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Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-51

The episode starts with rivanya hug.They both broke the hug.Ritik beings his face closer to her and is about to kiss her but she goes away.

Ritik smiles.

She goes to other room.Ritik goes to her and hugs her from back.

Shivanya:Ritik we should do all this afternoon marriage.

Ritik:What difference it makes when we do before marriage or after marriage?

Shivanya:But then also

Ritik makes her turn and smile and kisses her forehead.

Ritik:Okay but promise me that after marriage you will not go away from me


They both hug each other.

Ritik:So tomorrow only we will get married.

Shivanya:It is so early?

Ritik:I know but I don’t want to loose you that is why and all the decoration will be ready and there are many friends.

Shivanya smiles.

Ritik leaves from.

At evening almost everything was ready for marriage.Ritik is standing there when two girls and two boys comes to him.

Ritik:Karan you.


Boy:You forget me

Girls:US too

Ritio:Kabir,Piya,Nisha how can I forgot you all

All the four share group hug.

Piya:Now tomorrow I and Nisha will make your bride ready.

Ritik smiles

Ritik:But she should look most beautiful.

Nisha:Yes dear

Next day the marriage starts and Ritik was sitting in mandap waiting for his love of life Shivanya.

Piya and Nisha comes down with Shivanya.

Ritik gets lost in her and Shivanya too.

Kabir:Ritik control yourself.



Ritik catches husband ears

Kabir:Sorry sorry

Shivanya sits beside Ritik.

The rituals starts.They stand to take vows.

They take all 7 vows and Ritik applies sind our on her forehead and makes her wear mangalsutra.

They get married.

Ritik:Shivanya soon you will be mine.

Shivanya blushes and Ritik smiles.

Precap:Rivanya consummation.

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