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Open Ur Teddy to Me(KRPKAB)

In Shirtless,Long Haired Dev(smile) falls back straightly without seeing…
His MuscleCuts r seen as rooms of HoneyBee Hexagon in Lights of the Sun..
A boy sees his falling with new Pink Roses…
N Turns n See someone too..
Pink Veiled n Frock Girl with a PinkColor Lollipop holding Angel Sona is walking to leave..
143 secs before….
The small boy is sitting on The two sides of Dev’s shoulder..
Boy:”Today is Ur Day!!”..
Dev:”R U Sure,Master?”..
Boy:”Damn Sure,Leader”…
Dev:”Haha..Let’s see”(smile)n make his hair correct…
A small girl is coming there…
N showing Dev n Master Jaano..
Dev sees her act n surprised while seeing The Girl’s Neighbour..
The Girl’s Neighbour(Sona) sees too..
The Little Girl:”3,2,1″…

A Shop..
The Little Master Rehaan on Dev’s shoulders enter…
Dev sees TedPlace n shows to Rehaan..
“Master..Are these Teddies K?”
Dev searched the Seller..
His eyes see the seller but his lips didn’t call..
A pinkWhitish Frock Sona is stitching Ted’s Body..
Dev waits for stitching..
Sona didn’t see them..
While stitching finished,..
Dev:”Operation Success..”..
Sona sees above n in her eyes,Dev n Rehaan on Dev’s shoulders..
Dev:”Can U help to buy Ted?”..
In her eyes..
Again going back…
A Stylist Room..
Sona enters:”Sir..”..
Dev turns..
Sona:”Teds r now for U…U ordered Some Teddies from our Shop”..
Dev:”S..Mm..Can U wait to see How Teds show their luv?”…
Dev:”Hey..Come on..Just Wait..”..
Dev starts arranging Teds..n opens a Ted’s inside..
Sona sees”What ll he do now?”

Hope U like tiz Frndzz..

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