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Not part of the plan ( Ishqbaaz, shivika ff) Part-6

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Days passed. Everything had gradually started to change. Shivaay’s and Anika’s bond tremendous built to everyone’s happiness- except Tia and Pinky aunty for sure. As their bond built, Omru’s Special Teasing session surely accelerated.

In nook and corner of their hearts, both Shivaay and Anika knew that the relationship they held wasn’t that simple. It was their enormous ego that made them deny their feelings. Their developing bond still consisted of cute fights.

Anika’s POV

“Billu ji! Your wallet” I say reminding him while waving my hands in the air.

He turns around with an annoyed expression. He grabs the wallet and Thanks me ungreatfully.
I roll my eyes in annoyance noticing his annoyance.

“OK fine. Sorry and thank you” he says accepting defeat.

“Who are you? The SSO I knew never said sorry nor Thank you. At least not together in one sentence” I tease.

He again rolls his eyes and says” I got to go. “Bye”.
” Bye” I say giving a slight wave.

I get back to the room to see the file I had been searching for so long.
As my job as the wedding planner had ended, I had decided to start looking for a new one.

However, the Great Stubborn Singh Oberoi had to object. He had to display his wealth by starting an event management business. For me. Totally unnecessary expenses. Even though the gesture was sweet. When he had announced his decision, I wasn’t the only one to obstruct. Tia and Pinky aunty had joined in. That’s the only topic in which they both had agreed with me and one among thousands in which Billu ji had disagreed with me.

I opened the file to recheck the list of the latest event we had to organise. As I open and read I felt déjà vu.
My file got exchanged with Billu ji’s. Exactly why I sense déjà vu.
I clutch onto the file cursing myself for the mishap. I rush outside in the maximum speed.

Bhagad Billa is going to kill me.
“Thank god. He is just going” I say while running.

“Billu ji” I shout making him turn around.

I suddenly crash onto him making him stumble back. The force billu ji’s back hit the still car.

He wraps his hand around me trying to make me stable.

“b..f. file..exc..” I stutter panting.
“what” he asks. He opens the car and makes me sit while offering me water.

I gulp down the whole bottle of water. I slowly take a deep breath and say ” our files got exchanged and please don’t be angry. Sorry..Please! please!! “.

I close my eyes, hoping that he does not eat me alive. The silence makes me open one eye and peep. Suddenly, I hear Shivaay chuckle making me flutter my eyes open. He hands over my file taking his along.
“Billu ji! will you be able to pick Sahil after school” I ask with a glimmer of hope.

“Okay fine” he says rushing into the car.

What happened to Billu ji? Why is he agreeing to all my wishes? Is that question ringing over and over in your head.

This is one of the things that changed over a month of our marriage. We behave more civilised with each other.
As I walked into the Rudy comes in and pleads “Anika di…sorry bhabhi can you make me some protein shake”?

” I have already kept it in your room”I inform making his face light up like a Christmas tree.

“You are the best” he says running off.
“Anika beta” I heard dadi’s loving call.

“Yes dadi ” I answer while drying my hands with a towel.

“Don’t you have office today”? dadi asks.

” yes but I just need to send this file to the office. I had already finished all the jobs. I can bunk today” I say winking.

“My Poor Shivaay is wasting all the money for this company and you are lazing off at home” Pinky aunty says who entered the kitchen followed by Tia”.

I don’t know how they stick to each other, like fevicol.

“Shivaay baby should have just set up a company for me. I wouldn’t be wasting time like this by slacking around” Tia adds on to the drama.
“I am sorry aunty, I didn’t mean..” I try to justify myself which gets interrupted by dadi “Pinky, Tia!! Didn’t she say that she finished all her work before date”.

” its okay dadi. Anyway I will go to office and supervise all the workers” I say walking out.

This an unchanged problem. Their anger on me is justifiable. After all it was Pinky Aunty’s diamond-like son and Tia’s Shivaay baby.

I had always felt like a their. I indeed has stolen both their hopes and happiness. I quickly change and the driver drops me off at the office.

I stand in front of the multi-storeyed building. ‘Shivika Enterprises’, it read in bold letters. The name was suggested by Omru. Billu ji and I had put up a fight getting to know how the name came but we got overruled by dadi. She had finalised the name.

As I enter the building I get greeted by smiles and ‘good mornings’.
Most of the smiles were fake. I wouldn’t blame them. Its rare to see a genuine smile on Monday mornings.

I enter my cabin greeting the peon. The only problem in handling the business was English. Shivaay had learned about this problem and had soon started tutoring me.

“Mam, may I come” I hear a squeaky voice.

“yes” I reply .
” Mam, I needed a leave” she says.

“why”? I ask.

” I have headache ” she lies.
” How come you have headache in your stomach ” I asked seeing her clutch her stomach in fake pain.

” That..I have both” she again lies making me scold her.

Somehow I managed to buy in grudge of all the female employees. The male where too imbecile to even talk to me. They keep staring at me which is completely weird.

” Mam!! Shivaay sir is here” I heard the peon exclaim.

Why is he here? He enters the cabin and gets surprised seeing me.

” I thought you weren’t coming today” he interrogates me.

” I changed my mind. I was too bored at home.

” what are you doing here”? I ask to which he says about an important work.

He drags another chair next to mine and he starts discussing about work.

I couldn’t help but stare at The workaholic SSO. I couldn’t number all the desirable characters in him. He is dedicated, loving, caring and even sweet at times.

“Anika” I hear Billu ji’s voice breaking all my thoughts.

“did you hear anything I said”? he queries.

” you know I am not good with all these calculations ” I say making him sigh.

” to understand you have to hear not stare at me” he says with a slight smirk.

I am sure I looked like a specimen of tomato. He chuckles and says ” all the work is done. We should go home for lunch” I agree and take my bag along. I instruct my PA with all the extra duties. In the spur of the movement, Shivaay holds my hand and walks outside.

He must not have even noticed. Maybe accidentally!! We both get into the car and we reach home.
Why else would he hold me hand? We both get in the car and the driver starts to drive. Why isn’t Billu ji not leaving my hand? Maybe he didn’t even notice.

My extravagant thoughts get stopped as my phone rings.

Who is this? I don’t know. its an unknown number. Shivaay signals me to accept the call.

“Hello?Who is this” I question.
“Anika didi! its me Sahil!!Where are you?”

“Sahil!! How are you calling me during school hours? Did you sneak in someone’s phone” I query and billu ji makes me put the phone on speaker.

“Arey Anika di!! Today we only have school till 12. We had our cultural fest today, so you only told that a car will be sent. I have been waiting for the past half an hour.”

“Oh my God!! I am so sorry. I am with billu ji, we both will come and pick you up. Sorry” I hang up the call and hit my head dramatically.

Billu ji instructs the driver to reroute.

“Seriously Anika, how can you be so irresponsible”? billu ji scolds.

” I am already guilty. Please don’t add to that” I plead and suddenly the driver stops the car and says.

” Sir, there is heavy traffic. We can’t cross now. Can we just park the car here?” the driver suggests to which we both agree.

” I will go get Sahil” I say and Billu ji reluctantly agrees.

Sahil waves from the other side and I bring him to the car as soon as I help him cross.

“Hi Shivaay bhaiya” he says and Shivaay pulls him into his lap.

Sahil starts explaining all the incidents at school which included him trying to woo his classmate.

I smile seeing their bond.

“Anika di,how about we all go to the park this evening. With Omru too” Sahil says enthusiastically.

We both agree and Sahil starts dancing in excitement. We reach the mansion and the guard opens the gate.

We all exit the car to meet Omru.

“Sahil! Don’t you have school”? Rudra asks and Sahil informs ” Today is a half day leave”

He excitedly reveals the plans of going to the park.

Everyone smiles seeing his excitement.

Omru looks at us suspiciously and smirks.

I tell you that smirk means that they are gonna tease us.

What are they gonna tease us about?

“Soo cute” they both coo.
“what”? Billu ji asks.
” we are just surprised to see your PDA” Om says.(PDA: public display of affection)

“What PDA”? we both ask simultaneously.
They both look at our hands.

We both look down to see our hands entwined tightly. Instantly we leave each others hands and frankly speaking I looked like a new species of vegetable that was more redder than a tomato.

” That isn’t even PDA” Shivaay says trying to divert the topic.

keyword: trying.

” then I don’t want to see both of your PDA” they tease.

“Where is Sahil” I ask to change the topic. The question turns to a serious one as we couldn’t find him. Suddenly the watchman shouts our names.

We rush out to see the most horrifyingly scene.

Sahil was laying in a pool of his own blood.

Shivaay’s POV

Omru and I rushed towards Sahil who layer on the road lifelessly.

I lift up Sahil and shouts “Get the car”.

Within seconds the car comes and Om takes Sahil in the car. I ask them to go in first as I had to take Anika with me.

” Where is Anika “? I asked myself.

I turn around to see her sitting on the floor with no expressions.

I kneel down next to her and call ” Anika”.

She remains unresponsive.

“Anika!!!” I shout making her coming back to consciousness.

“Sh ….Sahil” she mumbles.

” yes Anika, we are going to see him. He is gonna be totally alright. Don’t worry”

I slowly help her stand up. We get in the car and Anika bursts out crying “Billu ji, My Sahil. Will he be alright?”

“Nothing will happen to him. I promise!” I say as I hug her tightly.

We rush into the hospital and run to the emergency ward. We see Om and Rudra and rush towards them.
Both of them were crying in frustration.
Anika rushes inside the room. Om shakes his head negatively.

It can’t be. Sahil can’t leave us….not like this. Anika can’t handle this.

Anika’s POV

” where is my Sahil” I ask in frustration. I run around like a mad woman. I get out the room to see all three of them shedding tears.

“why are you crying billu ji” I ask.

“Sahil is alright. He will be back by evening. I think the hospital people have hidden him. I guess they are bad people. We should go find Sahil. Come Billu ji” I say with hope.

Shivaay’s POV

“billu ji! Come fast!!” she says traumatically. I can’t take this anymore.

I can’t see Anika like this.

“Billu ji I think he is fooling us. He must be hiding somewhere here. Sahil!!!Where are you? This is not funny” she shouts hysterically.

“She needs you” Om says making me wipe my tears and stand up.
Anika was running around like a mad woman. I suddenly catch hold of her and whisper “Stop it…stop it please.”.

” I have to find him. He is playing around ” she says smiling while wiping her tears.

I pull her into a hug and hug her tightly.

“Anika..our Sahil…he is gone” I stutter.
” What are you saying Billu ji? How can he go? Wasn’t he the one who asked us to take him to the park. I think he mischievously went to the park without informing us.” she says still hugging me.

“No Anika. H…He left us… Everyone” I say sternly.

“NOO!!!MY SAHIL IS ALIVE!!!Billu ji you promised me he will be alright. I trust you. I trust you more than anyone. My Sahil isn’t gone.” she shouts while breaking the hug.

“Anika!!Listen to me!!” I say while cupping her face and wiping away the tears

She looks at me with hope and a broken heart. The silence between us makes her again hug me.

“Sahil” she keeps mumbling into my chest.

I slowly make her walk to the balcony in the hospital.

Rudra’s POV

“Our Sahil can’t die” I cry into Soumya’s shoulders.

“Rudra, we will never let him go away from our hearts. He will always be here, with us.” she says hugging me while wiping her tears.

Everyone had reached the hospital.

Dadi, mom and Priyanka were crying continuously.

“How is Anika” Papa asks and everyone looks at me for the answer.

“Shivaay bhaiya is with her. I couldn’t bare seeing her condition. Bhaiya is so broken seeing Anika bhabhi like this” Rudra says .

“Only Shivaay can handle her now. Her conditions is unbearably bad” Om bhaiya says looking at bade papa.

Badi ma looked sad. Just because she didn’t favour this marriage doesn’t mean that she in bad enough to not be sad. Tia looked totally unaffected .

Suddenly bhaiya came with a totally silent Anika bhabhi.

Shivaay’s POV

I walk towards the hospitals loft to see the whole family. Some where crying. Dadi started to shed tears seeing Anika’s condition.

I make Anika sit on the seat sit next to her. I cover my face with my palms. I wipe away the tears. I need to get out of here for a minute. I stand up and starts to walk outside. Suddenly I hear Om calling out “Shivaay”. I turn around to see Anika behind me and Om says ” she won’t stay here without you. Take her with you”.

I nod and make Anika sit on the chair and I sit next to her. Everyone was dazed to see Anika’s conditions.

Soon Anika slips into sleep after a lot of crying.

” Shivaay ” Om calls out sitting next to me.

Om and Rudra stand up and open their arms for a hug. I hug both of them tightly and Om says ” Shivaay you have always protected us with the great wall of Shivaay. Right now Anika needs it” .

“I know… but it hurts. Sahil was very close to me…to everyone. if we all were more attentive, nothing would have happened. It hurts to see her this way.” I say breaking down.

“pull yourself together Shivaay. Can’t you see it clearly. Anika cant handle a second with you. Don’t break her further by breaking down. She needs the strong Shivaay Singh Oberoi next to her” dadi says making me nod. Suddenly she wakes up and looks around.

I walk up to her and she stands up.

” I want to at least see him” Anika says.
“Anika, you won’t be able to handle it. I can’t let you” I say and she keeps making a fuss. Suddenly the nurses come outside pushing a stretcher with Sahil covered.

Anika rushes there and removes the cloth from the face. Everyone bursts out crying including mom.

I keep wiping my tears not wanting to be vulnerable at the moment.
Anika walks over to me and collapses. Everyone rushes towards her as I pick her up.

“Anika” I call out patting her face.
I carry her to the emergency ward and the doctors checks her.

“She is just too much stressed. Let her take rest” doctor exclaims.

“Shivaay, we have to take Sahils body home for the funeral” Om says with his voice trembling.

I nod and everyone leaves with the body.

I sit next to Anika waiting for her to get up. She jerks up in the sleep aksing for Sahil.

“billu ji you promised me. Shivaay” she cries. ‘Shivaay’
. My name from her mouth made me tremble. I always wanted her to call me Shivaay but not like this.

“we should go home. Sahil is taken there.” I say and Anika steps out of the bed.

We drive home to see the pooja’s being conducted.

Anika just stuck next to me not able to bare the grief.

She rests her head on my chest.

All the rituals ended and the whole house was silent.

Anika was sleeping, which involved a lot of effort.

I give a small peck on her forehead lay down next to her.

I close my eyes and open hoping that everything was just a bad dream.
Unfortunately, no

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