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My Love Is Only For U (MATSH) episode 12

Hi guys I am back and my exams are over . So from now I will try to update thrice in a week. So I dedicate today’s episode to my kathy di and saru di

The episode starts with ranveer thinking about the ring in ishaani’s hand .

Ranveer thinks that it is my favourite that my dadi gave know ? But how she got it as lost it 3 yrs before?????

Ranveer was about to ask about this to ishaani then he thinks that it may be it may be hers and how can I ask her and again thinks it is a old one then how can she get it .

While he was thinking he was holding her hand .

Ishaani thinks why he is not leaving my hand . ?

Then she called him .

He came from the thoughts and asked Haaa.

Ishaani showed her her .

Ranveer gets shocked and said .

Ohh I am sorry I didn’t know that I was holding ur hand ???

Ishaani – its OK rv .

By hearing this ranveer smiles and says

Ranveer – Now we r friends know . so u call me as ranveer . As my friends and closed ones calls me ranveer so u also call me as ranveer and I likes that . OK ?

Ishaani – after admiring him says ya of course ??????

Then they both starts to lights the lamps ishaani was lightening the lamp but our ranveer was admiring???????? ishaani by lightening the lamp . As she was looking beautiful in lamp light. Tum hi ho plays ………

Then he notices ishaani’s saree geting fire .

He shouts ishaani’s name and goes to save her .

Ishaani gets afraid seeing fire and houls .

By hearing these sound people inside house came out .

Ranveer came near ishaani and some how managed to calm the fire a little by pouring sand in the fire . Then they Both roll in ground accidently in hurry and by rolling the fire calmed down and they were sharing a eye lock . As in a position ranveer was above ishaani they were looking each other lovely .

People came there and shocked to know that ishaani’s saree catches fire .

At this time ishveer came out from there eye lock .

Ranveer – In worried tone . R u OK ishaani ? Is anything happened to you ?

Sanam re plays

Ishaani – ya I am OK . is anything happened to u ?

Ranveer – ya I am fine.

harshad and falguni thanked ranveer for saving ishaani .

Harshad – thank u rv if u were not there today my daughter … By saying this he got emotional.

Ranveer consoled him .

thank u so much . we won’t forget this thing . ????

Ranveer – its OK aunty ji .

They moved inside and the party got over .

Ranveer – sir if ishaani Is not fine we can postponed the project date no problem .

By hearing these our ishaani who changed into night dress as the party got over so she wore night dress can down and said .

Ishaani – No need of that ranveer I am absolutely fine .

By saying this she smiled And sat near to harshad.

By seeing ishaani fine ranveer smiles and says then no problem .

Ishaani smiles at him .

Ranveer – Then bye as it is getting late . So bye and says where is Parul ?

Ishaani – she was been with me but when I came hear maa called her . and ranveer I really liked ur sister as she is so sweet .

By hearing this he smiled?????. ????? and called Parul .

She Came and they both stepped to go .

Harshad and ishaani walked with them till entrance .

Ranveer started the car and Parul too sat .

While they was about go ranveer looked at ishaani lovingly?? and smiled as biding bye

Ishaani too smiled back and they both shared a secret eye lock .

Then ranveer and Parul went to home ……..??????.

When they went ishaani went to her room .

And thought he is a very nice guy .

He is really good and today he only saved me if he was been not there ??? . He saved me without thinking of him self .

And today I am very happy that we became friends and I came to know about him and all .

And I can’t believe that I am going to work with him . with my love .

I never thought that I will be able to seeing him also . Is this is saying that if he is born for me I will definetly get him in my life if it not saw how I am trying to get him I won’t be able .

So be calm ishaani . If he is for u . u will get him .

At this time Parul and ranveer reached home . Ranveer went his room and got freasher .

And then he noticed his hand have burnt a little in the right hand.

And he applied some ointment and went to bed . When he closed his eyes ishaani’s face came and he opened his eyes and thought about ishaani and thinks why I am thinking about her and why i am always forgetting my self when I sees her ?

Why we became friends easily as I will have friendship when I mingle with them only but by a talk we became friends . And why I became so much worried when her saree catched fire. ?

Oh my god I am having this much questions but don’t have answer for even one ?????..

Then he thinks that why he is excited for tomorrow . Is it because I am going to work with her ? .

By thinking all those things ranveer fall asleep.

The screen freezes on ranveer and ishaani sleeping calmly .

Precap – Ranveer and ishaani to work together and ishaani to feed ranveer

Thank u for reading and commenting and keep supporting Me . And don’t forget to put ur precious comments and suggestions above …..

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