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No matter what I do it’s never good enough because I always end up hurting u (A devakshi ff) part 5

Hi guys, Rithika here,
Hope I’m on time if not sorry. Read it soon people
Let’s start…

Few days pass Sona calls Dev
Sona : Dev u can come today to take ur mother’s diet
Dev : Ok thanks I’ll be there in sometime
Sona : Ok bye
After half an hour Dev comes and sees Sona talking to someone
Dev : Sonakshi I’ll come or ur busy
Sona : Come Dev and this is no patient he’s my friend Rithwick he’s free so he came
Dev : Ok
Rithwick gets a call and leaves
Rithwick : Ok bye now I’m getting late
He leaves
Sona : Here is the diet ur mother has to follow this diet continuously for 3 months she’ll be fine after that
Dev : Thanks
Sona stares at him with love
Dev : Sonakshi r u alright
Sona comes to her senses
Sona : Um…… I’m fine
Dev leaves

Sona : Sona yeh tujhe kya ho gaya. Nandu se puch thi hoon
Sona goes to Nandani’s house
Nandani : Sona tu idhar andar aa
Sona : I need to tell u something
Nandani : Tell kya hua
Sona : See ur like my sister I can tell u but u won’t tell it to anyone
Nandani : Ok ab bata kya hua
Sona tells her what happened to her in front of Dev
Nandani : Oh toh yeh baat hai lagta hai tujhe use pyar ho gaya hai
Sona : Kya bakwas kar rahi hai pyar aur use who toh mera accha dost hai
Nandani : Tune mujhe problem bata diya meine bataya kya kar. Now u do what u want to do
Sona : Ok I’ll leave

At Sona’s home she sits on her bed and imagines Dev coming to her and proposing her then snaps out of it
Sona : Sona yeh tujhe kya ho gaya khule ankho se Dev ke sapne shayad Nandu sach kah rahi thi mujhe ho gaya ho gaya pyar Dev se
After few days
Sona : Come Dev can I help u
Dev : Yes now only u can
Sona : What happened
Dev : It’s my mother she will follow the diet but only if I’m there when I’m not there she won’t follow the diet
Sona : How can I help
Dev : I need u to leaves this job and work as my mother’s personal nutritionist
Sona : I can’t because this is my passion I can’t leave my job for one patient
Dev : Please I’ll give double the salary u get here please……
Sona : First I’m working because this is my job, Secondly if I’m working for money I wouldn’t be working in this hospital I would be working in some 5 star hospital
Dev : Ok it’s ur wish remember I can do anything for my mother
He leaves

Sona : I can’t do this just because I love him I can’t leave this job it was my dream
After 4-5 hours Dr. Sinha with a person comes to Sona’s cabin
Dr. Sinha : Sonakshi here ur leave application is approved this is Rohan he will work in ur place
Sona stares at Dr. Sinha with a blank face
Sona : But sir I didn’t apply for any leave
Dr. Sinha : I know Mr. Dixit applied it for u
Sona : Ok……I see I’ll come
She went to Dev’s office and barged in
Sona : How dare u
Dev : Oh u came
Sona : How can u do this to ur friend
Dev : I told u I can do anything for my mom may it be taking leave for u, and u can’t go for 3 months because there is a doctor working in ur place so think about it
She leaves from there Nandani calls her
Sona : Hi Nandu (She said in a crying tone)
Nandani : Tu ro rahi hai

She wipes her tears
Sona : Nahi kuch nahi
Nandani : Tu mujhe apna behn manti hai na to bata kya hua
Sona tells her what Dev did
Nandani : Dev….Dev ne kiya aisa ho nahi sakta
Sona : Toh mein kya manghadith(imaginary) kahani suna rahi hoon
Nandani : Woh bhi hai
Sona : Chal mein baad mein phone karti hoon
Nandani : Bye

After few days Sona goes to Dev’s office
Dev : U here. Hope u’ve thought about it
Sona : I’ve thought about it my answer is yes not because of double salary but only because it is my work and I can’t go also to my hospital so y not work there
Dev : Thanks….. thanks a lot
Sona : No need for thanks I’m doing it only because it is a part of my job
Dev smiles and she leaves
Hope u all liked it
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