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hello everyone…sorry for not uploading this ff i knew its happen one week…without my update..but dont worry from today onwards i will be regular…
so lets go to the story..as i stopped it at veer and achu ki deth mein…as still there are lot to disclose..
after all the incidents…raja returned to his house..all are leaves from there..only their family members are there..when they all sees raja..and rushed to him.seeing him with injuries and blood stain..
arus father:raja..what happened to you…where is my arunthathi..
raja remained silent..
veers father(not real):where is veer..
raja:its all because of your so called son it all happened
veers father: what u mean?
ra:yes…veer and arunthathi eloped ..and i try to stop but i cant..
suddenly someone came runing..
ra:what happened..
someone:sir veer aur arunthathi madam ka..bodies…were near the valley of waterfall..
ra:what? everyone get shocked..all runs to there and sees arunthathi and veer..lieing at some distance apart
all started to cry..
rajas father who has doubt on raja come near to him..
rajas fath:tell me raja..whats the real truth..i knew its all you…
ra:laughs yes its me..i knew you will figure it out..but if you tell this truth to anyone..your fate will be just like them..i will not shower any sympthy on you…
after one day..all funeral arrangement have done…
raja comes to arunthathi ki room mein..
when he gets in the door closed …
suddenly heavy breeze…and hear arunthathi ka voice..
raja…raja…do you love me…do you love me…ha ..ha…
raja feels fear and he tries to went out..but the door is locked from outside…
he tried alot..
another voice…no raja..you cant get away from us..yes its me veer..your friend..what you did to us was not right..you will get sin for that…
suddenly door get opened ..when rajas looks there he was blck magician standing there..
raja:who are you?
bm:ha..ha..iam here to save you…
ra:save me..
bm:yes from arunthathi and veer..
ra:why they are following me..
bm:laughs aloud…why they are following you..and you dont knew that answer its really funny..actually the real question is why are you still alive..
ra:hey mr. mind your language..
bm:what you did was big sin raja..you will killed by aruveer..
ra:they have lready died..
bm:yes they have dead not their souls..they are still revolving around you and this house…to kill you..
raja get shocked…the black magician turns to leave..
ra:is there any solution..
bm:yes..only one..
ra:what is that?
bm:we need to separate their souls…that is only the way..they can only attack or harm you when they are together alone nothing will happen.
ra:are you talking rubbish..
bm:you may think like that…but thats the truth..its all because of their love..actually you separated two loving minds..i can only help you…if i get any thing related to their love…
bm:some rings…some gifts..
raja remembers about the ring which aru give to veer..and all his and hers belongings are with him..he go and take that and give to him..
ra:this is their symbol of love..
bm:then come with me..
they reached near the waterfall exactly the place at which raja stab veer..
ra:how you knew this place..
black magician laughs..
he takes a sword from his bag..and with that he draw a love symbol at a tree near to that place..at that time actually heavy breeze is there..
he takes that and did something..veer..veer…veer come back,….come back..at that time they both hear howling and screaming sound of arunthathi..some light brights on that ring..
black magician:now veer ki soul is inside this..
the voice from background..
dont ever think you raja..that i cant do anything…it sure i will not spare you..
bm:you can do anything arunthathi till veer is not free..
aru soul:dont think that you can tie my veer for ever ..he will return back and we will take our revenge..til then i too dont come infront of you…but there will be someone born to us to help us to take revenge at that time i will come back..and give her signs to free my veer..she goes..
bm:raja…i have help ypu now..but its not a permanent solution…
ra:you have tied him na..
bm:but i cant tie her…and i knew what she tell was truth..there is someone who will free veer..
ra:but how can they do that..
bm:i had drew this love here.its the spot where i tied his soul..if anyone writes their name on it…at that time the ring which iam going to hide under this tree will comesup..and with 3 touch(just 3 rubs onit)make him free..
ra:if i cut this tree then..
bm:u cant do that..as no axe our anything can cut this…
scene shifted to present..
pr:so …this is that ring…
ab:from where you get this..
pr:the same place at where i write our name..
maniyan mom:i knew its you who are going to free him..and its my duty to tell all this to you..
ab:what are you sayig..
maniyan mom:the black magician whom i mentioned is my dad..and its he who tell me that someone will come in searching me to knew about aruveer..and you must tell this to them..
its you who are going to help them…
abhigya goes from three..
pr:abhishek..i cant believe all this..
ab:i too..do you rub on that ring..
ab:which means veer is also free now…suddenly they hear a loud scream..scene shifted on their shocked face…
episode ends..
i dont knew if you all like this..and you all may think howz all this possibel.what is this..i too dont knew that..my mind works like this..sorry for boring with this..and wasting your time…

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