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NA JAANA DIL SE DOOR VOTING [and maybe some of my feelings towards the show, plz don’t feel bad:)]

hello everyone!!! this is sobia!!!!!! i don’t know how many remember me and how many don’t….yes i am back……i have some spare time to post so how many want na jaana dil se door???? how many remember that fanfiction???? lol yes i didn’t post in a while so many probably forgot….so i will post only if many want it or else i’ll start posting from december……some people told me they will be busy in october and november so i don’t want to post if many people are busy……so if i get enough comments to post then only will i post or i will start from december…..so come on guys tell me if i should post na jaana dil se door or not?????

so i will just let you know of the spoilers just if you want to know beforehand but the spoilers don’t mean that it will be that same exact thing or in the same order…i will add many twists and turns lol…..

spoilers for upcoming episodes……
sarya (samar, aryan, and ragya) find out the truth
aayhira (aayush, raina, and mahi) hate sarya
raglak seperation
swasan misunderstandings
aayhirasarya drift
sarya feeling guilty and aayhira just hate them
someone dies
new avatar of someone
the enemy doesn’t end there
bomb blast
and many more twists guys…..i don’t know how many would like for me to continue….i want to but not when everyone is busy…..even i am but i have just like a few days to post so i don’t want you guys to feeel i keep leaving the fan fiction in between…..i know you all are busy too and this is why i decided that maybe we all can compromise and this is why i want to take this poll
so that i know how many want it now and how many want it in december…..so just let me know in the comments section below…..
and guys don’t worry everyone will be a happy family soon….but before that let’s just have twists and twists right because like i have said i love adding twists and turns and i know you all don’t like just a simple love story…i mean we all would want a story such that it has happiness, sadness, betrayals, everything na and this is why i add them….
haha personally i love adding twists and turns…it gives a break for the story from all the happiness but at the end they will unite….please trust me on that….but before they are united i want to show some hatred, love, emotions, misunderstandings, seperation, all…..i want to show how even though there can be many ups and downs in the story, there can still be love and relationships…..
at the end they will be together after all this is a story……plus i kind of hate what is happening in the show now i mean where the whole story behind swaragini is??? i mean okay personally i like both swasan and raglak….i have no hate against them…..but sometimes the show just makes me so pissed off like this is swaragini….you’re supposed to show the bond between sisters while their love story goes along….but no the directors just want to focus on swasan and only swasan….
even though i like both raglak and swasan…i prefer raglak more….i am not bashing anyone here but all i am saying that if you can show the bond of the sisters and swasan’s track so well then why do you exclude raglak?? the show is swaragini meaning swara and ragini…..if it’s on both of them then for ragini why do you only show her bonding and scenes with swara but for swara you show her bond with her sister ragini and her love story with sanskar?????
if you can show swasan as well as swaragini then why can’t you show raglak as well as swaragini???? yes i may have hurt many people today by saying all this but honestly this is the truth….if anyone felt offended than i am sorry but i cannot hold this inside me anymore….my friend advika always shows me the raglaktemish page where all the raglakians are feeling upset whenever raglak sepearte or none of their scenes come…..she has showed me many spoken feelings from her facebook….as far as i remember i think yush di, rup di, and vini di are the ones who say more and i totally agree with them…..
it’s not just about swasan and swaragini but if you want to include ragini’s name then at least give her the respected rights……this is the only reason i was so fed up with the show and i am focusing more on raglak in this fanfiction…..yes i know there are many swasan fans too and i have them included in my story but the main focus will be only raglak and raglak….i am sorry if i have hurt anyone but i had to say this…
i told advika about my feelings and asked her to share with the facebook raglakians but she was shy to post on facebook…if i had a facebook i would’ve immediatley posted my views but i don’t have one and i can’t make one….but i am glad advika has one so i can keep up with all the things

if rup di, yush di, and vini di are reading this then i have just one thing to say hats off for keeping patient and not getting all off and mad all the time and hats off for your incredible writing skills…..advika and i always read your fan fictions together and they are really awesome!!!! you guys are the best di’s!!!!!
okay guys so my telly update readers i am so sorry for all this but i just had to let it out….now tell me who wants na jaana dil se door??? and when you want it??? today or from december????

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