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My Love Is Only For U (MATSH) episode 37

The episode starts with ranveer and family reaching RV mansion.

All were tired so all went their respective rooms.

The screen shifts to parker house.

Where ISHANI was in her room.

She changed herself into night dress.

That time someone knocked at the door.

She opened it was falguni.

Falguni- R u was sleeping?

ISHANI- No maa.

FALGUNI – I want to tell u somethings.

ISHANI – Yeah sure but u first come in.

Falguni sat in the bed and ISHANI rested her head on her lap.


ISHANI – Haaa maa.

FALGUNI – Now also me and it papa is not able to believe that our ishu had grown up as now she is going to get married now. As I am feeling that the day u was born is like yesterday everything went so fast right?

ISHANI- Haa but still I am yours little naughty ishu its self 😊😊😊. Who always do dome naughty things.

Falguni smiled and said that is the problem right now.

ISHANI confusingly- What?

FALGUNI – Now u r going to get married soon and going to have a new family. Here we loved u so much and gave so much freedom and we never scold u for it naughtiness as we all enjoyed that. Bit when u goes to a new family it won’t be like that so u should become some more matured and responsible as here after its urban duty to take care of it family.And u should take care of RANVEER too. U should respect and obey him also.

ISHANI – Ohhhhhh my god for saying all this u came here? I know everything maa Haan u r right that I am naughty but its only to my papa and maa. Otherwise it ishu is so matured maa. So don’t worry about anything maa and coming to Ranveer And about respecting him where there is love respect will be there for each other too. he won’t allow me to take care of him as he will be taking of me as I think he is considering me as a small girl. Do u feel that I am a child?

FALGUNI smilingly – Haan beta u r like a child.

ISHANI – Really …

FALGUNI- Hmm as the most we care is for children. If someone loves us a lot they will care and protect us the most like a child. I am happy that u got a boy like Ranveer. He is a very good boy who respects and cares for all.

ISHANI smiles laying on Falguni’ s lap and later she slept.

Days passed. …Ishveer met all the days at park, beach , restaurants etc….. .

And their marriage date was fixed.

Like that one day they decided to meet in a coffee shop. And our RANVEER came late and our ishani as a punishment asked him to take her to rock star abhishek’ s concert.

RANVEER- That’s how we r siting here.


ABHI – So it marriage date is fixed but u didn’t said about it.

PRAGYA – haaaa

RANVEER – Ohh sorry I forgot say that it’s on next month.

ABHI in a funny tone looking at Pragya (just for making her angry )- So the disaster of it life will on next Month.

RANVEER confusingly- What disaster ?

ABHI- Ur marriage .

PRAGYA angrily – So what do u mean? Marrying Me was a disaster for u?

ABHI – Ohh dear I didn’t said it like that.

PRAGYA – Then what did u said?

DADI -hey stop it.

They both stopped their cute fight as Dadi told.

Then our ishveer took blessings from Dadi .

PRAGYA and ISHANI hugged each others.

ABHI and RANVEER hugged each other.

Then ishveer invited all of them for the marriage.

They then bid bye to them.

Ishveer came to car and Ranveer started the car.


ISHANI – How cut and nice they r both right?

RANVEER – Yes. When we were in college. Prags and ABHI both was been in love with each other. That time I made them to realise their love. Actually we trio was been bff’s from that time itself.

ISHANI smiles hearing this.

ISHANI – Didn’t u had any gf in college?

RANVEER- Actually there was been lot of girls behind me who were crazy about me . But I didn’t find any one. Haaan there was a girl who was been very crazy about me. Seeing her craziness I thought to say yes to her but like that times some one inside ne always told me that it not my love as my love is waiting for me. And now it had become true too.😄😄😄😄

ISHANI smiled.

RANVEER – What about u?

ISHANI- About me when I was in London as I told u that so many boys was been there behind me that time shikhar only saved me saying himas my bf. And due to this so many enemies were made for Shikhar. But before shikhar came to London a stupid was been there in pur college who used to flirt with all the girls. Once he came to me when I was in canteen and started to flirt but that was his first and last flirting to me as I gave him a tight slap.

RANVEER laughingly- Just for flerting u slapped him?

ISHANI- No,not only for flerting in addition he held my hand. I lost my control and. …….

RANVEER laughed.

ISHANI too laughed.

Then they reached lately house.

Ranveer dropped ishani there and went to RV mansion.

The episode ends here.


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