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My Biggest Mistake – Part 3

Hello all!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m back after one month…..I had my semester exams which is why I didn’t update…….I dedicate this chapter to Deepu or Dipika…enjoy…..


I closed my lap out of frustration. I was not being able to concentrate. His invitation had been nagging me for a week since his most anticipated visit. Anger and pain of betrayal which I had always kept in check now clouded my thoughts. I kept pondering over the questions that popped up in my mind whenever I thought about his words. Why did he betray us in the first place? Where was he when my mom and I were mocked by the society? And when I was a broken doll? He was not there when I needed him the most. But then why come up with such an offer now? If he wanted he could have found us but he didn’t. Then why is he striving for a reconcilation now? Is it because he feels now that I have become rich, he can use me like he my mom? If that is his motive, then I’ll make sure he regrets his decision forever in his life. But what I had seen in my eyes could not be wrong. It held true redemption. Or was he faking it?

I curse him for making me befuddled. I decided to pay Prerna aunty the much awaited visit. Only she can help me. She is the only person I trust next to Neil. She never suffocates me with questions. When presented with a question, she would think for a moment and analyze the situation from her point of view before giving me a reply. The answer would be, for no doubt, wise. Moreover it would be such a pleasure to lie on her lap and enjoy her caressing my hair soothing me and relieving me of my tensions. On some occasions Neil would sit at the rear end of the sofa and tickle the back of my feet while massaging them. Meanwhile Neeraj uncle would come with a tray loaded with Spring rolls, Mongolian beef, Noodles and Cake. Then all of us would devour it a haste that would leave the onlookers dumbstruck and they would think that we had been starving for weeks. How I miss all of it. My mom and Prerna auny were colleagues and later became friends. Both of our families would go for pleasure trips and picnics during the weekends. Picnicking was so fun! Mom would make sandwiches and aunty would make juice. Happy tears filled my eyes and my lips curved into a smile when I remembered how Neil and I would fight for greater share of sandwiches. Always one would remain after equally dividing amoung us. Sensing that we are about to start the fight, immediately Neeraj uncle would grab it and stuff it in his mouth saying: “See I solved the fight” as an answer to Prena aunt’s questioning glare. How we both would snigger seeing uncle stammer in front of aunty. Though we both fought, we loved each other dearly. Those were the happy days.

Without giving my brain any chance for second thoughts, I grabbed my car’s key and left for Neil’s house. Everything happened in the usual manner with Neil pulling my leg, both of us fighting to lie on aunt’s lap the same time and uncle pouting and saying that nobody likes him. I was laughing heartily after a long time when I finally bid them goodbye and drove back to my home. When I finally laid my head my head on the pillow after a long day, I felt so light headed and happy because finally I had taken a decision.

I called dad the first thing next morning and let him know that I was ready to forgive him and maybe start anew too but I need my time. To say he was overjoyed would be under statement. Prerna aunt’s words made me realize that sometimes there are no answers for some questions and that there are some questions which need not be raised because its answers would take you back to your past which you are trying to forget and move on. This dreadful past might be the one which broke you and it still has the capacity to do the same. Only this time you may remain broken and will break others too. So you must overlook that dark past and look ahead to the bright future and live to the fullest in the present.
*******THE END*******
So how is it?????????? Do you think Radhika’s decision was the right one???? ….Do tell me your views………I would be extremely grateful if you would help me with some childhood pranks so that I can update my first ff ”enemies frm childhood”…….

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