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My shadow my companion – It’s all about Sanskar Episode 3

Thank you so much for your support here is the third episode

Episode 3

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Swara’s POV

I am sitting at the corner of this weird room. After years I opened my window. A spot of light is coming into this dark chamber, Now I can see the moon, the full moon. Ten years, ten years I awaited for that moment. For meeting him, to talk to him.
Sanskar, I wanted to be with you. I want you.For criticizing me, for shouting at me, for loving me………
I left you but I knew that you will be in MM. I know they will treat you like a prince more than me but what about Ragini?? You know about her na?? You went away from. When you were in MM, I had a belief that I can see you when ever I desire but you left all of us. Can you feel my pain??10 saal ek doosre se milne bina baat karne bina kaise bithaya tumne Sanskar.

Ten years I closed myself in this dark chamber. Today I exited from here for seeing you but I solely saw a champion’s arrogance on your face. So,so I fought with you. Tell me, didn’t you missed me?? I missed you so much. You know, Ragini and Laksh have their own children. Both are playing around them like dragon flies. They are hankering me. Don’t we need someone like that??? Sanskar you know what, Mom and Badimaa are not willing to send Ragini’s children with me for a while. Each and every moment I am missing you. I expected ur call in every second. You will call me
“Swara my wife, my life I am missing and I am coming to you”
But you didn’t
Yeah I did mistakes, I left you in such a condition where none was there for you. I am accepting my faults.
I just wanted to be with Ragini but…………
“Sentence toh acha hai par iss corner mein nahi uske saamne aakar kah deti toh”

Nikhil !!!!! Gosh he heard everything.
I jerked him aside and moved from there, I, I don’t know where I am walking for but I am walking. My heart is advising me that it will lead me to my love

Sanskar’s POV

I opened the door. Mom with Ragini, I am stunned
Mom!!! my eyes were filled.
She hugged me with weeping.

I came to meet her several times but I denied to meet others. Mom is compelling me to stay in MM but my self respect is bothering me to do so. Ragini begged in front of me for saving Laksh.
Come to Cafe Sayan, we will meet there tomorrow. , I said

Yes Cafe Sayan, my own coffee shop.One of the famous coffee shops in India. And the coffee powder is solely coming from my own coffee plantations. And the name Sayan!!! No not now, I will tell you later. After Mom and Ragini had left, I went for a night walk. The roads were bare and secluded. Yellow street lights. The yellowish light is reflecting on the road and grass. Suddenly I saw a creature which was walking towards me. Ohh no Vampire God she will suck my blood now. Please save me. I don’t know but a supernatural power made us sit at the both sides of a nearby bench. Our eyes were played hide and seek. I peeped at her. She peeped at me. Hmm ? I gave her a disdainful look. Hmm? Hmm?
She replied twice and glare told me that if you are egoistic then I am also.
I said you na?? Some supernatural powers; it made me break my silence.
No never this egoistic vampire won’t change. Unknowingly it fallen out of my mouth.
But you got changed Mr Monster Maheshwari
You know what your
face got wrinkled, hair began to become white, Sorry to tell you but your senility is started. ? She teased me
But it fell down into my heart’s deep chasm.
I searched for a mirror but I couldn’t find one.
“Ab aaya apna Mahanata dikhane?” she told
The monster inside me got awakened in a sudden. The monster who hates her breath too. Kya naam diya hai usne mujhe Mr Monster Maheshwari. I pushed her towards me and stared at her eyes but her eyes told me something different. It told me that I am surrendering in front of you, only in front you. I am yours. Do what you want. What is happening in me?? Lust or love?? For a moment I heard my heart’s voice. My glare showed mixed emotions. I moved my lips towards her lips

Hey what’s going on here???

An unexpected voice made us awakened from our dream world

I retrospect
?? Police!!!

To be continued……..

Ignorance is the best quality that I like in me most

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