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Our Dark Past Love (Introduction)

Our Dark Past Love

Ms. Sonakshi Bose: An independent, fun to be around, caring and loving girl. She is an employee of Dixit Group of Industries. She has a bitter past which makes her weak but, she tries hard to move on and not let her past affect the present.

Mr. Dev Dixit: An arrogant businessman and the head of Dixit Group of Industries. He too has a dark past which makes him feel guilty of his doings but, he tries his best to forget about the past and move on in his present.

Mr. Vicky Dixit: Dev Dixit’s younger brother and the CEO of Dixit Group of Industries.

Ms. Elina Bose: Sonakshi Bose’s younger sister and she’s also an employee of the Dixit Group of Industries.

So, here’s the plot..

The story unravels with the hatred of Dev Dixit and Sonakshi Bose. These two can’t stand each other for a second whereas on the other hand their siblings are in a relationship without their knowledge.

Why do you think Sonakshi and Dev can’t stand each other? What happens when they get to know about Elena and Vicky being in a relationship? Do you think the dark past they have is somehow related to each other? If yes, then what is the dark past that leads to such hatred?


Okay, so hello all! I’m very new to this page and none of you would be knowing me as I rarely read or comment on any article on DevAkshi. I’m an author of Tashan-E-Ishq and Swaragini pages. But, I really admire this couple and just thought to write a DevAkshi fan fiction.

Well, did you all like this introduction? If yes, I’ll try coming back with the first chapter soon. Till then, I’d be looking forward to your comments and views on this idea. Please drop down your views below. I’d be eagerly waiting for them. I don’t mind criticism but, please no abbusive language.

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