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My Love, with Spaces in Togetherness (episode 6)

Helloo my dear pretty ladies……first if all thank you so much .for your continuous encouragement.A special thanks to my dear big sis Jessuu.. Thanks again for that suggetion..Here is the next part..please read it and drop your precious comments.
Its a long part,you guys have no problem, right?


“Hello ,Mr.Malhotra,nice to meet you.”
I shook hands with the handsome guy who stood in front of me.
“The pleasure is all mine Mr.Arjun”,he said giving me a friendly smile.
“Have your seat Mr.Malhotra,so as our assistants dealt with all the processes we just have to sign it .Mr.Mal..”
“One second my friend”,he cut my words ”
“Can you please stop that Mr.Malhotra tagline?And why all these formalities?We can become friends, can’t we?”,
As per my usual behaviour, I would have said him that I don’t want any friends from this damn business field. But this man seemed to be something different. I felt a positivity around him…When I entered to the cabin, unlike me, he was chatting and laughing with my subordinates.In the business world too he had fine has good name,a successful business man.He seemed to be an amiable fellow. Now I can try a friendship here.
“Ok Neil..usually almost all businessmen I deal with is older than me.So I don’t have any business friends.But Iam ready to try once . ”
I said in one breath.
He chuckled,”that’s so cool man, but please erase that word ‘business’ before ‘friend’.”
“As you wish”,I gave him a sheepish smile.
Soon we signed the deal and discussed about the further programs if company for sometime.
“Well..Neil,if you are free now,I want to invite you to my house.Its just a half an hour away from here..”
“Thanks for your invitation Arjun.I would have come,but I have to do some other task ..”
Just a minute Arjun Neil took the ringing phone and answered..
“Yes Sammy..the meeting is just over.. Yeah..Im gonna do it.We will surely find Rad..hello Sam..hello.I can’t hear anything .. I will call you later..” He cut the call and looked me.
“It’s my would be wife Sam..Samaira and our marriage is after three months”,his eyed sparkled..
“Oh,congratulations”,I said ,but my ears echoed with the name Sam..
Sam and Neil..I heard it.. I had heard it somewhere.
Oh God Sam,yes now I remember,Neil and Sam.
Sam,Radhika’s best friend.. and Neil,Sam’s boyfriend. But is he the same Neil? How will I confirm?And do they are in contacts?
“By the way,everyone says that Mr.Arjun Mehra is a mysterious man ,I mean everyone knows everything about Ajay Mehra’s son Arjun Mehra but not the business man Arjun Mehra.Media is so interested to know about you..especially about your family.. You know.. ”
“Like you all know my dad is still bed ridden,and….and I have a baby boy..”
“Don’t say that you gave birth to him.He has a mother ,right.Say about her first,actually I never heard about your marriage earlier”,Neil was not stopping.
“That’s because.”
“That’s because you kept it secretly.It was surely a love marriage, wasn’t that?”
I gave him a smile which meant nothing.
“So Arjun,Im sorry that I can’t come your home today.I have an other plan and its an emergency case.””
“No problem Neil,but whenever you come to Delhi, just come to my house.’
“Yeah sure..I will meet your wife and son..”but a phone call again interrupted us.
“Excuse me Arjun..”,he again took the call.
“Yes Sammy..Im just going there ..keep patience.. This time we will surely find her.I consider her as my sister, you know.Then how can I?
Yeah Sammy,take care..”
Then he smiled at me again ,but he had a worried look.
“Everything fine, Neil?”,I asked.
“Yeah ,Iam..”then he sat silent for a few seconds.
“Actually there is a problem, Arjun.I think you can help me”.
“Its my pleasure Neil,just say it”.
“Iam here in Delhi not only for the deal,but to search someone.We lost her contact two years back.Now I think she is here..”,he paused.
I didn’t ask who that person was.But I was almost all sure that it was Radhika.
“And her name..” his phone beeped again.It was a message or something.He checked it I found a shocked expression in his face.
“Iam sorry Arjun.I have to go..See you later”,he rushed out.
What was wrong with him!Some minutes ago he was all calm and cool and suddenly
so tensedIHow could have Sam lost Radhika’s contacts?Weren’t they best friends?Radhika..it’s not me,but you are mysterious..I want to know what are the things which made you to be a surrogate mother.As far as I know,she lived in Mumbai with her mother.The only acquintance she had was her mother,I think.Did something to her?How did she come to Delhi??And whatabout that bl**dy jerk who hugged her that day?She didnt love him,did she?I really want to know that all.But how can I ask all these to her?Thank God I met Neil.And he considered me as a friend.Now my only option is he..I will ask him everything in oneway or the other.If I have to tell him about Radhika or not, I
will think about it later..
Radhika even if you smile,I can see the pain in your eyes..You are an arm away from me and I am not able to soothe your it..I promise ,I promise myself that whatsover happens ,Iam never going to loose you again .
——————————————————–Like every other day, the mansion had shaken by Ayaan’s cry..no..not crying but roaring. Ayaan Arjun Mehra was indifferent to bath… Yes ,really bath…Whenever the water droplets hugs his body,he kept twisting , turning and crying..
Radhika was sitting beside kaki who was trying her best to calm him.As it was a usual scene,Radhika remained cool..or pretented so…
“I still don’t know why he makes this much furry for just a bath.Shame on you Ayaan..” she pouted her face.Instantly he stopped crying and looked her without blinking eyes .Then started it again, this time more louder.
“You made it worse Radhu.”
Kaki said and chuckled.
“What Kaki?My baby is crying and you are enjoying it?Not fair !”and kaki rolled her eyes.She wiped water drops from his body and took him back to the room.
“Now no more crying baby?mamma won’t tease you again”She cuddled the baby in her arms..and he calmed down…
Each time Radhika addressed herself as Ayaan’s ‘mamma’, Rani kaki felt pity for her..But she never stopped her..because she knew that inside those for walls ,Ayaan was the only hope that made Radhika live.
Kaki placed a baby kit on the bed.
“I will make him ready kaki..I have only a few days here,right?so as long as I stay here,I will do it.”Those were things she loved to do…She massaged his soft skin with baby lotions…then dressed up him with a tiny shirt and trouser.
“Look kaki how handsome my baby is!”She exclaimed.
Ayaan pulled a towel with his little palms and hide his face..”awee.
my baby is so shy..”, she giggled.
Then kaki made a tikka with black kohl on Ayaan’s cheek and forehead.
“Oh kaki,that was not needed..”
“No Radhu,this tikka will make evil eyes away from the baby”,Kaki assured.
“I think for his father ,I the evil eye here”,Radhika sighed.
“Don’t say like that my child,he is so possessive on Ayaan,that’s it”.

” And he is right kaki,Ayaan is his only.Iam just.. just an unlucky mother, a virgin mother…”,a lone tear escaped her eyes .She held Ayaan more close to her…

5’O clock,evening! I slept this much !Actually its not my fault.Here I have nothing to do except taking care of my Ayaan?
Again I lazily slouched in the bed ,roaming my eyes all around the room.What’s that?A camera? Yeah a camera,it was on the dressing table.But who place it there?And whose camera?
I walked to the table and took the camera in hands. It was a costly one.Can I watch the photos.But without the owner’s permission..? That’s wrong,right?But curiosity killed my morality..I started checking it.
What?? It is me,isn’t it?Yeah,my photo.. but.. how ?who?when?Relax Radhika..relax…think Radhika..think…
Wasn’t that the dress I wore last day?Yes,that’s it. Ayaan in my lap and we are near the window..And the most embarrassing thing, Iam sleeping. Why didn’t he ask me before taking photo?He??Who?
What is the need of asking questions myself? I have to find it ..I squeezed my brain for a long time.
Oh no! Arjun Mehra!Did he… did he take the photo?No,why should he? Yes,he can do it,can’t he?Because Iam holding Ayaan,and he is Arjun’s son..So maybe he felt to take his picture then..he is a busy man,right? So when he found time ,he did it.Nothing else.And no one else in this mansion can afford this costly camera.
If I think this much,I will surely end up in mental hospital,thinking this,I slide my fingers to see next photo.
What?? Again a shock, but this one had more impact.
Me again?Its me??Yes its me..but this time no Ayaan.I just can’t comprehend this..I stumbled on my feet. Isn’t that really shocking?You live somewhere which is miles and miles away from your home ,where no one cares a damn about you,where someone want to throw you out at any moment,do you expect something like this??My photo??I zoomed the picture though I was sure its my photo..
One second!
that place? that dress? that flowers?
The memories of that day flashed on my mind.. maybe it had happened a few years back, but still that incident occupied my thoughts ..moreover I dreamt that a number of times..
yes..the same park..same dress..same flowers…
Iam sitting on the bench,the flower bouquet-my favourite white roses -on my lap and Iam unfolding the letter in my hands.That was my posture in that photo…if it was some other situation I would have admired the photographer’s amazing talent and time.Because the next second only Saral barged into the scene and threw away the flowers along with the letter.But what exactly happened?? Someone was taking my picture and I had no idea about that?How could that happened? And the ultimate question is,WHO? Who did this? Whosoever did this ,know me for more than five years?

No,no…. Stupid heart,its not him.It can’t be him.I am cent percent sure that Arjun had no role here …Maybe its someone else’ camera. But something striked my mind..Wasn’t he..wasn’t he also in Mumbai? Yes.
he was there and he lived near my college?Everyday he was there. And someone had send me my favourite roses ,right? So there is a chance…
‘Oh,stop it’,my brain commanded.. How can I think about Arjun Mehra like that? Iam damn sure that on that time he don’t even saw me at least once .He saw me only two days back and I know I don’t look like a celestial nymph for whom someone fall in love at first sight . He can’t ,he won’t do it…so its not him….and above all if it was him,then does this situation ever happen in our life? I mean Ayaan.like this…oh God.
what am I thinking? Just stop it there Radhika…
Then who?Is that a stalker?Maybe he us some psycho who stalk girls for a long time and approach them when she becomes mother?And now he is giving warning to me? Is he inside this mansion ,so took the pic of Ayaan and me?? Next second I felt pity on my stupid brain,what an assumption was that?No man will do such things.. I thbec, now I became a psycho..I felt so frustrated…I placed the camera on the table suppressing my temptation to smash it on the floor..
What to do now?? Think, just think…after spending so much time for thinking or rather worrying,I decided to do nothing. Yes…what else can I decide when such a head ache is before me and I have no one to share that??
If only I had my Sam here..I settled myself on the bed, hugging a pillow and remembering those funny and happy days with Sam and her idiot ,forgetting everything else..
“And here we are…”,I heard a joy filled voice and my heart beat skipped.I knew it was Arjun’s..
He entered the room with Ayaan..
“You took him?”,I asked.Were I sounded arrogant?
“Yes, I did. Any problem”,he raised one eyebrow.
“No.. Not at all…”, But why is he staring me??
Is something on my face? He walked nearer to the bed.Don’t know why my stupid heart started beating faster.Shit,calm down Radhika, he had nothing to do with that photo thing…

“You look worried..”,he slowly mumbled.
And you are making it worst Arjun…
Anyway did it matter him?If so, why? Why he is concerned of me? And why am I checking out him?
“Its nothing.. Just a headache..and I had had tablets.”a lie,if I didn’t tell that, he may ask to have it,just for a formality.
Thank God he didn’t beat about the bush.. Silently he transferred Ayaan to bed.
“Arjun,be careful. He is a baby”,I yelled.
“I know Radhika, he is mine too..”
Of course I know Ayaan is his only,wait,he said what?’Ayaan is mine too’??Which means…which means Ayaan is mine too.Wow..did Arjun Mehra really said that? Did he really meant that?
But??But only three days back I heard him shouting that he want me away from ‘his’ Ayaan.And now he is saying this..
He stood there for some more minutes and turned to go.This is a nice chance, I can ask him..
“Arjun, whose camera is this?”,yeah,I asked.
“Cam..?”,he didn’t complete as he saw it in the table..
“Was it here?”he asked.
Nervous, isn’t he?
“Yes,it was”,I keenly observed his expressions..Eventhough Arjun doing all those things was out of question,still I want to know his reaction .He took it. ,”This is my life and its not supposed to be here.”
What? His heart? Really?? Then what about the pict..
“Did you checked it?”,why is he interrogating me?
“No,I just saw it now and asked you”,,again a lie ,but I don’t regret. Because my inner instincs said me that there is something, something happening here, which has something to do with me,yet Iam unaware ..
“Why are you gaping me?”,that was all tit for tat .
“No…I didn’t “,I replied so quickly that I am amused of myself..How can I be calm and cool towards a man whom I hardly know?He may think that I was dying for a chance to talk with him or stare him.
Now,its my turn to ask a question.
“So Arjun ,when am I supposed to go?”,Iam still amused that from where I got the courage to ask that.But I know ,it was an inevitable and unavoidable question.So I had to ask it.But why did his face lost its colour. He had to be happy,right.Radhika Mishra ,who was clearly a burden here is asking herself ,’when ‘she has to go back.
“Im sorry,I think I didn’t hear it properly”.
Do I have to repeat?No Radhika, don’t look at Ayaan,then you can’t say it..
“Arjun,I asked that as our agreement date is going to end soon ,when am I supposed to go from here?I mean to my house?”..I can say it a house but home.
I can feel his gaze directly on my eyes..by the way his brown eyes..they are so..so…
Wait, what am I thinking ?Okay ,maybe his hazels have such a charm that anybody could melt on it.But at the present moment, I found no emotions in those.. He stood there lost..his gaze was making me uncomfortable.
I cleared my throat.Thank God, It brought him back from reverie.
“Arjun ,I asked you…”,hey what is he doing ?Leaning towards me?Why?Is he going to kiss me?Radhika,push him,you cant allow a strange man near you.My first kiss will be special, with a man I love.. No,don’t do it Arjun…stupid heart,please slow down,he may hear it.Due to the sudden proximity I closed my eyes. Slowly I felt something soft on my forehead,his lips!A kiss!my mouth dried,body shivered and goose bumps formed..oh,no,can someone tell me its a dream only..it can’t happen. how dare he?
I somehow gathered courage and pushed him .
“What was..”
“Shh..!”he pressed his fore finger in my lips..He cupped my left cheek with right palm..
“Everything will be fine..I promise.. Don’t go away…just be with us..”
I doubt if Im still alive or dead.Because I stopped breathing a few seconds back .Sharing one more eyelock,he left the room..or rather escaped.
And me??Well, I don’t know what had happened and what is happening..Because Im still dazed..my brain is too tired of continuous thinking that I can’t interpret ,what that man just told me. How dare he kiss me?? I know it was just on my forehead, but my consent was needed, right?
But wasn’t that comforting? Yes…if ignore my mind’s voice,heart says it was really soothing. My heart got some peace at that moment.. Isn’t that really strange?Even if it was for a moment, I found solace in the simple kiss of a man,whom I know only a little…and what was his words… Something like promise?? I can’t remember…I heard Ayaan’s sequels beside me…I picked him and gently kissed on both cheeks..
“Mine too…”,I whispered in his ears…and he smiled…

Huuuhh..atlast I completed it..this was not what I decided to write.But we can’t expect Radhika to love Arjun so fast, can we?So a strong move was needed..
One more thing..as Im busy with studies nowadays I have little time to read my favourite stories here..So,please don’t mind if I comment lately or not comment on your stories.But I will read it sometime for sure..
Now please drop your comments..Pleeease..

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