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Part 6

Girl-Do u want me to talk to her?
The girl demanded more shrilly when Sahil still hadn’t utter a word.
She turned to Swara,chin jutting upward aggressively.

Recognization instantly hit her& Swara’s eyes widen in disbelif,Kavya Sinha???
Sahil was cheating her with Kavya Sinha?Sure,everyone know Kavya as hot lay,but that was the problem itself.
“Everyone” knew the fact firsthand,& she couldn’t imagine someone as possessive as Sahil wanting a girl who liked being every male’s common property.He used to brood all the time when Sanskar so much as galnced at her,but now he waa cheating on her with someone who practically did everyone on the varsity squad.For 3 sports.

Kavya’s gaze insolently traveled over Swara’s form from head to toe.
Kavya-R u just going to stand there or what?
Swara forced herself to look away from other girl,focusing on Sahil.
Her voice shook as she asked…
Swara-Sahil?Can we talk?
Kavya-No,u can’t.
Swara didn’t even look at her,keeping her gaze at Sahil.
She wasn’t above begging.She needed him so,so badly.

Sahil’s eyes darkened with something that so closely resembled regret it sparked a light of hope inside Swara.But then it was gone,his gaze cold & once more Swara knew she could have only imagined it out of desperation.
Just when she thought he would leave her hanging.Sahil said quietly.
Sahil-Later.Just go home & we’ll talk about it later.
A part of her,Swara realized,wanted to do just that.She had never disobeyed anything Sahil asked of her,”never”.She had craved Sahil’s controlling nature the way a junkie needed to be high.If he was in control,she was in control.It wasn’t that simple.But now it wasn’t.
Swara-I need to kniw why you’re doing this now?
Sahil-U really want to do this now?Here?
She had barely finishined answering when Sahil gave her what she asked.
Sahil-You’re the coldest,most boring prude I’ve had the misfortune to date.
Sahil raised a brow.
Sahil-Is that reason enough for u?

Numbness wrapped around her heart,the shock so great she couldn’t even feel hurt by his words.Tears stung her eyes as she stared at Sahil,but his face didn’t soften.
He had always been gentle with her,never raising his voice,never losing his temper or patience.The most he did was frown to show his disappointment,& she would be so damb earger to make it up to him.

Swara no longer felt,she simply existed.
Sahil’s arms went around Kavya’s waist.
Sahil-Now that you’ve–
She spun so fast at the sound of that voice she almost stumbled.It was a sound she used to run away from but now it was that one & only sound she could cling to.

Sanskar stood b4 her,utterly at ease being the cynosure of everyone’s eyes.He gazed at her like she was the centre of his world?,uncaring of the silent & expected crowd that had gathered around them.His hhandsome face showed no clue to his thoughts & feelings,making the next word that came out from his mouth all the more surprising.
Sanskar-Is everything all right,baby?

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