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Our Dark Past Love (Chapter 2)

Our Dark Past Love
Chapter 2

In case if someone missed out on the previous chapter, here’s the link below:

Chapter 1

Dev (POV)

I was working on the laptop when someone knocked on the door. “Come in”, I shouted without looking at the door. The person came inside and walked towards the desk. He settled down on one of the chairs as I said, “Get up.” He quickly stood up as I said, “Don’t you’ve the basic etiquettes to stand in front of your boss.” He giggled as I looked up with a stern look but, to my surprise I found Vicky standing in front of me. “Why are you standing?”, I asked. “I thought you just asked me to”, he replied as I narrowed my gaze at him and both of us burst out laughing. “Bhai, you’ve become too arrogant”, he remarked. “Ya, as if you’re still that innocent child”, I replied giggling. “Well, you managed the project pretty well”, I added. Vicky adjusted his collar and said, “After all I’m Vicky Dixit.” “Anyways, sit down. I’ll tell you about the projects we’re handling right now”, I said as he settled down on the chair and both us started discussing about the projects.

“That’s all”, I remarked as we finished discussing about the recent projects handled by our company. “So, there’s a lot to work upon”, Vicky said. I let out a laugh and folding my arms across my chest replied, “Mr. Vicky Dixit, you’re the CEO of Dixit Group of Companies.” He smiled at me and said, “So, I’m joining from now itself?” I nodded my head and said, “I need to go for a meeting as well. So, you be here for the evening. Tina will be there to help you out.” I called Tina and said, “Tina, come here.” I cut her call before she could reply as Vicky said, “Bhai, give her some time to reply at least.” “I’m paying her for the job”, I replied as Vicky said, “Bhai, that doesn’t mean you’ll behave so arrogantly. Come on.” I rolled my eyes and started working on my laptop.

After a while, Tina knocked the door. “Come in”, I shouted. “Yes Sir?”, she asked walking inside. “Tina, I’ll be busy for the rest of the day today so, please help out with Vicky if he needs any assistance”, I said. “Sure sir”, she replied as Vicky passed her a gentle smile and she left. “Don’t flirt with her”, I remarked. “Bhai!”, he exclaimed. “I’m not so jobless”, he added. I laughed as he asked, “Bhai, how’s bhabhi?” “Vicky, I need to leave now. The meeting would be starting anytime. Have a nice day”, I said before leaving.

I was walking towards the conference room when a girl bumped into me and both of us fell down on the floor. “Ahh!”, she exclaimed and I knew it was Sona. I was on top of her as she held on to my hand tightly and her hair covered her entire face. I slowly moved her hair and tucked it behind her ear. I was lost in her deep brown eyes when she jerked my hand away and pushed me down on the floor. “Can’t you see and walk?”, she asked arrogantly while dusting her overcoat. “Excuse me Ms. Sonakshi, you were the one who was walking without noticing”, I replied. “Of course. After all, you’re Mr. Dixit, the perfect”, she said and walked away towards the conference room. I took a deep breath and walked towards the conference room in a while.

I walked inside as I saw everyone settled down and Sona adjusting the projector. I went behind her and placed my hand on hers. She looked at me shocked and quickly pulled her hand away. I adjusted the projector and seated myself on the chair exactly opposite to the screen. “Switch the lights off”, Sona shouted. She walked towards the screen and in a matter of time, the meeting started. She explained about our upcoming project. I kept staring at her and soon the meeting got over. We discussed about the meeting for a while and how the project would be handled. After almost half an hour, the meeting was over as everyone walked back to their cubicles and cabins. Sonakshi packed up her things and was about to walk away when I held on to her wrist.


Hello everyone! Thank you for all your comments and support. I am still trying to reply to all your comments individually on the previous chapter and am extremely sorry if I miss out on anyone.

Okay, I’m extremely for uploading this late. I’ve my exams starting today and I couldn’t make it up earlier. So sorry!

Well, from now on I decided to write each chapter in one character’s voice so that it’s easier for you all to understand.

Anyways, did you all like this chapter? What’s happening between DevAkshi? Let’s see what happens in the upcoming chapters. Please drop down your views on this chapter below. I’d be eagerly waiting to know them. Suggestions and criticisms are always welcome as they’ll help me improve but, no abusive language.

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