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my life my pain – swara (Part 1)

hi, this is laxmi.i just thought to write a ff on current track of swaragini serial.
its just after when uttara’s mil going to put money garland on swaras neck,a bullet sound is heard.
before anybody could understand swara was holding a pistol pointing at gayathri(uttara’s mil).the bullet was shot by nikhil.all were shocked as well as surprised to see the scenerio.
swara:wat u thought (to gayathri)i’m bearing ur insult for money’s sake.no not at all,mrs.gayathri agrwal u and ur whole family are under arrest.
ragini:wat is this swara?how can u do this,swara remember they r uttar’s future in laws,pls leave them.

sujatha;yeh chorey,tareko humare uttara ki khushi bardash nahi hata kya,phele mare chore ki zindhighi barbad ki ab uttara ki zindigi barbad kar rahe ho.
sans:(wid anger)exactly who the hell r u to arrest chirag and his family?
swa;(wid attitude)hogaya apka,ab mein kuch bolu,yes i can arrest chirag becoz i’m cbi officer.(all of them were shocked).and im handling laksh’s missing case.(looking 2wards sans) mr.maheshwary,do u know who is this chirag??he is an most wanted criminal,he has done illegal activities like smuggling,selling girls etc.do u have any idea wat he is going to do wid uttara?

now i stop wid this,i hope this is not bad.if any mistake,i am sorry.

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