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Pinkish Thoorigai ne Enakku Refresh (U r my PinkColor) F5….

“Meow””Ishh””Maeiii”Wins Luv’s Cute(Kollai Ponadae Kadhalin Kilinjalum)….
Mio(w)-A Voice of a Girl..Dev turns..”Oh..Luv Attack..kk(Album:Ratchagan) starts in bg..A White,Pinkish frock girl none other than Kshi(Sona)..Sona sees the tail of Mio(her cute cat),on back of his legs..
The tail waves(Mio..Avazh Azhaippil Dev Mio vaai..WhitePinkish Sinungalaai Kshi Mio vin Azhaghai Avazh Ariyaa AvazhThiruvin Pinne Kandaal)..

FLBack,Ishaara’s 1st meet..(Ishaara-MudhalTharunam)

Om’s headphones:”Idhayam Udaithu Ennai Vazha Solgiraai”(U said to me”Liv with ur broken heart’s Luv)(Album:IrandaamUlagam)

Om turns back n signs”Ishh” by listening..(“Ishh” ena “Ennai Vazha Solgiraai” mudiyum podhe Om Koorinaano Avazhai Azhaithu?”)…
The childrens see Abheria,the little girl’s drawing n claps..
Om(smile):”Ur Imagination makes U Cutie,Abhri”(Abheria vin Thoorigaiyil Varnagalin IdazhVazhiyum Thondriyadhe..
Om:”Unnoda imagination daan best teacher..Nee Cutie aaga,Abhri”(smile)…

Ishaana Om pinne Avazh Ketkaa Vinaavin Vidaiyil “Tu Meri Zindagi Hai”bg odu…(Ishaana with an ans for her untold qstn with a bg “Tu Meri Zindagi Hai”)…

The bg travels to the Location of Shi’s ZA(Isaiyin payanum Shi,ZA vin Idam noakki)..(Album:IkVaari)

Shivaay sees the wooden stick which is thrown by Anika,his ZA (Shivaay Anika eidha Mara Kolai kadaan..)..
By taking it,Shivaay spins..(Sutrinaane Kolin Sutralil Paaravaiyil Anika Mugathaiyum)…
A cute goat comes from house..(Oru aadu vandadu Veetil irundu)..
Anika Sirithaal “Meiiing”endru Solliye..(Anika smiles with “Meiiing” in her voice)..
Many small cute goats come from inside of the house..1 cute kid is sitting on Every cute goat.. (Shivaayin nanbargal Veetil irundu Vandanar Cuties Odu)…
Anika’s ear rings again waves on air..
Loc:DevShi,Mio’s place..
On waving of Mio’s tail,The Luv’s 1st meet opens as FBack…
A Shop..for Kids..
Full of Teddys..
On her lips,A teddy’s one ear..A Surprising pair of Eyes..(Oru ChuttisKadaiyil..
Ted Mazhaiyile…Avazh Idhazhil Oru Ted in Kaadhum Avazh Mozhi Ketka)…
“ParadeDeLaBastille(Instr)”(Album:Tamasha)(CuteInstr for TheLuv)on Shop..
Avazh,Kshi..Avazhai Kaanada Dev ai Kandapadi Silaiyaai(She,Kshi,as a statue by seeing Dev who didn’t see her..)…
“To be Continued…”comes as Dancing pinkish Italic with the same bg….”Na nannna na”
Hope U like tiz frndzz..Hw r U frndzz??
Tiz is HarSHaN..Sorry frndzz for not writing for a while..Fever+MobileServic makes the days as a big train..Like a Refresh,I tuned ff again..Tanqq frndzz for Supportinggg..Om’s Art,Cuckoo’s Kiss,I m ur ZA n all…..Tanqq…
Tanqq for reading n write ur thoughts after reading..
Take care frndzz…

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