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Mahi in Sarna mansion
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Episode Starts:
Kunj:Mahi now its time to execute plan B
Mahi:But Kunj are you sure these things wont harm UV
Kunj:(thinks) She still thinking about UV she should think about Twinkle because this plan may ….Kunj stop why are you thinking about her you have nothing to do with her
Mahi:Kunj Please answer where are you lost
Kunj:Nothing would happen to UV he would just breakdown
Mahi:You need not worry I would support UV
Kunj:(thinks)Mad girl (Says)Mahi now go and sleep Tomorrow is a big day our real pain begins tomorrow
Mahi:Yes Kunj Good night
Kunj:Good night
Mahi Leaves the room Kunj walks up to his rooms balcony He looks up at the stars
Babaji why am I feeling bad when Mahi talks about harming Twinkle does she affect me (He shakes his head) No it cant happen I cant stop my revenge for her I want to destroy Yuvraj and Mr.Sarna(Manohar) I insult them and then my revenge would be complete I,Bebe,Usha ma and Ma and Papa will stay together and Live happily


The next day :
Mahi:UV UV did Twinkle call you yesterday
UV:No but why is everything alright
Mahi:No UV Twinkle is not at home and she isn’t picking her phone I have sent her 55 messages and called over 100 times but she hasn’t replied any of them I am just a bit worried for her
UV:Mahi dont worry she might be in the gurudwara or The old age home
Mahi:I call them there too but she is not there too but I haven’t checked the Gurudwara
UV:Mahi come lets check
Mahi:Yeh UV come lets go
YUHI reach the Gurudwara
UV:Mahi You search in that direction and I will search in this
Mahi:Okay UV
UV:(searching for Twinkle and thinks)How can this be true Twinkle is not at home I myself had dropped her home but where did she go did Dadi tell her something or is she upset Oh babaji please take care of her
Mahi:(Thinks)Where is this Twinkle attention seeker God knows where she is ,UV i am feeling so bad for you You are searching for Twinkle like a mad lover she does not deserve your love I do You are only mine Only Mine

Yuhi serch for Twinkle but they don’t find her
UV:Mahi where can Twinkle be
Mahi:UV i have no idea about it
UV:Mahi did Dadi tell something to Twinkle
Mahi:I don’t know How will I know I was at your place yesterday
UV:Yeah Babaji please keep my Twinkle safe
Mahi:(Boils in anger and Thinks)My Twinkle ,UV you are only mine and You are supposed to say My Mahi (speaks) UV I think we should go home and ask Ma about this
UV:Yes only Leela ma can answer the questions
Mahi:Come lets go


Precap:Leela:(Crying) UV dont know where is Twinkle How would she be Oh Babaji please save my child
UV:Ma stop crying this is all Dadi’s fault you all know how emotional Twinkle is How could she say this to her

Sorry guys for a short update but as you can see this is the third post I am posting today I am sorry that I could not give justice to this ff and yes I am trying to make this ff a bit longer its a limited episode series Hope you understand ad that is why I will give short updates so that the suspense remains ? Now keep thinking why Twinkle is missing and what is it that Leela is talking about ?

Next Update: 2nd October ?
This week I have my exams so the would post as soon as I complete writing it ? My exams end on 30th so would try posting on 1st but if I am not able to do so would definitely post on 2nd Hope you understand ?

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