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My Love Is Only For U (MATSH) episode 17


The episode starts with ishaani asking ranveer that do u know how to wear saree.

RANVEER – I know a little .

ISHAANI – Then can u plz help me plz ???


ISHAANI – No problem you just say it to me once then I will do it .

Then ranveer told her how to wear saree.

She then went inside and she tried her best but it was all mess . She was fed up with this ????

Then she again asked him then he again said it to her and at last somehow she managed to wear it . But it was not perfect .

And she came near the door and opened it . Ranveer who was standing near the door got shocked by seeing ishaani and started to laugh . ?

ISHAANI in a confused tone – What happened ? ??

RANVEER – Areee budhu u worn the saree ulta???

Ishaani ???????

ISHAANI – Oh my god what to do now . I worn it with much difficulty but now .???

RANVEER – Anyway u come fast its going to be 10 pm .??

ISHAANI – What ! Papa will get tensed so let’s go fast .

RANVEER smilingly – R u coming like this ?

ISHAANI – Ohh my god .

RANVEER – If u don’t mind I will help u .


RANVEER – Then ok u do it .

ISHAANI – No u wait here let me change the saree in the right way and wear . At the time of taking pleats I will call u . As for me it is difficult .


She then went yo the room and changed the saree into right way and worn it and at the time pleats she called him for help .

He came and he took the pleats at the same time she was arranging the pallu .

After taking the pleats ranveer he was going to hive the pleats to her to fold it but she was busy with arranging pallu .

He then called her name AME and gave the pleated to her . She then her self folded it . And thanked ranveer for helping .

RANVEER – what ?

ISHAANI – ohh sorry .


Ishaani – ohh again. Ya no sorry and thank u between friendship right ?

RANVEER ??????

Then they both came near the lift and went inside the lift .

Then they reached the entrance and went to parking area after paying the bill .

They both then got in to the car our ranveer started the car and went to main road .

RANVEER – Why ur baa is not staying in ur home ?

ISHAANI – Its just because when ever she takes vreth she will be staying here as there r so much memories for her .


ISHAANI – its really boring na ! So u say something .

RANVEER – I have doubt from the beginning I met u at the Pooja and that new year night . Did u know me earlier . As when I saw u I felt that I know u earlier .

ISHAANI got some how a fear as what to say . Then she thought to say the truth

ISHAANI – Yaa u r right I had met u before the new year night.

RANVEER – But where ?

ISHAANI – I saw u in a awards in that award night u got last years best diamond merchant seller award .

RANVEER – But I didn’t see u .

ISHAANI – Haa u r right u didn’t met me as I was late in that function and that day only I came from London after completing my coarse.


Then ishaani thinks did I want to say him about the car incident ? Then she thought not to say .

Then they talked about the studies and all .

RANVEER – That means u studied in London .

ISHAANI – No for higher studies only I went their till then I studied here. And what about u ?

RANVEER – Same . I went to states for higher studies . And before my studies were Here . ??. Who all was there u with London did harshad sir was with u there ? .

ISHAANI – No. I only went there .

RANVEER – U Alone no one was there .

ISHAANI – No not like that one of my friend was with me . so we two used to go to college . Then my best childhood friend too came there after one year . After his coming only all I used to enjoy London .

Then we trio went to most of the places of London but after some month my friend came here . I felt so bad with out her in London but he helped me to over come that . As he is the best from childhood . I used to share my secrets with him and we will be doing all the naughty things together. ?????. But at the time when we r caught of it . He will be taking all the blame in his head and will save me . He is one of my bestie .

Ranveer thought who is one she is saying and praising this much ? Is it will be her boy friend ? No no as she told know she don’t have boy friend .
And our ranveer felt a little jealousy and thought why I am getting jealousy !

ISHAANI – Haa I will introduce him to u as he is coming to India after two weeks from London so will introduce u ???.

Then for some time ishaani talked in the phone with harshad .

Our ranveer was driving the car .

Then ishaani fell asleep and feel into Ranveer’s shoulder . ????

He slowly took her head from his shoulder without disturbing her sleep . He then placed her head in the seat . At that time ishaani’s hair came front to her face . By seeing this our ranveer slowly took the hair and placed behind her ear and looked her face lovingly?. And smiled seeing her cuteness ? .

Then at last they reached baa’s house . As harshad told him the house and way .

Ranveer tried to wake up our ishaani . But she didn’t .

RANVEER – Ishaani ……

ISHAANI – haaa I am coming .

Ranveer thinks what she is saying???

He then again called her .

ISHAANI – Haaa maa I am coming u plz allow me to sleep two more minutes.

Ranveer smiles hearing this and thinks of himself .???

He then again tried to wake up but no reply from her.

With out any way he carried her from the car and rang the door bell .

The episode ends there.


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