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Oh Fish Not Again (twinj) -Chapter 5 ~ by Tara

Hey everyone.. so ur wait ends here… i hope u all enjoy the chappy.. umm as most u like kunj in this ff so i have decided to write it in his voice only.. if needed i will introduce twinkle’s voice later..
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Oh Fish Not Again
Chapter 5: ‘A Sweet Surprise’
“Kunj..kunj..” Sam called out. I was in no condition to face him. He called out for a few more times and went off. The next moment i fell asleep.
“ting tong…..ting tong” someone desperately rang the bell. I woke up; it was 4 in the evening. I realised i had been sleeping for so long.. and didn’t even have my lunch.
“kunj… kunj…” a female voice called out from the other side of the door. i understood it was twinkle.. my anger was still very much alive so i didnt reply..
“kunj.. i know u heard me.. please open the door.. i wanna talk to u..” she said knocking impatiently…, but my heart melts faster than a ice-cream when it comes to girls.
I unlocked the door and she came inside. She sat beside me…we looked into each others eyes for the next few minutes. There was no hint of tears in her eyes and in contrast my eyes had drained buckets of water.

“do u know why i have dressed in white??” she said..
I wagged my head from left to right to signal a big ‘NO’. she giggled. I hate girls when they laugh at time when other person has cried for hours..
“let me explain..Yesterday, when I went home I thought about u all night. However at the crack of dawn we received news about the death of my maternal great grandfather. And when u arrived at my house we were heading for funeral which obliged me to dress in white” she said and went quiet. Charm return to my face in anticipation of a positive reply..
“then what have u decided??” i asked… she gazed at me from top to the bottom…
“to some extent u are okay, but can’t match my standards” she chuckled…”and yes you are also a big fool who cannot read a woman’s heart” she said and ran to the other room. I chased her as she dodged me around. Finally i grabbed her in the drawing room.. she was panting and laughing simultaneously..
I held her hand and lugged her towards me..now she was in my arms..our bodies rubbed against each other at her slightest movement. I don’t know whether she heard or not but my heart was beating like a school bell , loud and clear.
“now tell me ur decision…”
“i have already said I can’t love a fool..” she said..
Now that was beyond my tolerance…i liberated my hands and took a seat on the sofa. She slowly parked herself by my side..
“angry with me??” she said..i didnt say a word..
“I LOVE U.. handsome..” she said… i jumped out of the sofa and hugged her… “I love u too”
A few seconds later, i felt something wet on my shoulder, so i glanced at it from the corner of my eye. A few tears had trickled down her golden eyes..
“why are u crying??” i asked…

“don’t ever leave me else i will die” she said..
“ no.. i wont…” i said nd hugged her again…
This seemed to be the best moment of my life till now…before i heard “kunj..kunj” Sam called out… i would kill this bastard for poking his dirty nose in my love story every time…
I opened the door to find… the full paltan was at my place.. andy, seema and bastard Sam..
They had come to make the list of arrangements for the festival…but they seemed more interested in my room’s stuff. Seema sat on the chair and switched on the PC.
Twinkle signed at me…
“shuuuuk…shuuuuk… kunj..” twinkle whispered. She was trying to convey some message which i failed to understand.
She then came to me and said “ shut down ur computer else she will open the files of ur erotic movies”
“oh.. i have locked them” i said and winked…
“hmm smart boy..” she said and smiled…
I felt like kissing her immediately but couldn’t.
After the discussion was over everyone was leaving… i pulled twinkle’s hand … “kunj.. i have to go…” i didnt really felt like leaving her.. a kiss would have been perfect for starting our relationship ..
“wait i have something for u..” i said
“i know what u r upto…”
“is it what??” i replied..
“u wanna kiss me right??” she said.. girls are very good when it comes to a person’s mind…
“no..not exactly…” i said..
“twinkle… “ seema called her loud..unwillingly i had to free her hand..
“bye” she said… and when she reached near the door she turned around.. “btw.. i won’t have stop you if u had made an attempt to kiss me..” she said and chuckled..before i could grab her she was gone..
A dozed off.. and dreamt about me and twinkle..
Hey everyone….sorry for the chotu update..bt i guess u all enjoyed it right?? Ok important message.. idk when i will be able to update the next part..probably i will update one more chappy by the end of this week..after which m going for a trip.. so no update for one whole week… sorry once again.. but do comment..and stay tuned…

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