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My heart beats for only you (Episode 39)

Episode 39

Recap- http://www.tellyupdates.com/heart-beats-episode-38/

At xyz mall (Let’s say Plaza mall. Just I name i made up ?) ;

Twinj and Yuhi were walking about the mall looking for elegant bridal outfits when Yuhi decided they were going to get some food as they were hungry. They left Twinj together when they too, bumped into their friends.
T- Chinki! Sargun!
(So it was Siddarth, Varun, Sargun and Chinki)

Sid- Arre! Twinkle! Kunj! What are you both doing here?
He hugged Kunj and so did Varun.

V- Yaar.. Since graduation, you have disappeared. Where did you go?

Kunj winked at them and put his arms around Twinkle. “I’ve been busy.” He said and they gang was shocked.
Sar- Wait? You proposed? And she accepted!?
C- Omg! I’m so excited! Ahh Twinkle yaar! I’m so happy for you both!

Twinkle blushed and looked at Kunj who was smiling at her.

The group pulled them into a hug and squeezed their lives out.

K- Yaar not so tight! You’re killing me!

V- Oh sorry sorry..

Sid- So why are you both here?

Twinj smiled and handed them an invitation for their wedding. (They walked with an extra nah)

Chinki and Sargun eyes popped. Sargun yelled, “Arre!!! Omg! Shaadi?”
Twinkle put her fingers on her lips and said, “Sargun! Not so loud. Everyone’s watching.”
Sargun’s sudden outburst had gathered a small crowd. Sid apologized on her behalf and twinj pushed them out the mall and they proceeded to the parking lot which was empty.
Here the gang burst into tons of questions while Twinj started laughing.
V- Seriously! So much has happened and we don’t know shit that’s going on! What kind of friends are you?

K- Hehe sorry yaar but no excuses! You four have to come to our wedding!
T- Haa! No excuses! If you’re not here I’ll leave Kunj on the mandap and come looking for you!

Kunj widened his eyes. “Umm Twinkle? You won’t do that right?”
Sargun and chinki giggled.
C- i think i won’t come just to see that!
Sid- Don’t worry Twinkle. We’ll be there.
T- Good!
They smiled. They returned back into the mall and went towards the jewellery section where they met Yuhi.

M- Oh good. You’re here. Come on pick your rings.

K- Ring? What for?
Y- Kunj. You’re going to marry without engaging my sister?
V- Wow Kunj. You really are an idiot!
K- Shut up varun! Ok.. Twinkle lets go.
They left to search for their rings. Twinkle found a simple silver one with a simple pendant. Kunj showed her a diamond ring with a heart pendant and she smiled. They paid for their ring and was about to leave when Kunj stopped Twinkle holding her wrist. She turned around and whispered, “Kunj! What are you doing? Sab dekh lehga!”
“So let them see nah. I want everyone to see how im going to propose to my woman.” He replied. Her jaws dropped as he goes on his knees and says, “Twinke, all my life, i have wanted someone who will understand me and be with me. I’ve always wanted that someone to be equally crazy as me or even worse. She must have a heart of gold and love me just the way i love her and Twinkle, i promise to give you every thing you need. Anything you want, i shall give but in return, will you please marry this idiot who loves you very much and wishes to live seven more births with you? Twinkle will you marry me?” Twinkle was looking at him teary eyed. He sees this and frowns. She quickly clears her face and forwards her hand. “Yes, i will.” Kunj smiles and puts the ring on her. He gets up and she also puts hers on his finger. “Congratulations Mr Sarna!” She said as he pulled her into a hug. “Congratulations to you too Ms Sarna!” She smiled and broke the hug when they heard the entire shop clapping including Yuhi and their friends.
Kunj nodded his hand in order to thank to them.
C- so cute yaar!
Y- Congrats Kunj! Not bad.
K- Haa i learned from the best.
Yuvi laughed.

Later Yuhi and Twinj walked about the mall and finally found perfect outfits for their wedding. (Siddun and Vinki left earlier)

K- Oh crap!
T- Kya hua?
K- Uhho! .. I forgot to collect the change from the cashier. I’ll be right back Twinkle. Don’t move.
T- Haa baba jao nah..

He left her standing alone. She looked around for Yuhi so that she could join them and spotted them not far away. She started to walk when her foot suddenly slipped and she began falling. She closed her eyes due to fear but then realised she hadn’t hit the ground. She felt two robust arms around her waist and slowly opened her eyes. She looked up at the person and was shocked. A man of mid-twenties had caught her and was looking down at her, smirking. “Hi, baby doll. Shocked? You should be. I’m back.” He said. He helped her to stand and before leaving said, “You are mine. You’re getting married nah? Let’s see how this works.” And he winked before walking away.

Meanwhile Twinkle felt as if her entire world had shook and fell at her feet. She was utterly lost and shocked and from the looks of it, she was really angry.
Kunj ran up coming behind her, panting. “Got it. Let’s go.” He was about to leave when he saw Twinkle in that state. He shook her, causing her jump. “Haa..Haa kunj?” She asked. “What’s wrong with Me? What’s wrong with you, you mean?! Where are you lost? I’m right in front of you.” He replied sarcastically. “Nowhere. Sorry. Let’s go,” she said forcing a smile. Kunj found something weird in her behaviour but then Before he could ask Yuhi told them it was time to leave.

In the car ;

Twinkle had her head out of the window, lost in thoughts. She looked so scared that Kunj, who was noticing began to worry. “Umm, Twinkle? Is everything alright?”
“Haa Kunj, I’m ok. Just a bit thirsty.” She said breaking her thoughts since she didn’t want Kunj to worry. He stopped the car and jumped out. “I’ll get some water for you.” She nodded and rest her head back on the seat.

Twinkle’s POV ;
“Oh my God! What the hell! Just when my life was going so perfect. When i found Kunj. I was just going to start my life with him when this bl**dy bastard had to show up! Why!! Why Babaji? Why?”

She sat up in her seat and gazed out. “But was it really him? … It had to be.. He spoke to me. Oh babaji! That scoundrel!”

POV ends.

Her attention turned to a motor biker getting off his bike. He took off his helmet and Twinkle almost screamed. The same man, with whom Twinkle had encountered with earlier was standing not too far from her. Luckily he hadn’t a clue Twinkle was there so she hid herself from him. She saw him pull out his phone and tried to eavesdrop on his conversation.
“Haa yaar, i saw her. She looked so much hotter now. Arre yaar, shaadi honi wala hai. (Sorry Hindi bad i know)..
Mujhe nahi pata but whoever he is, i will get rid of him. Twinkle’s mine and only mine. Acha, bye. See you.”

Twinkle sat there shocked and angry. She was so pissed that she didn’t realise what she was doing. She opened the car and marched out. Before she could reach him, he rode off and she tripped over a brick without watching her step.

“Twinkle!” Kunj yelled as he came out the shop. She looked up and cursed under her breath. Kunj only heard, “Idiot got away!” He helped her get up and gave her water and she gulped it down in one go. “Twinkle are you ok?” He asked worriedly. She calmed a bit and looked at him. She thinks, “I don’t want him to hurt Kunj. I can’t live without him. Should i tell Kunj about him?”
“Twinkle, please tell me what’s wrong.” He said shaking her and Twinkle jumped into his arms and hugged him tight. He looked on puzzled but hugged back. “Twinkle..”
“Kunj, please don’t leave me.” She said.
K- i won’t but .. What’s the matter?
They broke the hug and Kunj kissed her hand. “What’s wrong?”
Twinkle was hesitant to tell him but something told her not to. “Nothing kunj. You know nah, how i hate shopping. Probably that’s why, i got tired looking and deciding what to buy. Oh God how do girls do it?” She said sarcastically pretending to fan herself. “Whoo, Stress!”
Kunj raised his eyebrow and said, “Okay now you’re creeping me out.” Twinkle laughed and pulled his nose. “Let’s go. Bebe and maa must be waiting.”
And they drove off.

Sarna Mansion ;

Twinkle stormed in her room and threw the shopping bags down on the bed angrily. She banged open the washroom door and went to shower.
Her mood was unpredictable. She was hell frustrated. She put on the tap and let the water droplets trickle down her thinking it would calm her down but she started sobbing.
She thinks, “Why? Why is he back? Ugh!! I hate you!” She started banging the wall.

She came out and found her mom on the bed waiting. “Maa! Kya hua? What’s wrong? Need anything?”
L- No. Can’t i come see my daughter?
Twinkle smiled, “Of course, maa.”
L- Umm actually Kunj sent me.
T- Kunj?
L- Haa. He said you were looking rather worried after shopping today.
Twinkle sat near Leela and breathed.
L- Twinkle? What happened? You are happy with Kunj right?
T- Of course i am.
L- Then?

Twinkle stood up and turned away.
L- Twinkle?

“Maa, he’s back.”

L- what? Who’s back?

Twinkle took a while to answer but when she did, her
blood began boiling, her fist tightened and she closed her eyes.


“WHAT??” Twinkle heard her whispered loudly in shock.

Episode ends on Twinkle’s angry face and Leela’s shocked face.

Precap- Maybe another Shock..

Hello everybody!! ??? Missed me? Well i did.. Badly ?

Anyways .. How did you like the twist?
Please tell me in comments. I know alot of you didn’t see that coming.. Don’t worry my ff will be here for many story lines. Won’t end for now. So please stay tuned to my ff and i hope you’ll be contented with way u read :).

Also, I’m very sorry that i couldn’t reply individually. Was caught up in school .. God i hate school ?
Anyway, thank you all so much for liking the last episode! Your support towards me will never end right? I hope not..
One question if you don’t mind. Are there any ETRETR fans here? If so can someone please give me a summary of what happened in the last two weeks? Please.. If u want, y can msg me privately ?

Love you all! ✌

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