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My Life’s Miracles (Part 39 & 40)

Hello my dear friends….. I’m so happy today…. It’s my birthday ?????…..…. As a treat for you all, I have updated a long part…. Enjoy reading and do leave comments if not I will be so upset ??? on my birthday…. I didn’t even sleep yet even its 3 am edy and start to write this ff to give you all treat on my birthday…. Do read and have fun ?….. Have a nice day all….. Love you…. Muackssssss…. ???

After a few hours we all reached Maldives through our private plane ✈✈✈. Arnav drive us from there to an unknown place…. We all already know our destiny but we still don’t know anything about the private island that Arnav book for us….. Few minutes of drive, Arnav halt his car in front of an entrance…….
Arnav welcomed us “Guys, welcome to the Vella private island and let me do the honor to show your rooms…. we didn’t have any workers here because of our privacy……”
Angel: Who will cook for us then….?
Arnav: hehehe….. Don’t worry Angel I won’t ask you cook for us….???

Ahil: Wow!!! What a husband!! So much of love to your wife!! Till you don’t want her to cook!???
Swara & Zoya: You guys see how Arnav pampered Angel….. Better learn something from him especially how to treat you wife…???
Arnav: thank you my dear sisters for the praises….. And ya Sanskar and Ahil you should learn how to pampered your wife!???
Sanskar: hahaha….. Girls please don’t get cheated with his innocent face…???
Angel: What you mean bhaiya??
Sanskar: Angel, he doesn’t want you to cook because he doesn’t want you burn the island with your cooking styles….….. ???
Hearing Sanskar’s word Angel start to throw daggers to Arnav through her eyes while Arnav smile sheepishly towards her…..???
Ahil, Swara and Zoya start to laugh seeing Arnav reaction being catch red handed by Sanskar while pleading Angel who was boiling in anger…… ???
Swara said Arnav bhaiya “I didn’t accept this from you with a stern face……. How can you say something like that?”???
Arnav: I just tease her only with a panic voice thought Swara was angry on him….. Seeing Arnav’s panic reaction Swara control herself from laughing and said “Arnav bhaiya she won’t go that extreme….. she just goanna burn the foods or make we all admit in hospital due to food poison…….”???
Arnav start to laugh out loud rolling on floor after getting Swara’s teasing for Angel…..?? Swara and Zohil to join laughing with Arnav while Sanskar control himself from laughing….
Sanskar: Enough guys…. Don’t tease my sister…. With that he side hug Angel who was pouting with angry face….???
Angel: I hate you all only Sanskar bhaiya support me….. I will cook for him only next time and won’t cook for you all….. Hearing Angel’s statement Sanskar start to cough remembering her weird taste of cooking who will add weird things into the dishes with the name of new menu…????
Sanskar: NO!!! ???
Angel: What bhaiya???

Sanskar: I…. I… I mean…. There is no need to trouble you…. Y…you…. No need cook with stammering voice…Swara laugh more loud watching Sanskar weird reaction….??
Angel gets Sanskar also teasing her…. Angel stamps her foots on floor with anger ??? and leave to the lobby while they all laughing??…. All compose themselves from laughing and went to Angel to persuade her…..
All stand in front of Angel who was sitting in sofa with pouting….. They all together hold their ears and said “Sorry, Angel”…….?
Angel melts seeing them and thought to tease them before forgive and she get a naughty idea to tease them….. She didn’t react and rolling her eyes to them….???
Ahil: Angel, forgive us….??
Sanskar: Please forgive us sis….??
Arnav: wifey, we all just tease you…. Don’t take it serious….???
Angel with the pout and said “If you all want me to forgive you all, do the things I told you…….? Then only I will forgive you all!
Swasan & Zohil: Ok, Angel!!!?
Arnav: we all promise do whatever you want…..
Angel: Then I will forgive you all after you all did it!???
Arnav: But Angel? You haven’t told us what we all need to do!
Angel: All go to rest first, I will tell in the evening…..
Swaya (Swara & Zoya): why we both feel negative vibrating….. Angel what cooking on your little brain????
Angel: So you all don’t me to forgive you all? With an evil thought….hehehe???
Swaya sighs and said “Ok, sorry…. It’s your day….”
Arnav show all their rooms and all get settle in their room with their luggage and take rest….. After take rest all meet at the lobby for lunch…..
Arnav: Angel, I know you we are upset with we all….. So, I bring you to special place…..
Angel: Where you want bring me hubby? ?
Arnav: It’s a surprise baby…..?
On the way, Angel starts to ask again “Arnav, where are we going?”?
Arnav chuckle with her excitement….. “Darling please has some patience…”?
Angel: Arnav, what are you doing? Tell me na…. My mind will explode with the suspense…
Zoya, Swasan laugh again seeing her excitement and nonstop questions…. ??
Ahil: OMGGGG!!!!! ???

Swasan & Arnangel & Ziya: What happened, Ahil??????
Ahil: Guys, did you all get the same dejavu!?
Sanskar and Arnav already get what Ahil mean while the girls giving what do you mean look?
SaNav (Sanskar & Arnav) start to laugh…..??
Zoya: why you all laughing like mad!
Angel: ya tell us also what so funny??
Sanskar: Did you all remember when we were in Malaysia, we asked you girls to packed up….Swara ask a lot of question which irritate Angel and she called Swara question bank….. hahaha….. ???
Ahil: Swara, you really influence them a lot….Zoya too will ask a lot of questions so sudden….. Even they didn’t show it too obvious sometimes they all will show your shade which is asking a lot of questions….. Guys laugh at girls…. Hearing their teasing girls start to beat their husbands who were sitting beside them…. But only Angel didn’t beat Arnav because he is driving while others were sitting at the back and Angel sure will beat him once he stops the car…..
Finally Arnav halt the car in a car parking….. All climbed out of the car….. Once Angel out from the car and she starts to beat Arnav….. Swasan and Zohil laugh at Arnav….
Arnav: What kind of friend you all laughing at me….???
SaHil ( Sanskar & Ahil) ohhh… hello….. We also get beaten before….. even you also laughing us…. So its tit for tat…..???
Arnav: ok, Angel….. Enough of beating of your poor husband….. Let’s go to see your surprise….
Angel: Poor my foot….. ???
Arnav make faces???…. Hahaha
Arnav bring all inside Ithaa Undersea Restaurant….. watching the place Angel start to shout and hug Arnav tightly and said “OMG!!! Arnav this is the best surprise…. Love you hubby…” with that she give a peck in his cheek…..???
Ahil: Woiiii….. Get a room…. Here got a lot of innocent kids… he said while closing his eyes…???
Angel start to blush with Ahil comment while Arnav still in shock ??? with Angel sudden bold act….. ???
Arnav: Don’t jealous of me…. If you guys want, your wife beside you only…. ??
Angel turn crimson red with his comment while SwaYa (Swara & Zoya) start to blush too…..?? Sanskar and Ahil smirk seeing their respective wife blush….. All have their seats and give their orders before enjoy the view…..
Arnav give some explanation to the girls because it was their first time at there while it’s a place where the guys visit so many times….
Arnav: This is Ithaa Restaurant as you all knew ready… Ithaa means mother of pearl in Dhivehi, an undersea restaurant…. This restaurant located 5 meters (16 ft) below sea level….. It also world’s first undersea restaurant…. We all can see a lot of underwater creatures while having lunch…… It’s really mesmerizing view…..???
Angel: Wow…. Hubby you are really clever to remember this all….
SaHil chuckling listens her innocent comment while Arnav blush hearing his wife’s praises….? After the lunch, all couples roams around the restaurant to enjoy the view while intertwined their respective partner’s fingers …….???

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