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Our Dark Past Love (Chapter 1)

Our Dark Past Love
Chapter 1

In case if someone missed out on the introduction, here’s the link below:


Sonakshi (POV)

“Elena, are you ready?”, I shouted picking up my bag. “Coming di”, she replied shouting back. “Elena, quick”, I shouted after a few minutes. She came running to the doorstep and while wearing her footwear said, “Let’s go.” I smiled and locking the door drove to the office.

I parked the car in the parking lot as both of us got down. “Another tiring day”, Elena remarked as I looked upto the office name. “Dixit”, I muttered as the memories of past again flashed through my mind. “Di, let’s go”, said Elena holding my hand. “Come. We’re already late”, I replied and both of us walked inside.

I entered the office as Elena went to her cabin, the project head’s and I walked towards the cabin of the office manager. As I was walking towards the cabin I bumped into someone and was about to fall when the person held me tightly by my waist. I opened my eyes and thought, “Not again. Hey bhogobaan! I didn’t want to see his face and start my day.” “Leave me”, I said as he left me and I fell down on the floor. “Ahh”, I exclaimed as he stood there smiling wickedly. I stood up and rubbing my back shouted, “Mr. Dev Dixit! How dare you?” “How dare me! You were the one who told me to leave you”, he replied annoying me. “Ofcourse. How can I even forget? Mr. Dev Dixit listens to what everyone says”, I said and walked away to my cabin as he stood there idle. “Isha, get me the schedule for the day”, I said to my personal assistant before getting inside my cabin as Mr. Dev Dixit walked away to his cabin.


Dev (POV)

“Tina, ask Isha to tell Sona..Ms. Sonakshi Bose to come to my cabin immediately”, I said over the phone and disconnected the call before she could reply. I desperately waited for Sona’s arrival as someone knocked the door. I could see Sona standing at the doorstep. “Come in”, I shouted as she stepped inside.

“Sona,..”, I started as she interrupted, “Ms. Sonakshi Bose.” I looked up at her to find her looking at me sternly. She neither smiled at me nor did she greet me. “I’m responsible for her condition”, I thought. “Sir, you were telling something”, she said as I came out of my thoughts. “Yes. The meeting that was to be conducted tomorrow has been preponed to today evening. Hope you’re ready”, I replied noticing the seriousness on her face. “I’ve been informed about it. Anyways, I’m ready”, she replied arrogantly and walked out.

I kept looking at her as she walked towards her cabin. She was about to enter when Elena stopped her and started talking to her. After a few minutes, Elena dragged Sona from there as both of them disappeared and I started preparing for my next meeting.


Elena (POV)

We both stepped inside the food court as di said, “Elena, I told you I won’t have food outside. I brought fruits for me. Leave me.” “Di, one day”, I replied. “No, Elena. You also have your food. Let’s go back, come”, di said. “I told only for one day but, that also you refused. Fine, let’s go back”, I said dramatically. “Now, don’t start your drama. What do you want to have?”, di said. “Chinese”, I replied as di walked away to the counter.

We were waiting for about half an hour when the food was served. I started eating as di kept staring at the ground. “Di, eat”, I said. “Ya”, she replied looking at me and served herself. “Di, it’s tasty right?”, I asked but, she didn’t reply. I shook her as she seemed to be lost in her thoughts. “Di, are you okay?”, I asked checking her temperature. She removed my hand and asked, “Elena, I’m fine.” “But, atleast tell me what happened. Why do you seem to be so lost?”, I asked. “No, nothing. Finish your food quickly”, she said.

“Do you think you should keep expectations from the ones you love?”, she suddenly asked. I looked up and asked, “Why all of a sudden?” “Tell na”, she replied. “It depends on the person”, I replied. “Hmm..”, she replied and both of us walked back finishing our lunch. Di went inside her cabin and while walking towards my cabin I thought, “Why did di ask this question?”

I entered my cabin and saw someone sitting on my chair. “Who’s it?”, I asked closing the door behind me.


Vicky (POV)

I turned around to face Elena as she ran towards me and hugged me tightly. “Baby, do you want to kill me?”, I asked trying to loosen the grip. She pulled back and looked at me annoyingly. “Fine. Stay away from me now”, she muttered and turned around facing her back towards me. “Elena!”, I exclaimed and holding on to her hand tried to turn her around. She jerked away my hand and settling down on her chair started working.

“Elena, listen to me”, I said shutting her laptop. She gave me a disgusted look and started checking her files. I threw the file away as she shouted, “Stop it!” She got up and gathering her papers picked up the file. “Get out”, she yelled as I softly kissed her lips and said, “We’re in office. Don’t shout.” She remained shocked as I shook her and asked, “What happened?” She turned crimson red and hitting me with the file muttered, “Shameless.” “Only yours”, I replied. She smiled and said, “I want you to meet di.” “I knew that”, I replied smiling and added, “I want you to meet di and..” “and bhabhi”, she interrupted. I smiled and spread out my arms as she hugged me tightly.


Okay, so hello all! Thank you for all your comments and support. I’ve tried replying to each of your comments and I hope you’ve all had a look at them.

By the way, I guess the first chapter was pretty boring but, I wanted to just introduce you all to their lifestyles. Well, I feel you all want to see the past soon. The past will be coming up soon but, after a few chapters. I hope you all won’t get bored by then.

Anyways, please drop down your comments and views on the start below. I’d be looking forward to know your opinions. Criticism and suggestions are always welcome but, no abbusive language.

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