink thats my wish… if you don’t want to make coffee for me its k I will call janki Mam..
ragini understands his intentions of troubling her… soon idea pops in her mind..
ragini (smirking) – no need to call mom I will make it… just say me what to mix to make a coffee to make it perfect.. (stressing on the word mix)
Sanskar (things) – Oh no if this mad girl again mixes something in coffee.. I can’t handle it.. it better not to drink that coffee…
Sanskar – My mood changed.. I don’t want to drink coffee you can go..
ragini (smriks) – sadoo (Sanskar glares) sorry I mean Sanskar I will get coffee for you if not now after sometime you can drink it…
Sanskar – no not necessary
ragini – are you sure..
Sanskar – Yes
ragini – k then… leaves while smirking Sanskar see ragini smirking wait a second now I got it this mad girl is indirectly threatening me…till now no one dared to mess up with me.. but you crossed your limits don’t worry ragini i will show what Sanskar maheshwari can do..

next day…
sanju – riya(riyu) just look at this article its about Sanskar..
ragini annoyed – guys please yaar don’t talk about that sadoo.. let me sleep peacefully..
sanju – who told you to listen you sleep kumbakaran I am taking to riyu..
ragini – k fine.. covers her self with bed sheet….
riya – what is in that article sanju..
sanju -I think it was before a month or two.. wait I will read out..
Sanskar maheshwari one of the heirs of maheshwari’s.. started business on his own at the age of 23 after assisting his brother for two years and became a successful business man in three years…the youngest business tycoon who is heartthrob for many girls.. he is known for his strict behaviour but when it comes to his family and friends he is the most coolest man… recently he is spotted with his college frnds partying late night.. party was held at kolkatta in Gadodia farm house (Ragini who was trying hard to sleep because of her frnds continues bak bak hearing Gadodia name ragini woke up with a jerk) on the occasion of singing new contract with his childhood frnd siddhant Gadodia…. (Ragini pulled the article from sanju hands to her shock their is a pic of Sanskar and siddhant together)

ragini pov
siddhant bai is Sanskar’s frnd and even they are doing contract together… does mom no this. I think she don’t know are else she can’t be so normal with him… shall I say about this to mom .. no if I say her then she comes to know that I know about bai and that family… she is already hurt and misses bai every day I can’t hurt her more..she never told me about bai or that family thank God once I listened to mom sharing her pain with suraj… I hate that family who separated mom and bai… on that day when I come to know the bitter truth how my so called father choose another lady over my mom and his family supported him I started hating them from that Day… after that I confronted suraj and got to know whole truth how they brainwashed bai against our mom… that family don’t know about me and mom was scared to loose me so, she never thought of contacting bai but she misses him, how many times I saw her crying all over nights first I don’t know reason but when I got to know the reason on that day I promised my self to get mom and bai closer… I saw pics of bai from net, news papers which mom keep on collecting.. sometimes I get angry mom loves bai more than me but the fact is mom’s can’t differentiate between her children… I feel pity on bai how he missed so much love of mom all these years… but not know I will make them together and know sanskar maheshwari will help me in achieving my goal… I should do all these by not letting anyone know about it….

hope you guys are liking it… positive and negative feedback is welcomed… keep smiling… spread positivity…. stay blessed… love you all ???

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