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New swasan ff by Anniya (Introduction)

Hii guys anniya here, well I have four ideas running in my mind. Just giving you prologue of those stories, whichever story you will want to me start first I will do it. About couple you already know who could be.
Guys pls read note whoever reading ( bhabhi pls give ur sister hand and tere bin yaara)
1. Ae dile mushkil
Boy meets girl, he eventually fall for her in first sight. After friendship with her he told her about his love. She denied him saying she never seen him like that, still he tried to convince her but only failure getting his hand. Suddenly one night, he got to know her biggest secret.
Which changes their relation.

Guess guys: is she really not love him?
What is stopping her?
After knowing about her secret his love will vanish or increase?, will she ever accept him?
Note: she is not any rape victim.
2. Our love will overcome all problem
Boy and girl parent used to love each other. But due to consiparcy they both separated their ways, and married to someone else. Now instead of love their heart will filled with hateness for each other’s family.
What will happen when their children will fall love each other?, will they able to convince their parents or destiny again separate two love birds?
3. My different love story
This story is inspired by one novel.
Boy and girl meet each other at social sites. After couple of months they decided to meet each other. When both going to met, destiny plays its cruel game girl meet with fatal accident.
Now will they meet or their story will end before starting itself.
Note; it’s not fully taken, many things are different from that novel.
4. It will be mainly story of girl life. She is living in live in relationship with her boyfriend. Both used to love each other immersly.
Girl don’t able to give him her time due to her busy schedule. Boy started to become overprotective for her. He will start to interfere in her life. How will she deal with this new problem? Will she try to save her relation or gave up?
5. It will sequel of “ in your love”
Mad in each other love
I am not giving you prologue of this story because I will write it just like before , I mean whenever I get time I will post this story.
It will more thrilling and interesting from first season.
Start voting , do you guys want any other couple expect swasan or only swasan will okay for you.
Guys I don’t know I should be happy or sad, finally you all started liking tere bin yaara , I am very happy seeing response on that story but extremely sad for seeing your response on ff. That’s y I decided to stop that story for some week. What say??

Whatever story will get maximum vote , I will post that’s first part on Saturday/Sunday.

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