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Recap: Entry of Nani some cute moments between Nani and Twiraj Dadi being smartly back answered by Nani Anita comes to know about Kunj wanting to take revenge from Manohar
Let’s start
Kunj gets a call
Caller : Your job is done sir but she is cha4ging more
Kunj: I don’t care how much she is charging I just need her tonight
Caller : Okay sir I she would be ready in your farm house by 9
Kunj : good
Anita: Kunj who were you talking about ?
Kunj: Nothing mom just an important meeting
Anita:  but you can’t move out of the house alone so now what will you do ?
Kunj: Mom I have a plan but I need your help
Anita: You don’t need to ask me that surely I will help you
Kunj : You have to take me to outside of the house saying that the doctor wants to keep me under observation so you are going to drop me
Anita : Okay Kunj I will be ready by 8
Kunj: Thank you mom
Anita: Kunj no need to say thanks I am mom which has the world’s best son but I could never help him (she starts crying)
Kunj: Mom please don’t cry you are the best mom one can get but I know your husband and his brother would never let you do anything to help me
Anita: Kunj your dad cares for you he is just helpless Bhai sahab has all the property on his name so your dad can never raise a voice against him or else we would be thrown out of the house on the roads
Kunj: Mom Now we wont think about the past no more tears now it Manohar’s time to cry
Anita: Kunj Get ready
Kunj:Yeh mom (Anita turns to leave but then….
Anita: Kunj (she hugs him )
Kunj: Mom I said na no more tears
Anita: Kunj Get ready no it’s time for our revenge (wipes her tears)
Kunj and Anita are in the car :
Kunj: Mom after dropping me you can leave
Anita: Okay Kunj but when will you execute the plan only 1 week is left
Kunj: Mom I know time is less but One week is enough for me to destroy them
Anita: I hope everything goes according to your plan
Kunj: Mom yah just here you can go back from here
Anita: Kunj (she looks around )In the middle of this jungle
Kunj:Ha mom voh my car is coming
Anita: Okay Kunj bye beta take care
Kunj’s POV
I walked into my farm house Before going to my room i entered the study opened up amy secrete room by taking a book out of the self and then entered it, It was dark with dim lights I could see the pics of those from whom I want to take revenge
I wanted to destroy you Mr.Manohar but then I realised to harm you I need to harm UV and to harm him I need to harm Twinkle Beauty she is but A beauty only for me My revenge will make you away from Twinkle and when you realise your mistake you would be guilty to know that You are responsible for Twinkle’s condition
I walked out of the room closing it and then entered my room
A se*xy figure wearing bare minimum clothes was sitting on the bed I went and sat on the couch She walked up to me slide her hands sensually on my face and then sat on my lap I touched her bare thighs rubbing them which was pleasing both of us She then open the bottle and poured a glass for me I stretched my hands for taking the glass but she got up from my lap She went and sat on the bed I got up removed my coat and then motioned towards her I snatched the glass from her and pushed her on the bed I came on top of her with the glass And slowly i pored it on her navel which was visible To me i moved down to her close to her Navel and sucked the drink from it she wasn’t mourning intact she was liking it I f**ked her up for the next 2 hours stamina man I have it a pretty good one I then slept on the bed she to slept.
Next morning I woke up she was still there I threw the bundle of money on her face and then left While driving back to XYZ place where mom would be waiting for me I though of how badly I need a girl to satisfy me I know Twinkle is not at fault but the biggest mistake she has done was to fall in Love with UV So now Miss Taneja be ready to be mine (He laughed in a devilish way )
I am sorry guys for a short update And if you felt the part a bit to vulgar I am sorry Its just that I wanted to show Kunj being a womaniser and I am sorry for not revelling the plan but If you come to know the plan now what will you read ?? But yeh so now somewhere you would have have make out that Kunj is going to use Twinkle he will separate Twiraj and then use her ?
But how? when ? will be answered in the coming episodes

NEXT UPDATE: I myself don’t know when I am sorry But I have a plaster on my leg and exams too so I am advised bed rest and only reading books ?
I am sorry if I haven’t commented on your ff’s coz I might have not read them or if at all i might have read them then I would have notcommented coz I haven’t loved in for a long time I have still tried commenting on a few ff’s 6 pages were left now while writing it 3 left I would be back to commenting regularly soon ?
Please do comment ? I would be waiting for your comments ? Love you all ?

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