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Mr. Stalker and I~Episode 11

Tried hard to write Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya but sorry couldn’t. You guys are discouraging me with your low response. If you want this ff to continue please comment. You need only 1 MB I guess to comment otherwise forget it. The regular readers this isn’t for you guys. Silent readers are no more interested I guess??
Leave it! This will be the last episode then…

Swara’s pov

It’s late and where’s he? I have been waiting the entire night for him and only for him. He’s such a stupid, he didn’t even say sorry for what happened last night!!.. Idiot!! My plans vanished, and my miseries started. I’m getting ready now for the party downstairs. The hotel is celebrating some kind of celebration for it’s 50th anniversary.

With no other option left, I left for the hall. A sizzling white-blue dress I was going to make him jealous! How dare he ignore me? I’m going to show that he has messed up with a wrong person. I made the last touch up and walked off closing the door of our room.

As I reached downstairs, my jaws dropped, it touched the ground. I kept blinking until someone walked past me and nugged me. I caught hold of the railing and stood still. Sanskar was busy talking to some girl and the girl was dwelling on him like he is her prey. I looked at them. Sanskar was so much engrossed that he didn’t even look at me for once. I kept looking at them.

I went near, hands across my chest, I stared them. Sanskar was busy appreciating her looks.

“Baby! I love your fingers” he pulled her hands close to him and kissed them “Our hands fit so perfectly like two jigsaw puzzles” he entwined their fingers.

“And I love you” she winked.

“Awe! Annie” (Friends call me that?) he kissed her cheeks “I love….”

“I hate you” I interrupted. Both of them looked at me shocked. The party wasn’t among the grand ones, it was with disco’s and all. It was difficult to recognize anyone and hear them because of the loud music but I guess I was too near!!..

He still didn’t care. He held her tight by her waist and speed up to the couch beside the counter. I blocked their way and they looked at me again. He still didn’t care!!.. ??

I held his hands and pulled him onto me “Darling” I moved my finger over his face “Where did you find this use and throw material hubby?”

Both of their faces were shocked, dumbfounded, specially Sanskar. I blinked my eyes and the other hand sliding on Sanskar’s arm was pulled back. I smirked as the girl left and he looked at me again in disbelief!..

“What was that?”

“Love” I tried ogling him. He brushed my hands and walked off. I hate this!!..

I was angry and now I have to please him. Swara Kapoor never bends down!!.. My conscience spoke. I stopped my legs to follow him and walked up-to the dance floor. I started dancing. I saw him through the corner of my eye, he was busy drinking. I ignored and stared dancing again.

After some steps, some were getting too touchy. I was wearing a short strapless dress, ending above my thighs. I noticed him staring me. I love the way he stares me!!.. I continued dancing until someone caught hold of my waist and dragged me.

“What do you think about yourself? Ms. Kapoor?” Sanskar husked right behind my ears, holding me tight against the wall. We were somewhere behind the pub.

“Nothing! Should I show?” he nodded and I slapped him hard across his face.

“What the…..” I slapped him again and he held his cheeks.

“No slang. Don’t you dare do that again” I held him and held his collar “How dare you flirt with her? Kiss her?”

“I’ll do what I like” he spat back.

“You can’t” I huffed and slapped him again.

“Why can’t I?” he held my hairs and pulled them back “I’ll do what I like and I’ll do this right now…”

He bit my lips and I stretched my hands to his chest. I hate how he makes me under his control!!.. But I love the feeling that his magic does onto me. I go crazy!!.. He crawled his hands up-to my thighs and then again to my panties. He rubbed my cl*t and I groaned and in the process my lips parted. He slid his tongue inside me and sucked my tongue, I sucked him back. I know I’m loosing but I love to lose for him.

“You said you hate me?” he moved back and asked me kissing the spot behind my ear.

“I love it, Sanky. I love it! I was just angry and……”

“And? ?..”

“Making you greedy” I bit my lip in nervousness and his eyes bore mine.

“I need you”

“Me too” he kissed me again and circled my cl*t. I moaned at his touch. He pushed me to the wall and held me tighter than before!!.. His lips devoured into mine and his hands rubbing my cl*t again. He caught my hip and pulled it up. I placed my leg on his shoulder and he kept running his fingers up and down to my cl*t. I hugged him so that I don’t mess everything.

“You taste so good” he whispered as I came over and over again, my first orgasm of today.

“I missed you” I kissed him affectionately. I love this feeling!!.. The way he makes me feel!!..

I closed my eyes as I sensed him entering into me.

“Open your eyes” he ordered, I complied “I love you” and he entered making me scream. I was shocked but thought to be calm and continue my work.

My chest moved up and down as I kept moaning. His lustful eyes caught mine and stared them.

“Not here, please!” and I dropped my head back. He pressed my br*asts over my dress and kissed them.

“I know” he pressed them again. I slapped him slightly.


“You know, you’re very bad in acting”

“I’m hurt! You slapped me thrice” he made a loser face.

“Awe! My baby, is it?” he nodded. I kissed his cheeks and within seconds he pulled my hair and drew his mouth towards me, gripping me and kissing me again. He stroke again.

“Are you going to satisfy me, baby?” he stroked harder.

“Faster!” I moaned. He kept pacing up and giving me his best till I had my second orgasm.

“Let’s go” he gasped for air.

“I’m enjoying here!” I denied.

“What about some punishment?”

“Punishment?” I gulped “For what?”

“For spoiling a night here” he smirked. I knew what he was up-to. I hate the way he takes me under his control. I hate it!!.. What should I do?

Before I could even react he carried me up in bridal style and pecked my lips.

“Time for some punishment?

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