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Okay so one of the readers had a doubt regarding Kunj loving Twinkle or is she just a time pass for him well dear let’s see what the coming epsidoes tell you coz Its It’s the real suspense may be even Kunj is confused right now …
Episode starts :

2 hours before …
Mahi’s POV
Our plan finally Os is working Twinkle has gone to meet Kunj and Sid is already out of the plan now so now me and my UV are finally going to be one and I promise UV I won’t let you go away from me never ever ever This earing is so beautiful this is the one you gifted me UV on our engagement which broke. But this marriage won’t and I promise that
Mahi’s POV ends
Babaji I font know know why I feel like something bad is happening or going to happen I just hope Twinkle is fine This pagdi…its so difficult to tie
UV’S POV ends

Meanwhile in a temple…….
(Mangslam bhagvan Vishnu Mangalam…. plays in the bg)
A priest is seen chanting some mantras
Priest:Ab yajman apna dayana hath agae kijiye apke hone vale panti ke haath ke neeche
(The groom takes the brides hand forcefully and places his right hand below hers )
Phero ke liye khade hojaye
(The groom is seen walking ahead of the bride who is dragged along with him due to the cloth which has tied them together she is not at all intrested her face is all dull tear marks can be seen )
Ab vadhu aagae aajaye
(The groom moves behind the bride but the bride does not move a bit the groom lifts her up in a bridal form and completes the nsptual rounds )
Ab aap Yeh sindoor unke mang meh sajaye
(The groom takes a pinch of sindoor and puts it on the forehead of the bride while she just closes her eyes letting a tear drop from it )
Mangal sutra pehenaye
(The groom ties the sacred thread around the brides neck while she remains still )
Ab aap dono pati patni hai
(The groom smiles devilishly while the bride has a expressionless face )

Groom’s POV
Finally I got Twinkle I am so happy now the last step of my plan is to show the whole family their new DIL
Groom’s POV ends

Twinkle’s POV
I am already married .. I was going to be married to UV but now ..Kunj is my husband I always had a feeling that there is something wrong with him but…. and Mahi how can she do this being a girl she made a joke out of her dignity … and Sid I thought he was my best friend but …. what will Leela Ma and Nani think of me when they see me in this state already married state it’s such an irony I want to cry but tears aren’t flowing down my eyes
Twinkle’s POV ends

Leela : Naina beta Is everything done ready I will just call Twinkle down
Naina: Aunty but from the past half and hour I can here only the hair driers sound from Twinkle’s room
Leela:Oh ho babaji what should I do with this girl she is getting married today and her beautification and all we are shoDr of tone and she … anyways beta can you just check Mahi
Naina: Sure Aunty why not
Leela: (about to knock the door when she sees it’s already open she sees Mahi sitting there in tje dressing table she walks towards her) Mahi beta you are here I thought you might be in your room but you are here oh sister talks before marriage I understand but where is …. Twinkle… Mahi beta I am asking you something answer me ( A bit angered ) beta where is Twinkle where is she ?
Mahi:( cracking voice ) ma Twinkle ran away from the marriage
Leela : (shouts ) Mahi it’s not the time to joke Twinkle beta I know it’s your plan now beta please come out your Ma is calling you
Mahi:(crying) Ma I am not lieing you don’t believe me right read this letter Twinkle has written this (hands a letter to Leela)

Leela:(reads the letter )
Dear Ma ,
I am sorry I any marry UV I can’t live my life with the one I don’t live I love someone else and hence I am marrying that person I am really sorry I know your name would be defamed but I can’t spoil my life for that
Love you
Your loving daughter

No this is not true ( the letter drops from her hand Nani Nano and Dadi also come into tje room )
Dadi : Leela what happened? Mahi you are looking Beautiful kisi ke nazar na lagjaye (she hugs her and puts a black spot behind her ear)
Nani:Mahi you are looking pretty but where is Twinkle why is she not here ? And Leela what happened to you ? And this letter (she picks it up and after reading she gets shocked Dadi toovreafs the letter she does not react much )
Dadi: I am not surprised after all she is the daughter of two froad people how can we expect her to be good she has proven that how much ever good upbringing we give her bad blood always shows its true nature
Naina:(taking long breaths ) Leela Aunty I found this letter for you in Mahi’s room ( hands over the letter and leaves)
Leela: Dear Mahi,
I am sorry I can not marry you .. I am not ready for this marriage I know it’s a big thing but I can’t marry you for saving you from the bad words of the society Twinkle forced me to marry you and I agreed but now I am backing off I any marry you
From :

Dadi: Oh ho babaji now what my Grand daughters life is also spoilt because of that Twinkle She was the one who brought the proposal now who will marry my Mahi her engagement ha . Been broken now her marriage too what face will we show to the world one daughter ran away and one future SIL
Leela walked out of the room emotionlessly she wanted to check if Twinkle is some where near the house and she can get her back she opened the door to see …..

Twinkle’s POV
Kunj was about to ring the bell when Leela ma opened the door she was shocked seeing me and Kunj I looked at Kunj disgusting after seeing Leela ma’s shocked face he was so happy his evil smile tells it all
He went inside and started calling everyone out Manohar Uncle Usha Aunty UV Anita Aunty and every one I was forced to stand close to him because of the cloth which tied us together I then Saw UV in the marriage dress He looked at us shocked he did not react at all he stood there still not moving at all
Kunj: So all the members here meet Mrs.Twinkle Kunj Sarna my wife
Manohar Uncle: Kunj you are all right ( tries hugging him but Kunjnpushes him away )
Kunj: Mr.Manohar stay away from me
Dadi: is this the way to talk to elders Twinkle please teach your husband some manners oh look whom am I asking to do so the one who ran away on in her marriage day to marry her lover and also called a froad man to marry her sister what can I expect from the husband of such a girl …
Kunj: oh just stop your tape old lady how dare you say this about my Twinke it’s her choice she can do whatever she wishes to and we aren’t here to listen to your speeches we are here to take your blessings
He said pulling me along with him to touch the elders feet no one blessed us willingly he made each one place their hand on our head Dadi also blessed us unwillingly Nani was also forced to do so Leela MA was still in a state of shock

PRECAP: Leela’s out burst one more marriage to go and where is Sid Twinkle’s grah pravesh new characters entry

SIDMIN… Sweet Intelligent Daring Mesmerising Invincible Naughty
SANDHIR…Single Awesome Neat Humane Irresistible Rattling

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