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Our Love Is Immortal Episode 1

The city of Banaras . A young girl is seen bathing in Gangaa river . It is none other than Gangaa . A boy is seen calling her . He is none other than Sanskar.

Sanskar : Gangaa ! Come out , there’s a good news.

Gangaa : Sanskar,  just one minute more .

Sanskar : Sagar has returned from London . He is in the house .

Gangaa came out and ran. Her anklets shimmered. Her hair was gleaming . She had a shine and a smile floated on her face .Sanskar followed her . They reached the house .

Gangaa : Sagar ….. Sagar…… Sagar ! Don’t play with me .

Sanskar : Sagar ! Where are you ?

Two hands covered Gangaa’s eyes . She smiled .

Gangaa : Sagar , its you

Sagar : How do you recognize me every single time ?

Gangaa : I know you from the childhood Sagar !

Then comes a girl wearing a miniskirt and a blouse length off shoulder top .

Sagar : Gangaa ! This is Janvi ; my bride to be . She is also a lawyer . I love her . She’s so beautiful.

Gangaa’s smile vanished .

Sanskar : What do you mean Sagar ? Is Gangaa not beautiful?

Sagar :  No, she’s not beautiful.  She’s gorgeous.

Gangaa : Hi ! Janvi

Janvi : Hi Gangaa ! Sagar speaks a lot about you .

Sanskar : Sagar ! I’ve some work . I’m going .

Sagar :  Ok but meet me in the evening.  There’s a surprise for you all.

Here on the road Sanskar was driving when a small girl came in front of his car . He stopped the car . (The girl is Sanvi )

Sanskar : Beta ! Why were you playing in the road ? Don’t play in the road . Well, where is your mother ?

Sanvi : She is inside the NGO .

Sanskar : Call her .

Sanvi went inside the NGO and came back with Swara . Only Sanskar’s back was visible to Swara .

Swara : Hello ! Did you call me ?

Sanskar turned .

Sanskar : You !

Swara : You !

Sanskar : You’re her mother that’s why she’s careless . Take care of her . Be a good mother if you can’t be a good wife

Swara : Oh hello ! Stop it , and go away . I’m not interested.

Sanskar as well as Swara had tears in their eyes.

A boy is seen surrounded with girls . That boy is none other than Laksh .

Laksh :  Hello beautiful!  Can you give me your no .?

Then comes a girl . She is Aradhya.

Aradhya : Laksh, let’s run .

Laksh : Why ?

Aradhya : The principal is back from his leave .

Laksh : So what ? We’ll bunk the classes.

Then a sweet voice is listened by Laksh. He turns back and finds it is Ragini . Laksh was lost in her eyes .

Ragini : You shouldn’t bunk classes.

Aradhya : Who are you to tell us ? Bookworm of the class. (Pushes Ragini )

Laksh : Stop it Aradhya!

Aradhya pushes Ragini but someone holds her . Its none other than Aryan.

Aryan : Hey ! Who are you to push her ?

Aradhya : I’m Aradhya.

Aryan : Why did you pushed her ?

Ragini : Aryan ! Please it’s time for the classes ,lets go.

Ragini and Aryan go but Laksh was still lost in Ragini.

Precap : Gangaa’s accident . Swara to get a flashback and cry . Raglak Dance . Aryan and Aradhya friendship.

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