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“My pain”~Swara (Episode 4)

Episode 4

Time passes and with it passing people and their life changes as well.

Its truly said nothing is permanent in life except for changes which take place with regard to time..

4 months passed by in the blink of the eye..

We can see the badi is decorated like a bride and of that the Gadodia house is lit up colourfully.
A lovely day for sure probably for the gadodias but what was it still needs to be seen..
As we enter we can see the hustle and bustle just like how it is when a wedding preparation is happening.
As we move in we can spot ragini dressed beautifully in a pink lehenga and no accessories..
A further look in the house we can see all the Maheshwaris as well as dressed up to look their best along with a happy Laksh and still gloomy Sanskar…

After an hour we can see Ragini being brought down with her Mom, Dadi along with Ap and Sujatha to the centre place where a lovely stage has been set up..
Making her sit there, all ladies bought a basket of pretty flowers and started adoring Ragini with all the flower ornaments clearing indicating it was her mehandi and thus making her look even more beautiful…

A few minutes passed by and as the mehandi artists began to adore Ragini’s hands with beautiful designs, Parineeta and Adarsh started dancing beautifully while many other friends of Ragini who joined as well..
Everyone could be seen near the function place except for Swara and dida was noticed as some corner with a face of displeasure clearing indicating that she dint want to be part of the rituals happening there..
Noticing dida at a corner came shomi to her and enquired about swara and learning she was in Bose house she set out to bring her to be part of the rituals happening in there.
Swara thus came out of the house dressed in a pleasant turquoise coloured lehenga due to her mother’s force with a fake smile attached on her face.
Anyone who saw her at that moment could clearly notice the dark circles around her eyes , the missing spark in her eyes and the very obvious fake smile she was sporting.
Seeing her being forced , her dida could no longer take it and grabbed swara’s hand swiftly and asked if she was fine..
Taken aback were everyone seeing dida’s this act.. And all were shocked to see dida’s eyes burning with anger while swara’s eyes were teary..
Even more shocked they were left after hearing dida’s words..
Dida, wasn’t short tempered kind of a person but being unable to see her dear granddaughter in pain she could no longer control her tongue and wetched out all her anger she had hid in these 4 months.. And made everyone realise how partial had they been and in plight of supporting Ragini they had actually forgotten swara who was there for them during all times of their need and never could actually hate anyone…

“Kya kar rahi ho sharmishtha? Dhik nahi rahi he kya tujhe ki swara teek nahi hein? Andhi ho ya phir dekhna nahi chahthi ho??
Thodi tho socha iske bare mein bhi sirf Ragini ke bare mein hi kyon sochthi ho?” Said dida.
Seeing dida in anger swara tried to stop her by gently pressing her hand but probably it was too late.
“Nahi swara , aise math dekho mujhe, aaj mein chup nahi baitoongi.” Said dida.
Shomi all baffled by her mother’s words asked her what mistake she had committed further raging dida.
“Achi baath he shomi ki thumhe ye bhi nahi dikhaya dhiya ki tumhara beti badhal chuki he.. Thum dekh nahi payi ki tumhari shona ab wahi nahi hai..” said dida.

A lil irritated that they were actually creating a mess in his daughter’s mehandi , Shekhar asked dida to say whatever she wanted to say directly and not beat around the bush.
A completely raged dida , gave a tight slap across the face of Shekhar seeing his courage and guts to say such words to her and being blind to swara’s pain all these months.
Everyone was shocked.
Dida then questioned Shekhar saying answer my question Shekhar have u really accepted swara over the years as your daughter??
Hearing a positive reply from him dida opposed him and pointed out clearly that he was lying..
Seeing dida say so, everyone questioned her why she thought that way or why she was thinking like that.
“Yahi, sach hain. Ap mano ya na mano sach badhal me wala nahi hein…
Jab laksh ne Ragini se shadi thod Dhi thi, Shekhar ne meri Shonu or sanskar ka rishtha be todh Dhi tha. Lekin aaj jab Ragini aur laksh ka phir se shadi ho raha hain, usne swara aur Sanskar ka shadi karne ke bare mein socha hi nahi.
Sach tho ye ha ki apne mein se kisi ko pharak hi nahi padtha ki meri Shonu Kush rahe ya nahi ya phir mare ya jeeye.” Said dida.
Hearing this words all were astonished and took dida’s name loudly.
“Chillayiye muth, yehi sach hai.
Aaj aap sub kushiyan mana rahe ho ki Ragini ko apna pyaar mil raha he lekin app mein kisi ne bi Swara ke bare me nahi socha ha. Sach tho yeh ha ki in 4 mahino mein bhi aap sub swara ke bare nahi socha. Yehi sach he ki, aap mein se Sanskar le alava koi nahi tha jisko meri swara ka parva tha. 4 mahino mein swara apne aap ko khodhi hai lekin apko yeh sab nahi dikhi kyunki aap sabko sirf Ragini ka chintha padi hui thi..
Yahaan thak aap ye bi bolgayi ki swara ka janmdhin kab hai.
Shomi, thune kaha na ki thum Swara aur Ragini mein bedhbav nahi ki tho jab thum Ragini ki janmdhin ko dhoom dham se mana sakthi ho thi phir swara ke janmdhin pe ussse wish bi kyu nahi ki??
Swara ke birthday pe iss sal mere aur Sanskar ke alava use koi wish hi nahi kiya aur iss kya sabhoth chahiye ki thum ko swara ki Marne or jeene se farak hi nahi padtha?
Issleye meine phaisla kiya ha ki Shonu ka aap me se kisi ke saath koi rishtha nahi hoga..
Aur thum logon ko mein aur ek baath bathadhethi hoon ki in char mahino mein meri Shonu sleeping pills or depression pills lena shuru kar dhiye aur ab iski halath ithna karab ho chuka he ki ye kabhi maa nahi ban sakthi or is ka karan sirf aap log ho. “ said dida.
Hearing this swara, no longer could control her tears and let them flow…
“ Aur haan kal subah meri Shonu , Australia jaa rahi he aur wo bhi hamesha ke liye.
Aur inn papers mein Jo thum log bina pade sign kiya na iske hisaab se apka aur Shonu ka koi rishtha nahi he..” said dida.
This was when reality struck everyone but it very late coz they knew they could do nothing now to bring back their daughter who has been lost in darkness..
All they did was cry and feel guilty over their doings that they had totally forgotten their dear daughter who was more broken and in extreme pain though they knew about it..
Regret was all that they could do and for sure they were ashamed of themselves as they knew that it was swara who was always by the family’s side at any time of pain and kept them all together and sacrificed probably her own life to just keep them happy.
They asked dida a last question as how she could manage to send swara to Australia when they finally heard their dear daughter speak to them after 4 Months..
“You don’t have to think about it Mrs. Gadodia.
I always wanted to gift you something so that people would never question you. , But I was wrong coz it was only Ragini who was your daughter and never me, the truth is though I was your daughter u were never by my side during my pain. In order to make u proud, I actually started SB group of industries during my second year of MBBs and since u dint need or deserve it , I named it in name of dida. Just in case anyone of u dint know of SB group of industries, it’s number in India as of now… Probably this is my last meeting with all of you. Even now, I have no complaints with you all , but sorry I really dint want to spoil your beautiful evening.. Anyways bye forever.” Said swara.
With that she was ready to leave but did something unexpected and left from there.
She gave a tight hug to Sanskar who had tears in his eyes thinking about the pain Swara had endured and managed to hide from him..
Whispering “ Sanskar , I love you only you and have always and also promise to love you always. Bye.. Take care. “
With that Swara left the place while everyone was drowned in their own guilt of forgetting her and ignoring her during her time of pain when she needed them badly…..

Finally, a long chapter. Friends u know what, my tomorrow’s exam got cancelled due to the rains and hence I uploaded the episode. Hope u all like it. Thanks to all my readers including the silent ones. Please comment the flaws.
This was a dida centric episode . Hope u like it.. Thanks once again. Bye.. Take care..
Love u all. 💝💟💞💗💖💚💛💜💙

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